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Average career score: 55
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  1. Positive: 0 out of 2
  2. Negative: 0 out of 2
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Title: Year: User score:
tbd Card Shark (PSP) Jun 2, 2011 tbd
tbd World Cup of Pool (DS) Feb 12, 2010 tbd
tbd StateShift (PSP) Sep 17, 2009 tbd
tbd Golden Age of Racing (PC) 2006 tbd
tbd International Super Karts (PC) Sep 20, 2005 tbd
tbd BHunter (PC) Oct 6, 1999 tbd
tbd Alpine Skiing 2006 (PC) Canceled tbd
tbd Heracles: Battle With The Gods (DS) Canceled tbd
tbd Kart Challenge (PC) 1999 tbd
tbd Chomper 3D (PC) Unknown tbd
tbd Cinderella (PC) Unknown tbd
tbd My Friend Koo (PC) Unknown tbd
tbd Pinocchio (PC) Unknown tbd
tbd Snow Queen (PC) Unknown tbd
tbd Tinder Box (PC) Unknown tbd
tbd Tom Thumb (PC) Unknown tbd
tbd Animated Mah Jongg (PC) Canceled tbd
tbd Johny Herbert Grand Prix Championship (PC) Unknown tbd
tbd Snow Wave: Avalanche (PC) 2002 tbd
tbd Vanguard Ace (PC) Unknown tbd
tbd Speed Haste (PC) 1997 tbd
tbd Kart Race (PC) 1999 tbd
tbd World Wide Rally (PC) Unknown tbd
tbd Tlon: A Misty Story (PC) 2000 tbd