The Best iPhone and iPad Games of 2015

  • Publish Date: December 16, 2015
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The 25 best-reviewed iOS games of the year

Best iPhone Games of 2015Below, we rank the best-reviewed iOS games released during 2015. All of the games below are playable on both iPhone and iPad unless otherwise indicated.

Only those games with a minimum of 7 reviews were considered for inclusion, and games are ranked by Metascore prior to rounding.

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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions 94
Shooter, $9.99, from Activision

"Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is a beautiful shooter that feels right at home on mobile."

148 Apps More reviews...

Metacritic's iOS Game of the Year. The sixth installment in the arcade shooter franchise (and the second on iOS platforms), Dimensions introduces 3D to the usual frenetic twin-stick-style gameplay. The latest update, Dimensions Evolved, includes over 100 levels (including a few exclusive to iOS devices).

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The Executive 93
Action, $4.99, from Riverman Media

"A loud and brash touchscreen brawler with a surprising amount of depth and plenty to do."

Pocket Gamer UK More reviews...

No, it's not a business simulation; instead, this stylish 2D martial arts brawler tasks your CEO character with saving your employees from a werewolf infestation.

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Alto's Adventure 92
Action, $2.99, from Snowman

"What Alto’s Adventure is pales in noteworthiness to what it does: imbue you with a sense a longing for a perfect digital dreamscape."

Gamezebo More reviews...

This side-scrolling endless runner (technically, an endless snowboarder) was heralded for its beautiful art design.

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Prune 92
Puzzle, $3.99, from Joel McDonald

"Prune is an awe-inspiring work of digital poetry that transcends its initial subject material to explore a much larger, much more complex theme, in an articulate and powerfully moving manner."

Pocket Gamer UK More reviews...

Technically a game about tree pruning, the meditative Prune wowed reviewers with its one-of-a-kind design and surprising emotional qualities.

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Her Story 91
Adventure, $1.99, from Sam Barlow

"Her Story is a unique experience. You’ve never played anything like this before, and might never get the chance to play anything like it again."

Pocket Tactics More reviews...

This murder mystery from the creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has you playing detective and gives you a mid-1990s-era computer interface as your gateway to video snippets of an interview conducted with the suspect.

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Downwell 91
Action/Platform, $2.99, from Devolver Digital

"Downwell is an incredibly addictive game, and one of the best arcades we've played this year on iDevices."

Vandal Online More reviews...

This pixel art-styled endless platformer asks you to go further and further down a well, taking out as many enemies as you can along the way.

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Sorcery! 3 90
Adventure/RPG, $4.99, from inkle

"Once again, inkle Studios has bested themselves in creating the gold standard for interactive fiction, and causing us all to start wondering when the next chapter will arrive."

Pocket Tactics More reviews...

Steve Jackson's fantasy gamebook series returned to iOS devices this spring with a third chapter.

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This War of Mine 90
Action, $14.99, from 11 Bit Studios

"A harrowing and often tragic exploration of life in a war. This is a must buy."

Pocket Gamer UK More reviews...

The rare combat game that actually ponders the consequences of war, this dark action-strategy hybrid asks you to lead a group of innocent and starving civilians caught in the crossfire.

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The Room Three 90
Adventure/Puzzle, $4.99, from Fireproof Games

"Aspiration is a good thing and The Room franchise has grown into an hours-long, Myst-like game with many puzzles and a fully-formed story to drive it along."

Hardcore Gamer More reviews...

This sequel to The Room and The Room Two offers more 3D puzzle-solving fun.

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You Must Build A Boat 89
Puzzle/Action, $2.99, from EightyEight Games

"For a good six to nine hours, building a boat will indeed become the most important task in your life."

Game Informer More reviews...

This match-3 game from the creator of 10000000 takes that game's blend of puzzle, action, and RPG elements and makes improvements in every aspect, resulting in a deeper game.

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Horizon Chase - World Tour 88
Racing, $2.99, from Aquiris Game Studio

"Great controls, great feelings and tons of nostalgia make Horizon Chase one of the best racing games on iOS devices."

Vandal Online More reviews...

This arcade-style racing game takes 1980s and '90s classics like Outrun and Top Gear as its inspiration.

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Sage Solitaire 88
Solitaire, Free–$2.99, from Zach Gage

"I suppose that’s the hallmark of a real solitaire game: despite its digital debut, Sage Solitaire has the potential to grow well beyond the borders of a touch screen."

Gamezebo More reviews...

This well-designed freemium solitaire variant incorporates elements of poker.

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PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze 88
Arcade, Free-$4.99, from Bandai Namco

"Pac-Man 256 is about as perfect a deconstruction of classic Pac-Man as we’ll find in modern gaming – the fact it bears the Pac-Man name and logo is but an added bonus to Hipster Whale’s latest iOS phenomenon."

TheAppzine More reviews...

This modern take on Pac-Man from the developers of Crossy Road features an infinite maze and a variety of new power-ups.

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Land Sliders 88
Action, Free–$4.99, from Prettygreat Pty. Ltd.

"What Land Sliders does best is that the game is something you really can play for a minute or for an hour."

TouchArcade More reviews...

Seek higher and higher scores in this free casual game featuring a clever map-sliding mechanic.

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Does Not Commute 87
Driving, Free–$2.99, from Mediocre AB

"Does not Commute stands out as an original mix of driving and puzzle, with a vintage touch." More reviews...

Commute blends driving with strategy, as you must repeatedly drive the same course with different vehicles, avoiding crashing into your previous cars.

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Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch - Tyranid Invasion 87
Strategy, $2.99, from Rodeo Games

"Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch is a gorgeous game with strong design backing it. The campaign is big and meaty, and it presents a fun challenge that will test your tactical skills."

TouchArcade More reviews...

The latest turn-based Warhammer title asks your Space Marines to wage tactical battles against the alien Tyranids.

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AG Drive 87
Racing, $3.99, from ZORG

"A very good futuristic racing game for WipeOut fans."

IGN Italia More reviews...

This sci-fi racing game asks you to pilot an anti-gravity craft through a futuristic cityscape.

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Lara Croft GO 83
Puzzle, $4.99, from Square Enix

"A very well designed, beautiful-looking puzzle game that, while occasionally fiendishly tricky, is thoroughly enjoyable to play."

USgamer More reviews...

One of the biggest releases for iOS this year, this turn-based puzzler does for the Tomb Raider series what the similar Hitman GO did for the Hitman series last year.

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Shooty Skies - Endless Arcade Flyer 83
Action, Free–$2.99, from Mighty Games

"A bright and explosion-filled arcade shooter that's ridiculous good fun."

Pocket Gamer UK More reviews...

The latest release from the Crossy Road team is a cute endless shooter.

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Earthcore: Shattered Elements - Epic Card Battle Game 83
CCG, Free–$99.99, from Tequila Games

"Creative new mechanics and a cracking solo option make this worth playing in spite of the occasional dull session."

Pocket Gamer UK More reviews...

This collectible card battle game features an innovative battle system and a single-player campaign in addition to the standard PVP mode.

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Odd Bot Out 81
Puzzle, $1.99, from Martin Magni

"A challenging and clever puzzle game with a lot of physics in it. Maybe too short, but really well-crafted."

IGN Italia More reviews...

Help an outcast robot navigate through 100 levels in this physics-based, machine-crafting puzzler.

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Xenowerk 81
Action, $1.99, from Pixelbite

"If you want a game where you can just run around and shoot a bunch of gooey mutants, and enjoy doing so, check out Xenowerk. You won't be disappointed."

TouchArcade More reviews...

This top-down shooter comes from the makers of Space Marshals.

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#23 (tie)
Drop Wizard 80
Platform, $1.99, from Gionathan Pesaresi

"Harkening back to the challenge of single screen platformers, Drop Wizard isn't for the faint hearted but it is very enjoyable."

148Apps More reviews...

Drop Wizard is a fast-paced, retro-styled platformer.

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#23 (tie)
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 80
Simulation, $4.99, from Frontier Developments Ltd

"RCT 3 is a great strategy simulation game that gives you plenty of freedom to build the park of your dreams (and of your visitors' nightmares)."

TouchArcade More reviews...

Build your own theme park and rides in this mobile version of the 2004 PC game.

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#23 (tie)
Shadowmatic 80
Puzzle, $2.99, from TRIADA Studio

"Shadowmatic is a surprisingly good puzzle game with some great atmosphere and excellent graphics." More reviews...

Orient strange objects in three dimensions to cause a recognizable shadow to appear on a wall in this clever puzzle challenge.

What do you think?

What were your favorite iOS games of the past year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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