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tbd A Candy Craze Slots Mega Casino (iOS) Jan 26, 2015 tbd
tbd 777 Santa's Holiday Christmas Slots - Mega Poker Jackpot Scratchers: Christmas Monthly Lotto Ace Music (iOS) Jan 16, 2015 tbd
tbd Ace Jewel Slot Machine - Classic Casino Gold Arcade Royale: 777 Hollywood Board Jackpot Lottery Game (iOS) Jan 15, 2015 tbd
tbd Treasure Bingo Blingo - Ace Slots and Poker Strip Gold Coin: Vegas Indoor Bowling Caller Offline Casino (iOS) Dec 28, 2014 tbd
tbd Jewel Dots Miner - Link and Connect Gems to Create Awesome Jewelry (iOS) Sep 19, 2014 tbd
tbd The Bingo Battle Fortune- Gamble your Way to The Breathtaking Prices (iOS) Sep 19, 2014 tbd
tbd Gem Slots - Win the Vegas Slot Machine Jackpot (iOS) Sep 11, 2014 tbd
tbd Pharoah's Tombs Slots - Defeat All Mummies to Win the Pyramids Hidden Treasure (iOS) Sep 10, 2014 tbd
tbd All American Scientist Chain Reaction - Draw and Connect Dots to Solve the Puzzle (iOS) Sep 5, 2014 tbd
tbd Candy Dots Puzzler Game- A Cool Craze Connect Dots Puzzles (iOS) Sep 5, 2014 tbd
tbd Crazy Make Up Casino Scratchers - Win a Make Up Transformation by Playing Scratch and Match Game (iOS) Sep 5, 2014 tbd
tbd Grand Casino Bingo Slots - A Fun and Easy Way to Win a Fortune (iOS) Sep 4, 2014 tbd
tbd Puzzle Bubble Backlash Game - A Color Matching Game for Everyone (iOS) Sep 4, 2014 tbd
tbd Lucky Scratcher Game - Scratch The Cards to Reveal the Winning Price (iOS) Aug 31, 2014 tbd
tbd Lucky Bingo Jackpot Craze - Get Lucky and Win the Multiplayer Game (iOS) Aug 29, 2014 tbd
tbd Surf Scratchers - Fortune Hunters Scratch and Win Jackpot Price (iOS) Aug 23, 2014 tbd
tbd Candy Slot Shop Machine - Sweet Craze Crush Connect (iOS) Aug 20, 2014 tbd
tbd Cotton Candy Sweet Bingo World - Play and Get a Bunos Jackpot (iOS) Aug 20, 2014 tbd
tbd Win Big Lotto Scratchers - Play and Scratch for Instant Jackpot Price (iOS) Aug 20, 2014 tbd