2017 Oscars: Full Winners List + Reviews of the Show

  • Publish Date: February 26, 2017
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Updated 2/27

An ending for the ages

Films with Most OSCAR WINS - 2017
1 La La Land 6 wins
2 Moonlight 3 wins

Heading into Sunday evening, the musical La La Land was widely expected to dominate the 89th Annual Academy Awards by winning at least nine different categories. It only won six, though that wasn't the night's biggest story.

While that total was still good enough to lead all films, La La Land failed to collect the best picture trophy. Actually, that's not quite true. Producers for the musical did indeed get on stage to accept the award when their film was mistakenly read as the winner. But, in a last-minute twist that no one saw coming (did the Academy Awards broadcast suddenly turn into a Shyamalan film?), the wrong envelope had been given to presenter Warren Beatty, and the actual best picture award belonged to the indie drama Moonlight, which collected three Oscars in total (and marked the second straight year in which the nominee with the highest Metascore was named best picture).

The on-stage confusion led to an extremely awkward ending for the Jimmy Kimmel-hosted broadcast, which ran over 45 minutes late (which by now is the norm) and featured fewer overly political moments than industry observers had been expecting.

Below, find a complete list of this year's Oscar winners, followed by a look at how well experts and Metacritic users did with their Oscar predictions this year. You'll also find reviews of the broadcast from a variety of TV critics.

The winners and losers

Listed below are the 2017 Academy Award winners in each of the 24 categories, compared to the consensus predictions of 80 industry experts (more on that below).

Category Predicted Winner Actual Winner
Best Picture n La La Land Moonlight
Director y Damien Chazelle
La La Land
Damien Chazelle
La La Land
Lead Actress y Emma Stone
La La Land
Emma Stone
La La Land
Lead Actor n Denzel Washington
Casey Affleck
Manchester by the Sea
Supporting Actress y Viola Davis
Viola Davis
Supporting Actor y Mahershala Ali
Mahershala Ali
Original Screenplay y Kenneth Lonergan
Manchester by the Sea
Kenneth Lonergan
Manchester by the Sea
Adapted Screenplay y Barry Jenkins, Tarell Alvin McCraney
Barry Jenkins, Tarell Alvin McCraney
Animated Feature y Zootopia Zootopia
Documentary Feature y O.J.: Made in America O.J.: Made in America
Foreign-Language Feature y The Salesman The Salesman
Animated Short y Piper Piper
Documentary Short y The White Helmets The White Helmets
Live-Action Short n Ennemis intérieurs Sing
Original Score y Justin Hurwitz
La La Land
Justin Hurwitz
La La Land
Original Song y "City of Stars"
La La Land
"City of Stars"
La La Land

Cinematography y Linus Sandgren
La La Land
Linus Sandgren
La La Land
Costume Design n Jackie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Film Editing n La La Land Hacksaw Ridge
Makeup & Hairstyling n Star Trek Beyond Suicide Squad
Production Design y La La Land La La Land
Sound Editing n Hacksaw Ridge Arrival
Sound Mixing n La La Land Hacksaw Ridge
Visual Effects y The Jungle Book The Jungle Book

How accurate were the predictions?


As you can see above, our panel of 80 industry experts correctly forecast 16 of the 24 categories as a group. That 67% accuracy rate is the expert group's lowest in several years; last year, they had 17 correct picks, down from 20 and 21 the prior two years. While the best picture surprise through them off, they performed especially poorly in the technical categories.

Out of the 80 experts we surveyed, the most accurate was Rob Hunter of Film School Rejects, with 19 of 24 (79%) correct. Six others—who, unlike Hunter, failed to predict the best picture upset—were just behind with 18 of 24 correct. That group includes Shawn Edwards (Cinema Buzz), Tariq Khan (Fox News), Tomris Laffly (Film School Rejects), Michael Musto (Out.com), Mark Olsen (Los Angeles Times), and the consensus picks from Vanity Fair writers.

At the other end of the spectrum, the least accurate experts (among those making picks in all 24 categories) were Britt Hayes of ScreenCrush (with just 8 of 24 correct picks), followed by Paul Sheehan of awards website Gold Derby, with 11 of 24 correct.

Metacritic users

As a group, Metacritic users had the same 67% success rate as the experts, down from a 75% accuracy rate a year ago. But our most accurate users were more successful than the top experts. Leading the pack out of the over 4,500 Metacritic users submitting picks this year were

  1. Billy Nawrocki (21 of 24 correct)
  2. Yeong-bin Cho (20)
  3. 6 tied with (19), including George Stephenson and Brian Tombo

How was the telecast?

How did Jimmy Kimmel do as a first-time Oscar host, and how was the broadcast as a whole (aside from its painful final minutes)? Below, we sample a variety of TV critics' assessments of this year's Oscars (in no particular order); click any link to read the full review.

USA Today Robert Bianco

The sad thing is, up to that last moment the show had been well-produced and the host had been both comfortable and confident — so confident, he didn’t feel the need to be the first person you saw or heard from.

Yahoo Ken Tucker

Kimmel’s version of the Oscars had some nice moments, but also moments that ran punchlines into the ground.

Indiewire Ben Travers

Overall, the Oscars telecast was an entertaining, mostly propulsive experience. Kimmel took risks, and that’s to be applauded. There are more than enough moments to remember — including a finale for the ages — and these incredible notes should more than make up for the extra-long running time. That being said: Next year, bring in Kate McKinnon. [Grade: B+]

Deadline Dominic Patten

If the Oscars as a whole can wipe the egg off their collective face, the blameless Kimmel should be back. Coming off a very strong stint fronting the Emmys last year, the nimble ABC late night host tonight found the right balance and tone from the get-go in his inaugural Academy Awards frontman role.

Philadelphia Daily News Ellen Gray

Sometimes the best thing an Oscar host can do is to keep it simple. And not too stupid.

AP Frazier Moore

Kimmel was up to the challenge of keeping things comfortable while pertinent. Turns out his splendid job as Emmys host last fall was just a warmup for Sunday night, when he not only proved adept at keeping things funny and smart, but also demonstrated nothing throws him.

The New York Times James Poniewozik

Mr. Kimmel does less political material than many of his fellow late-night hosts. But he has a roastmaster streak that he showed off in a brisk, biting opening monologue.

San Jose Mercury News Chuck Barney

Until the epic best-picture fiasco at Sunday’s Academy Awards, first-time host Jimmy Kimmel was having a pretty good night.

Time Daniel D’Addario

It was unfortunate that the evening's host didn't seem to share the evening's general embrace of humanity, but, well, one can't have everything.

The Hollywood Reporter Daniel Fienberg

thought Kimmel gave a good-not-great monologue. ... Unlike so many Oscars telecasts, nobody seemed especially worried by how long anything was going, so the show felt endless, but if you were enjoying the bits, at least you were enjoying the bits.

Variety Sonia Saraiya

The host’s style made for a ceremony where even if you loathed his jokes or delivery, the ceremony was kind of nice; rather than the final circuit of an endless PR tour for the three or four Best Picture frontrunners, it felt like a tribute to the cinema in general.

The Washington Post Hank Stuever

Host Jimmy Kimmel, who was clearly mortified by the last-minute disaster, wisely stayed within his skill set during most of the show, prankishly playful and playfully prankish, with the requisite Mean Tweets and Matt Damon abuse.

Los Angeles Times Lorraine Ali

Sunday, however, the academy appeared to take a step back, and counterbalance the political tension of the past few months by refocusing on what Hollywood does best — entertain.

Entertainment Weekly Jeff Jensen

The [final] mix-up encapsulated in the extreme a show that kept getting in the way of itself, obscuring everything beautiful and important with miscalculations and errors. ... Kimmel, who was very good at hosting the Emmys last year, was not very good here. He proved to be a case of diminishing returns as a long, long night wore on.

CNN Brian Lowry

ABC was playing it safe and promoting its own late-night star, but in hindsight, Kimmel proved a helpful choice given the polarized climate. He brought a light touch to his satire -- acknowledging partisan division and poking at Trump without seeming mean-spirited -- and an overall silliness to the proceedings.

What do you think?

Were you happy with the Academy's choices? What did you think of the telecast, and Jimmy Kimmel's hosting job? Let us know in the comments section below. And be sure to check out our 2016-17 Film Awards Scorecard to get our final updated tally of the big winners from throughout the past awards season.

Comments (4)

  • back_in_1939  

    i Cringed when They're give Warren the wrong Envelope,somebody geting FIred that day...

  • mattiscool7337  

    Wish that the ALBUM with the highest metacritic score would win at the Grammys, too smh

  • DanBurrito  

    That La La Land/Moonlight mix up has to be the most embarrassing and awkward moment in Oscar history. If Warren Beatty had just said "hang on, this is the wrong envelope" things would have been fine. It probably spoiled the moment for the "Moonlight" crew as well.

  • LamontRaymond  

    99 Metascore, #1 on the Critic Top 10 Compilation & Scorecard, and Best Picture - seems like the Metacritic methodology nailed it for Moonlight. Feels like justice.

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