70 Must-Watch TV Shows You Can Stream Now

  • Publish Date: March 25, 2020
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Critically acclaimed TV series you may have missed

Looking for new (to you) streaming content to occupy your home hours? How about something highly recommended by critics? And something with quantity as well as quality?

We have selected all of the Must-Watch* (i.e., best-reviewed) shows from TV's golden age that are listed on our site and that meet two other criteria: (1) They are available to stream on at least one streaming service, and (2) at least two seasons are available. They are listed in alphabetical order below.

Animation for Adults
85 Big Mouth Netflix
  3 seasons (3 more coming in the future)
82 BoJack Horseman Netflix
  6 seasons (complete)
86 Rick and Morty Hulu
  3 seasons (Part 1 of S4 can be streamed at Adult Swim, with more episodes coming tba)
Comedies (and half-hour dramas)
90 Atlanta Hulu
  2 seasons (2 more coming in 2021 on FX)
85 Barry HBO
  2 seasons (1 more coming tba)
87 Better Things Hulu
  4 seasons (S4 is currently airing on FX and streaming weekly on Hulu)
82 Broad City Hulu
  5 seasons (complete)
83 Brockmire Hulu
  3 seasons (final S4 is currently airing on IFC and streaming at IFC.com)
81 Casual Hulu
  4 seasons (complete)
87 Catastrophe Free With Prime
  4 seasons (complete)
84 Curb Your Enthusiasm HBO Free With Prime*
  10 seasons (complete—for now) * 8 seasons on Prime Video
84 Dear White People Netflix
  3 seasons (1 final season coming tba)
88 Everybody Hates Chris CBS All Access Hulu
  4 seasons (complete)
83 Extras Netflix
  2 seasons (complete)
92 Fleabag Free With Prime
  2 seasons (complete)
82 GLOW Netflix
  3 seasons (1 final season coming tba)
82 The Good Place Netflix
  3 seasons (the final S4 aired but is not yet available to stream in full)
81 High Maintenance HBO
  4 seasons (full-length) + 19 episodes (web series; listed separately on HBO)
85 Insecure HBO
  3 seasons (S4 begins airing April 12)
81 Jane the Virgin Netflix
  5 seasons (complete)
85 Lady Dynamite Netflix
  2 seasons (complete)
95 The Larry Sanders Show HBO
  6 seasons (complete)
81 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix
  3 seasons (complete)
88 Malcolm in the Middle Hulu
  7 seasons (complete)
91 Master of None Netflix
  2 seasons (complete)
97 The Office [UK version] Free With Prime Hulu
  2 seasons (complete) + two-part holiday special
81 One Day at a Time [2017 version] Netflix
  3 seasons (S4 is now airing weekly on Pop)
85 Pushing Daisies CW
  2 seasons (complete)
84 Silicon Valley HBO
  6 seasons (complete)
85 Transparent Free With Prime
  4 seasons (complete) + finale special
82 Veep HBO Free With Prime*
  7 seasons (complete) * Prime Video has S1 and S2 only
81 The Affair Showtime
  5 seasons (complete)
86 American Crime Netflix
  3 seasons (complete)
89 The Americans Free With Prime
  6 seasons (complete)
84 Better Call Saul Netflix
  4 seasons (S5 is currently airing on AMC and can be streamed at AMC.com)
83 Boardwalk Empire HBO Free With Prime
  5 seasons (complete)
87 Breaking Bad Netflix
  5 seasons (complete) + a movie ("El Camino")
84 Broadchurch Netflix
  3 seasons (complete)
84 The Crown Netflix
  3 seasons (2 more coming in the future)
85 Deadwood HBO Free With Prime
  3 seasons (complete) + 1 movie (HBO Go/Now only)
85 The Deuce HBO
  3 seasons (complete)
90 Fargo Hulu
  3 seasons (S4 will air later in 2020 or 2021 on FX)
87 Felicity ABC
  4 seasons (complete)
83 Friday Night Lights Hulu NBC Starz
  5 seasons (complete)
81 The Good Wife CBS Free With Prime Hulu
  7 seasons (complete)
86 The Handmaid's Tale Hulu
  3 seasons (more coming tba)
81 Homeland Showtime
  8 seasons (the final S8 is currently airing)
86 Justified Hulu
  6 seasons (complete)
85 Killing Eve Hulu
  2 seasons (S3 begins airing April 27 on BBC America)
84 Lost Hulu
  6 seasons (complete)
86 Mad Men Netflix
  7 seasons (complete)
81 The Missing Free With Prime Starz
  2 seasons (complete)
87 My Brilliant Friend HBO
  2 seasons (S2 is currently airing; 2 more seasons coming in future years)
84 Nashville Hulu
  6 seasons (complete)
83 NYPD Blue Free With Prime Hulu
  12 seasons (complete)
88 Rectify Netflix
  4 seasons (complete)
85 Rescue Me Hulu
  7 seasons (complete)
88 Sherlock Netflix
  4 seasons (complete, for now)
89 The Shield Hulu
  7 seasons (complete)
94 The Sopranos HBO Free With Prime
  6 seasons (complete)
82 Survivor's Remorse Starz
  4 seasons (complete)
81 Top of the Lake Hulu
  2 seasons (complete)
85 Treme HBO Free With Prime
  4 seasons (complete)
91 The Wire HBO Free With Prime
  5 seasons (complete)
Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror
89 Battlestar Galactica Syfy
  4 seasons (complete) + miniseries + 2 films
85 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Hulu
  7 seasons (complete)
86 Game of Thrones HBO
  8 seasons (complete, unlike the books)
82 Legion Hulu
  3 seasons (complete)
89 The Returned [French version] Free With Prime
  2 seasons (complete)


* About Metacritic Must-Watch Shows

Did you know that Metacritic has a "Must-Watch" designation for the best-reviewed programs? To qualify, a show must achieve a minimum Metascore of 81 with at least 15 reviews from professional critics. For shows that run multiple seasons, the designation applies to the series as a whole (rather than on a season-by-season basis), and is based on the "series Metascore" that combines reviews for all seasons into an overall score.

Must-Watch Shows are designated on our site by a badge: Metacritic Must-Watch

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