• Network: FX , FXX
  • Series Premiere Date: Jun 23, 2011
  • Season #: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

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  1. Reviewed by: Dan Snierson
    Jun 14, 2013
    While the show's dog-and-mouse game of "Will Ryan finally learn what Wilfred is?" often proves an exercise in frustration, the bizarro buddy comedy is just entrancing enough to keep you on the leash. [21 Jun 2013, p.58]
  2. Reviewed by: Mike Lechevallier
    Jun 17, 2013
    Unfortunately, for every profound realization Ryan makes about himself, there's about a dozen instances of Wilfred having sex with a stuffed animal or urinating on the floor.
User Score

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User score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 3
  3. Negative: 1 out of 3
  1. Jan 20, 2014
    Much better than that far fetched second season, this 3rd season keeps the humor fresh and story interesting. Much more laughs this season than last. Veterans of the show will likely agree Full Review »
  2. Sep 16, 2013
    Started off alright and faded so quickly. I really don't know how a show I once loved and couldn't wait to watch become so poor. I really hope they improve the writing for next season because this season was trash because of it. Full Review »
  3. Jul 13, 2013
    Wilfred is back and just as good as ever. The humor can be a little darker and more disgusting than previous seasons, but I still find myself frequently laughing out loud. If you haven't been watching this fantastic show then you're missing out. If you have enjoyed the previous seasons of the show then you'll enjoy this one just as much. Full Review »