DVD/Blu-ray Release Calendar: February 2016

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February 2

All movies are 2015/16 releases unless otherwise noted. Availability: DVDDVD | Blu-rayBlu-ray | Blu-ray and DVD Both Blu-ray and DVD

poster 81 Bridge of Spies Watch Trailer

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The fourth collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks (following Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me If You Can, and The Terminal) is based on a true Cold War story, with a script by Matt Charman and the Coen brothers. Hanks stars as James Donovan, a Brooklyn lawyer who unexpectedly finds himself enlisted by the CIA to negotiate the release of a captured American U-2 pilot. Mark Rylance, Amy Ryan, Scott Shepherd, Sebastian Koch, and Alan Alda also star in Spielberg’s first directorial effort since 2012’s Lincoln. The film's best picture nomination means that Spielberg now has more (nine) than any other producer in history

poster 53 Our Brand Is Crisis Watch Trailer

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Rachel Boynton’s 2005 documentary Our Brand Is Crisis, about the international efforts of a political consulting firm headed up by James Carville, generally impressed critics. This loose, fictionalized adaptation from director David Gordon Green (Manglehorn, Joe, Pineapple Express)? Not so much. Sandra Bullock stars as “Calamity” Jane Bodine, a political strategist who returns from retirement to run the campaign of a Bolivian presidential candidate. That role was originally written for George Clooney, but Bullock appears to be the one bright spot in a film that also features Billy Bob Thornton, Scoot McNairy, Zoe Kazan and Anthony Mackie.

poster 85 Show Me a Hero Miniseries

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Before he was Poe Dameron, Oscar Isaac was portraying one-time Yonkers mayor Nick Wasicsko in 2015's best-reviewed miniseries. Based on Lisa Belkin's nonfiction book about racial tensions surrounding public housing developments during the late 1980s, the six-episode HBO series comes from The Wire veterans David Simon and William F. Zorzi, and is directed by Paul Haggis. The strong cast also includes Catherine Keener, Bob Balaban, Winona Ryder, and Alfred Molina.

poster 67 Suffragette Watch Trailer

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It was Oscar bait, but the Academy wasn't biting. And while critics didn't hate this film about the UK’s suffragette movement from writer Abi Morgan (The Invisible Woman, The Iron Lady) and director Sarah Gavron (Brick Lane), many felt that Carey Mulligan was better than the movie as a whole. She plays Maud, a working wife and mother whose life is forever changed when she becomes an activist in the fight for women’s voting rights.

poster 66 Truth Watch Trailer

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Another film once considered to have a (slight) chance at Oscar nominations, Truth serves as the directorial debut of Zodiac screenwriter James Vanderbilt. Cate Blanchett stars in an adaptation of Mary Mapes’ memoir recounting her 2004 60 Minutes story about President George W. Bush’s National Guard service—a report that resulted in her firing and Dan Rather (played in the film by Robert Redford) stepping down as anchor of the CBS Evening News. Topher Grace, Bruce Greenwood, Elisabeth Moss, and Dennis Quaid also star.

More movie releases on February 2, 2016
. DVD American Hero ACTION/COMEDY | Stephen Dorff Amazon
. DVD Anger of the Dead HORROR | Roberta Sparta Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD A Ballerina's Tale DOCUMENTARY Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Batman: Bad Blood ANIMATION | Direct-to-video release Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Big Stone Gap ROM-COM | Ashley Judd, Patrick Wilson, Whoopi Goldberg Amazon
. DVD Bleeding Heart DRAMA | Jessica Biel, Zosia Mamet Amazon
. DVD Breathe FOREIGN/DRAMA Amazon
  Blu-ray Delirious (1991) COMEDY | John Candy Amazon
. DVD Effie Gray DRAMA | Dakota Fanning, Greg Wise Amazon
. DVD Extraordinary Tales ANIMATION/ANTHOLOGY Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Freeheld DRAMA | Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Michael Shannon Amazon
  Blu-ray Gorp (1980) COMEDY | Dennis Quaid Amazon
. DVD He Never Died COMEDY/THRILLER/HORROR | Henry Rollins Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Hellions HORROR | Robert Patrick Amazon
  Blu-ray Highway to Hell (1991) HORROR/COMEDY | Chad Lowe, Kristy Swanson Amazon
. Blu-ray I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988) COMEDY | Keenen Ivory Wayans Amazon
. DVD Julia HORROR/THRILLER | Ashley C. Williams Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet ANIMATION Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD The Keeping Room DRAMA | Brit Marling, Hailee Steinfeld, Sam Worthington Amazon
. DVD Ladrones COMEDY | Fernando Colunga, Eduardo Yañez Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD The Last Witch Hunter FANTASY/ACTION | Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Man Up ROM-COM/DRAMA | Simon Pegg, Lake Bell Amazon
. DVD Meadowland DRAMA | Olivia Wilde, Luke Wilson Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Rock the Kasbah COMEDY | Bill Murray, Zooey Deschanel Amazon
. DVD Shelter DRAMA | Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Mackie Amazon
  Blu-ray Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs (1937) ANIMATION/FAMILY Amazon
  Blu-ray Up the Creek (1984) COMEDY | Tim Matheson, Stephen Furst Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD The World of Kanako FOREIGN/DRAMA/HORROR Amazon
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  Blu-ray and DVD Falling Skies Season 5 Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Falling Skies Complete series set Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Season 2 Amazon
  DVD Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 2006 Amazon
. DVD The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Miniseries Amazon
  DVD The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Season 2 Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Mercy Street Season 1 Amazon
  DVD The Scarlet Pimpernel Miniseries Amazon

February 9

poster 76 99 Homes Watch Trailer

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Director Ramin Bahrani (Man Push Cart, Goodbye Solo) stumbled with his previous film At Any Price, his first feature to showcase well-known actors. But he returned to form with his 2015 drama 99 Homes. The film stars Andrew Garfield as a father who goes to work for the ruthless real estate broker (Michael Shannon) who evicted him from his house.

poster 66 Crimson Peak Watch Trailer

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After an action movie detour (Pacific Rim), director Guillermo del Toro returned to the ghostly environs of The Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth with this haunted house story co-written with Matthew Robbins (Mimic). Crimson Peak follows an aspiring author (Mia Wasikowska) who is wooed by a mysterious aristocrat (Tom Hiddleston) to return with him to his house where his sister (Jessica Chastain) also resides. To say the house has secrets would be an understatement.

poster 77 Grandma Watch Trailer

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Lily Tomlin returned to the big screen last summer in a widely praised performance in a character-driven comedy (written and directed by Paul Weitz) about three generations of women. Judy Greer, Marcia Gay Harden, Elizabeth Peña, Julia Garner, Laverne Cox, and Nat Wolff also star.

poster 60 Spectre Watch Trailer

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The 24th James Bond film is not the worst of Daniel Craig's 007 adventures, but it's close. (Quantum of Solace scored two points lower, if you were wondering.) It's yet another globetrotting adventure that picks up where Skyfall left off and returns many of the big names associated with that hit: director Sam Mendes, writers John Logan, Neil Purvis and Rob Wade, and stars Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, and Ben Whishaw. Joining them in SPECTRE (titled after the criminal syndicate introduced in the very first Bond film, Dr. No) are Christoph Waltz, Dave Bautista, Léa Seydoux, Monica Bellucci, and Stephanie Sigman.

poster 80 Welcome to Leith Watch Trailer

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Though it hits all the beats of a psychological thriller, Welcome to Leith is a documentary, not fiction. The film chronicles the attempted takeover of the small North Dakota town of Leith (pop. 24) by a white supremacist, who is not exactly welcomed by the town's inhabitants.

More movie releases on February 9, 2016
. DVD A Date With Miss Fortune ROM-COM Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD The Emigrants (1971) / The New Land (1972) Criterion Collection release Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Freaks of Nature HORROR/COMEDY | Ed Westwick, Patton Oswalt, Joan Cusack Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Love the Coopers COMEDY | Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD MI-5 ACTION/THRILLER | Kit Harington, Peter Firth Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Paulette FOREIGN/COMEDY/THRILLER Amazon
. DVD Portrait of a Serial Monogamist ROM-COM/DRAMA | Diane Flacks Amazon
  Blu-ray Sheba, Baby (1975) ACTION/DRAMA | Pam Grier Amazon
  Blu-ray The Southerner (1945) DRAMA | Directed by Jean Renoir Amazon
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
. Blu-ray and DVD The Leftovers Season 2 Amazon
  DVD Mountain Men Season 4 Vol. 1 Amazon
  DVD Touched by an Angel Complete series set Amazon

February 16

poster 68 Black Mass Watch Trailer

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The latest from director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) stars Johnny Depp in an attention-grabbing (though not Oscar-nominated) performance as Whitey Bulger, who was recruited by FBI agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton) in the 1970s to help take down the Italian mob, only to become one of the most powerful gangsters in Boston history. Depp is supported by a strong cast that includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson, Juno Temple, Corey Stoll, Jesse Plemons, Peter Sarsgaard, and Kevin Bacon, and their performances help elevate a film that is otherwise a bit lightweight, according to critics.

poster 82 Steve Jobs Watch Trailer

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The best film to date focusing on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs—even if few people bothered to go see it in theaters—Steve Jobs is a fictionalized take that's loosely based on Walter Isaacson’s book. A widely praised and Oscar-nominated Michael Fassbender (taking over from the originally cast Christian Bale) plays Jobs, Danny Boyle (a replacement for David Fincher) directs, and Aaron Sorkin pens the screenplay, which narrowly focuses on three key moments in Jobs' career rather than trying to paint a broader look at his life. Kate Winslet (also nominated for an Academy Award), Seth Rogen, and Jeff Daniels co-star.

poster 60 Trumbo Watch Trailer

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In this biopic from director Jay Roach, Bryan Cranston stars as Dalton Trumbo, the successful screenwriter whose career came to an end when he and many others working in Hollywood were blacklisted for their political beliefs. The film follows Trumbo as he fights the government and Hollywood studios by working on projects under various pseudonyms, eventually winning Oscars for The Brave One and Roman Holiday. Louis C.K., John Goodman, Helen Mirren, Elle Fanning, Diane Lane, Michael Stuhlbarg, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Stephen Root, and Alan Tudyk also star.

More movie releases on February 16, 2016
. Blu-ray and DVD The 33 DRAMA | Antonio Banderas, Cote de Pablo, James Brolin Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution DOCUMENTARY Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Criminal Activities DRAMA/THRILLER | Dan Stevens, Michael Pitt, John Travolta Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Death by Hanging (1968) Criterion Collection release Amazon
. DVD The Iron Ministry FOREIGN/DOCUMENTARY Amazon
  Blu-ray Key Largo (1948) THRILLER | Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD The Kid (1921) Criterion Collection release Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Labyrinth of Lies FOREIGN/DRAMA Amazon
  Blu-ray No Way Out (1987) THRILLER | Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman Amazon
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  DVD The Andy Griffith Show Complete series set Amazon
  DVD The Brady Kids Complete series set Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Girls Season 4 Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Peaky Blinders Series 2 Amazon
  DVD Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Complete series set Amazon
. DVD Saints & Strangers Miniseries Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Togetherness Season 1 Amazon

February 23

poster 65 Entertainment Watch Trailer

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The latest unique, ironically titled, and divisive offering from The Comedy director Rick Alverson follows a failing stand-up comedian (Gregg Turkington, who often performs under the name Neil Hamburger) as he plays a string of dead-end gigs in the Mojave desert.

poster 66 The Good Dinosaur Watch Trailer

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The lesser of Pixar's two 2015 releases ponders the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct? The feature directorial debut from Peter Sohn, The Good Dinosaur follows Arlo (voiced by Raymond Ochoa), an Apatosaurus with a big heart. As Arlo roams the Earth searching for his family, he gains an unlikely companion: a human boy. The voice cast includes Jeffrey Wright, Sam Elliott, Steve Zahn, Frances McDormand, and Anna Paquin.

poster 45 Secret in Their Eyes Watch Trailer

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It's another remake that asks the age-old question: Why? Juan José Campanella's critically-acclaimed Argentinian film The Secret in Their Eyes (winner of the Oscar for best foreign language film in 2009) is still worth seeking out. But not so much this Americanized version from writer-director Billy Ray (Breach). Set in Los Angeles and starring Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Kelly, and Dean Norris, the remake makes some changes to the original narrative with a story about a FBI investigator whose daughter is brutally murdered, but it also nods to the original’s famous “one-shot” stadium chase sequence.

poster 93 Spotlight Watch Trailer

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After a rare stumble with the Adam Sandler-starring The Cobbler in early 2015, writer-director Thomas McCarthy rebounded later that year with his most ambitious film yet, telling the true story of the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team as they investigate allegations of widespread child molestation and systematic cover-up in the Catholic Church. The strong ensemble includes Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, Brian D’Arcy James, John Slattery, Billy Crudup, and Stanley Tucci. The most honored film of 2015, Spotlight collected six Academy Award nominations and currently appears to be one of three nominees (along with The Big Short and The Revenant) with a serious chance at winning the best picture race.

More movie releases on February 23, 2016
  Blu-ray The Big Sleep (1946) THRILLER | Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Diablo WESTERN/THRILLER | Scott Eastwood, Walton Goggins Amazon
. DVD Dirty Old Town (2011) DRAMA/COMEDY Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Extraction THRILLER | Bruce Willis, Kellan Lutz Amazon
. DVD The Girl in the Book DRAMA | Emily VanCamp Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD The Graduate (1967) Criterion Collection release Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD I Knew Her Well (1965) Criterion Collection release Amazon
. DVD I Smile Back DRAMA | Sarah Silverman, Josh Charles Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Moonwalkers COMEDY | Ron Perlman, Rupert Grint Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD My All American DRAMA/SPORTS | Aaron Eckhart, Finn Wittrock Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Pauline at the Beach (1983) FOREIGN/ROM-COM | Directed by Eric Rohmer Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Racing Extinction DOCUMENTARY Amazon
  Blu-ray Spies (1928) THRILLER | Directed by Fritz Lang Amazon
. DVD The Summer of Sangaile FOREIGN/DRAMA Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD We Are Twisted F***ing Sister! DOCUMENTARY/MUSIC Amazon
  Blu-ray Woman in the Moon (1929) SCI-FI | Directed by Fritz Lang Amazon
. Blu-ray and DVD Yosemite DRAMA | James Franco Amazon
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
. Blu-ray and DVD Fargo Season 2 Amazon
  DVD The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar TV movie Amazon
  DVD Shaun the Sheep Season 2 Amazon
  Blu-ray Warehouse 13 Complete series Blu-ray set Amazon

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