TBA's Scores

Average career score: 74
Highest Metascore: 75 Sheepo
Lowest Metascore: 73 Lightmatter
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 2
  2. Negative: 0 out of 2
2 games reviewed
Title: Year: User score:
tbd The Last Shot (PC) Feb 16, 2023 tbd
tbd Handyman Corporation (PC) Jan 25, 2023 tbd
tbd Mindfulness Simulator - ASMR Meditation Game (PC) Jun 21, 2022 tbd
tbd Aspire: Ina's Tale (PC) Dec 17, 2021 8.2
tbd First Class Trouble (PC) Nov 1, 2021 4.8
75 Sheepo (PC) Aug 26, 2020 tbd
73 Lightmatter (PC) Jan 15, 2020 7.7
tbd Crystal Cave Classic (PC) Sep 8, 2009 tbd
tbd The Legend of Doodle (VITA) Canceled tbd
tbd System Shock (PS4) TBA tbd
tbd Echo Tokyo: Reaper (PC) Q2 2025 tbd
tbd The Alchemist (Dharker Studio) (PC) Q4 2025 tbd
tbd Burlesque (PC) Q2 2024 tbd
tbd Airhead (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Car Thief Simulator (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Cold Comfort (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Undercat (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Sky Beneath (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Airport Renovator (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Aquapark Renovator (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Gravity (Shift-Heart Interactive) (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Deadly Desert (PC) TBA tbd
tbd The Day After (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Complex SKY (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Serum (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Dome-King Cabbage (PC) TBA 2024 tbd
tbd EXOCIDE (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Peace Island (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Mira: The Legend of the Djinns (PC) TBA 2023 tbd
tbd Seasons of Courage (PC) TBA tbd