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tbd 2048 Evolution Multiplayer (iOS) Oct 5, 2014 tbd
tbd Total spell.fall conquest bet.ween iron knight.s vs jelly pudding monster.s (iOS) Aug 24, 2014 tbd
tbd Air.plane sky force trial.s - Pi.lot Folt's front.ier path through aviation history - PRO 2048 edition (iOS) Aug 22, 2014 tbd
tbd Big mascot.s fantasy logo.s puzzle.s - A real.istic match and win sport.s game (iOS) Aug 10, 2014 tbd
tbd Dragon.s war.s pop.tile story - A puzzle to challenge you.r brain (iOS) Aug 10, 2014 tbd
tbd Extreme neon number action fall.down - a road trip Edit.ion (iOS) Aug 8, 2014 tbd
tbd Pixel Evolution (iOS) Aug 1, 2014 tbd
tbd Lost toy.s land.s - a puzzle game for family with smart kids (iOS) Jul 31, 2014 tbd
tbd King.s Charm fruit splash mania - Edition (iOS) Jul 27, 2014 tbd
tbd Vintage Retro.lution puzzle - Test you.r crop.ic in this fram.atic 2048 top.hatter game (iOS) Jul 25, 2014 tbd
tbd Beach Puzzle Game (iOS) Jul 24, 2014 tbd
tbd Choose your story - Create your own life episode and become a rock superstar at village campus - pocket family edition (iOS) Jul 20, 2014 tbd
tbd Candy pop and blast.s evolution puzzle - 2048 edition (iOS) Jul 13, 2014 tbd
tbd Traffic Racer High.way Puzzle.s - Edit.ion (iOS) Jul 13, 2014 tbd
tbd Airplane sky force trials - Pilot Folt's frontier path through aviation history - 2048 edition (iOS) Jul 3, 2014 tbd
tbd Wizard Wars Duet - order & chaos potion battle castlestorm edition (iOS) May 25, 2014 tbd
tbd Luftwaffe air fighters cold war ace - Match 3 bombshells with lightning speed for ultimate battle supremacy! (iOS) May 11, 2014 tbd
tbd Monster fruit wars - Jelly splash legacy adventure in year 2048 (iOS) May 8, 2014 tbd
tbd Game of fruit war - Multiplayer Battle Camp Edition (iOS) May 4, 2014 tbd
tbd Winter league of mini soldier superheroes - Avengers Edition (iOS) Apr 20, 2014 tbd
tbd World Of Warplanes - A skyline strategy game (iOS) Apr 17, 2014 tbd
tbd Fantasy heroes connect - A devious hellfire dungeon story (iOS) Apr 5, 2014 tbd
tbd Super Chicks and Funky Rabbits: Collect your crazy easter supereggs (iOS) Apr 5, 2014 tbd
tbd Epic Yarn Stitch and Knit your own fantasy heroes (iOS) Mar 23, 2014 tbd
tbd Pirate Paradise - Draw and Slash dynasty cove puzzle game (iOS) Mar 16, 2014 tbd
tbd Tiny Robot Thief: Connect and Repair your real steel hero robots (iOS) Mar 16, 2014 tbd
tbd Jack the tiny blitz thief: connect and swipe this Jewel Dash (iOS) Mar 9, 2014 tbd
tbd Team monster legend bash - A swipe and connect multiplayer party game (iOS) Mar 9, 2014 tbd
tbd Dragon Eggs Mania - Become a dungeon master and crack your dragon eggs (iOS) Feb 27, 2014 tbd
tbd Connect and defuse the bomb! Swipe and Disarm bombs. A fun multiplayer game (iOS) Feb 23, 2014 tbd