DVD Release Calendar: July 2014

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July 1

All movies are 2013/14 releases unless otherwise noted. Availability: DVDDVD | Blu-rayBlu-ray | Blu-ray and DVD Both Blu-ray and DVD

(No major releases this week)

More movie releases on July 1, 2014
56 Blu-ray and DVD Afflicted HORROR | Clif Prowse, Derek Lee +Netflix Amazon
52 Blu-ray Bring It On (2000) COMEDY | Eliza Dushku, Kirsten Dunst Amazon
  Blu-ray Cry-Baby (1990) MUSICAL | Johnny Depp Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Good Sam (1948) COMEDY | Gary Cooper, Ann Sheridan Amazon
61 Blu-ray Kindergarten Cop (1990) COMEDY | Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller Amazon
36 DVD Lucky Bastard THRILLER | Don McManus, Jay Paulson +Netflix Amazon
76 Blu-ray and DVD The Lunchbox FOREIGN DRAMA | Irrfan Khan +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray Operation Petticoat (1959) COMEDY | Tony Curtis, Cary Grant Amazon
32 DVD The Unbelievers DOCUMENTARY +Netflix Amazon
69 Blu-ray and DVD The Unknown Known DOCUMENTARY | Directed by Errol Morris +Netflix Amazon
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
68 Blu-ray and DVD Helix Season 1 +Netflix Amazon
  DVD Hinterland Series 1 +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits   Amazon
79 DVD A Young Doctor's Notebook Season 1 +Netflix Amazon

July 8

poster Bad Words 57 Watch Trailer

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon +Netflix Queue

Jason Bateman makes his feature directorial debut with this R-rated comedy about Guy Tribly (Bateman himself), a 40-year-old with a photographic memory who, thanks to a loophole in the rules, competes in a spelling bee, wins, and makes it all the way to nationals. There, he forms an unlikely bond with a 10-year-old fellow competitor (Rohan Chand). Kathryn Hahn plays a reporter documenting Guy’s quest, and Allison Janney and Philip Baker Hall have supporting roles. Though the film received solid reviews at its festival premiere last fall in Toronto, critics were more divided when Bad Words reached theaters this spring. Still, most reviewers found something to like.

poster Jodorowsky's Dune 79 Watch Trailer

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon +Netflix Queue

Long before David Lynch adapted Frank Herbert‘s sci-fi novel Dune, Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky had his own vision for translating the book to the big screen, including a cast featuring Salvador Dali and Orson Welles. But the project never came to fruition, instead becoming of of cinema's most famous never-made films. Frank Pavich's documentary looks at what might have been, using interviews with the would-be director, his collaborators (including artist H.R. Giger, who would instead move on to Alien), and supporters like Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn. Strong reviews suggest that anyone interested in a once-forgotten bit of movie history will be happy to discover Jodorowsky’s Dune for themselves.

poster Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 64 + Volume 2 60 Watch Trailer

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon +Netflix Queue (Vol. 1) +Netflix Queue (Vol. 2)

Lars von Trier’s eight-chapter, two-part chronicle of a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac’s (played Stacy Martin as her younger self, and Charlotte Gainsbourg as an adult) sexual experiences heads to disc form in a combined set as well as separate releases (though we're not exactly sure why you'd want to buy only half a movie). Nymphomaniac received unsurprisingly mixed reviews upon its American release earlier this year, following a more welcome reception in Europe and a clever marketing campaign that featured increasingly risqué “appetizers” for chapters 1-4 and 5-8, as well as a secret screening at Sundance.

poster The Raid 2 71

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon +Netflix Queue

Writer-director Gareth Evans’ sequel to the action-packed cult hit The Raid: Redemption picks up hours after the original film, with Rama (Iko Uwais) going undercover to protect his family and expose the criminal underworld at the heart of the corruption in Jakarta. Critics found plenty to like in Evans's orchestration of action scenes with a variety of locations and a beautiful brutality—with sequences that top the first film—though they disagreed on his success at navigating a larger story and a longer running time.

More movie releases on July 8, 2014
  Blu-ray The Baby (1973) HORROR | Anjanette Comer, Ruth Roman Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Caught (1949) DRAMA | James Mason, Robert Ryan Amazon
14 DVD Don Peyote COMEDY | Dan Fogler, Josh Duhamel, Jay Baruchel +Netflix Amazon
54 Blu-ray and DVD Kid Cannabis DRAMA | Ron Perlman, John C. McGinley +Netflix Amazon
33 Blu-ray Lake Placid (1999) THRILLER/COMEDY | Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt Amazon
73 Blu-ray and DVD Le Week-End DRAMEDY | Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan, Jeff Goldblum +Netflix Amazon
70 DVD Maidentrip DOCUMENTARY +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray Point Blank (1967) THRILLER | Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson Amazon
53 Blu-ray and DVD Rigor Mortis FOREIGN/HORROR +Netflix Amazon
39 Blu-ray and DVD Stage Fright HORROR/MUSICAL | Minnie Driver, Meat Loaf +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray The Time Machine (1960) SCI-FI | Rod Taylor, Alan Young Amazon
70 Blu-ray and DVD Watermark DOCUMENTARY +Netflix Amazon
56 DVD Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? FOREIGN/DRAMEDY +Netflix Amazon
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  DVD The Big Valley Season 3   Amazon
  DVD Doctor Who Series 3 Part 2   Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Endeavour Season 2   Amazon
65 DVD The Soul Man Season 1   Amazon
  DVD Vicious Season 1   Amazon

July 15

poster Rio 2 49 Watch Trailer

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon +Netflix Queue

While 2011's Rio was an entertaining-enough animated kids' film from the studio behind the Ice Age franchise—with enough music, color, and sheer exuberance to make up for flaws in the writing—this inevitable sequel was a letdown. Reviewers found the writing even more scattered, forced, and formulaic in Rio 2, but that didn't stop anyone from taking their kids to see it; the sequel grossed over $450 million.

poster Under the Skin 78 Watch Trailer

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon +Netflix Queue

Jonathan Glazer’s (Birth, Sexy Beast) first feature film in a decade is a loose adaptation of Michel Faber's 2000 science fiction novel about an alien (Scarlett Johansson) tasked with capturing humans for her home planet. The film received both boos and cheers at the Venice Film Festival last year, but its unique visuals (Glazer employed a guerrilla shooting style on the streets of Glasgow, using up to eight hidden cameras to capture Johansson interacting with the public) and unusual score by Mica Levi of Micachu & the Shapes were embraced by a majority of critics upon the film's theatrical release this spring.

More movie releases on July 15, 2014
51 DVD The Face of Love DRAMEDY | Annette Bening, Ed Harris +Netflix Amazon
45 DVD A Night in Old Mexico WESTERN | Robert Duvall +Netflix Amazon
33 Blu-ray and DVD Open Grave THRILLER/HORROR | Sharlto Copley +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Pickpocket (1959) Criterion Collection release Amazon
60 Blu-ray and DVD Scanners (1981) Criterion Collection release | Directed by David Cronenberg Amazon
82 DVD Wrinkles FOREIGN/ANIMATION +Netflix Amazon
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  Blu-ray and DVD Black Dynamite Season 1 +Netflix Amazon
  DVD Case Histories Set 2   Amazon
62 DVD Cedar Cove Season 1 +Netflix Amazon
74 Blu-ray and DVD Hell on Wheels Season 3 +Netflix Amazon
  DVD How the West Was Won Season 2 +Netflix Amazon
42 DVD Labyrinth TV miniseries +Netflix Amazon
79 Blu-ray and DVD Orphan Black Season 2 +Netflix Amazon

July 22

poster Blue Ruin 77 Watch Trailer

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon +Netflix Queue

This festival favorite follows Dwight (Macon Blair), a homeless man, as his quest for revenge becomes bloodier and more out of control with each inept action he takes. Writer-director Jeremy Saulnier’s second feature won the FIPRESCI International Critics Prize at Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight, and the good buzz continued at the most recent Toronto and Sundance festivals, leading to strong reviews for the indie thriller upon its release this spring. Saulnier, who shot Matthew Porterfield’s I Used To Be Darker and Putty Hill, also serves as his own cinematographer.

poster Dom Hemingway 55 Watch Trailer

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon +Netflix Queue

Jude Law stars as Dom Hemingway, a violent, vulgar, safe-cracking ex-con ready to celebrate his release from prison with his buddy Dickie (Richard E. Grant). To get the party started, Dom seeks out his boss, Mr. Fontaine (Demián Bichir), so he can collect his reward for keeping his mouth shut during his 12 years behind bars. But when a night of partying gets out of hand, Dom ends up on his daughter's doorstep. Richard Shepard’s first feature film since 2005’s The Matador was dinged a few points by critics for incoherence and an emphasis on (overly exhausting) style over substance, but most reviewers found Law's performance worth the price of admission.

poster Transcendence 42 Watch Trailer

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon +Netflix Queue

The directorial debut for Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer of choice, Wally Pfister, sci-fi thriller Transcendence tells the story of Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp), an artificial intelligence researcher whose mind is uploaded into a computer after an assassination attempt by an anti-technology extremist group. Kate Mara, Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany, Morgan Freeman, and Cillian Murphy also star. As you may have guessed from that Metascore, the film was a huge disappointment, with critics faulting Pfister's direction more than anything else.

More movie releases on July 22, 2014
45 Blu-ray and DVD All Cheerleaders Die HORROR/COMEDY | Caitlin Stasey +Netflix Amazon
21 Blu-ray and DVD The Angriest Man in Brooklyn DRAMEDY | Robin Williams, Mila Kunis +Netflix Amazon
51 Blu-ray and DVD Cesar Chavez DRAMA | Michael Peña, America Ferrera +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD The Essential Jacques Demy 6-film Criterion Collection set Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Forever Female (1953) DRAMA/COMEDY | Ginger Rogers, William Holden Amazon
70 Blu-ray Ginger Snaps (2001) HORROR | Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle Amazon
49 Blu-ray and DVD GMO OMG DOCUMENTARY +Netflix Amazon
47 Blu-ray and DVD Heaven Is for Real DRAMA | Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly +Netflix Amazon
27 DVD The Human Race SCI-FI/HORROR +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Insomnia (1997) Criterion Collection release of the Norwegian thriller Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Made in America DOCUMENTARY/MUSIC | Directed by Ron Howard +Netflix Amazon
40 Blu-ray and DVD Make Your Move MUSICAL | Derek Hough, BoA +Netflix Amazon
69 DVD Next Goal Wins DOCUMENTARY/SPORTS +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970) COMEDY | Robert Stephens Amazon
47 Blu-ray and DVD The Returned HORROR +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray Sabata (1969) WESTERN | Lee Van Cleef, William Berger Amazon
42 Blu-ray and DVD Sabotage ACTION/THRILLER | Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray The Scalphunters (1968) COMEDY/WESTERN | Burt Lancaster, Telly Savalas Amazon
64 Blu-ray and DVD The Suspect FOREIGN/ACTION +Netflix Amazon
31 Blu-ray and DVD Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club DRAMEDY | Nia Long, Amy Smart +Netflix Amazon
86 Blu-ray The Wind Will Carry Us (1999) FOREIGN/DRAMA | Directed by Abbas Kiarostami Amazon
  Blu-ray Witness for the Prosecution (1957) DRAMA | Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich Amazon
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  DVD Dalziel & Pascoe Season 10 +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray Shogun Miniseries   Amazon
  DVD Tanked Season 1 +Netflix Amazon
48 DVD Wahlburgers Season 1 +Netflix Amazon

July 29

poster Noah 68 Watch Trailer

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon +Netflix Queue

After the more intimate dramas The Wrestler and Black Swan, director Darren Aronofsky goes epic (in scope and budget) to tell the biblical story of Noah’s ark. Russell Crowe stars as Noah alongside Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah. Ray Winstone plays his nemesis, and Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Douglas Booth have supporting roles. The ambitious, controversial (for taking liberties with the biblical story), and expensive (roughly $125 million) film was a major risk for Paramount and for the director, who won a battle with the studio over final cut. But that risk appears to have paid off (at least somewhat), with the film collecting over $350 million worldwide and earning mostly solid reviews.

poster Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Box Set Watch Trailer

Blu-ray Buy From Amazon

Well, so much for that "definitive" Gold Box Edition. Yes, David Lynch's landmark television series is being reissued on Blu-ray not all that long after that DVD box set found its way to stores, but there may be enough new extras here to entice fans to pay for everything again. For one thing, The Entire Mystery is the only place (in the U.S.) to find the underrated theatrical prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on Blu-ray, complete with 90 minutes (!) of deleted and extended scenes. The 10-disc set also features upgraded picture quality for the TV episodes (and Log Lady introductions), plus hours of new extras, including previously unreleased deleted scenes and outtakes and a newly shot featurette that finds Lynch visiting with members of the Palmer family today—yes, even the dead ones.

More movie releases on July 29, 2014
69 DVD The Amazing Catfish FOREIGN/DRAMEDY +Netflix Amazon
61 Blu-ray and DVD The Big Chill (1983) Criterion Collection release Amazon
42 DVD Cold Turkey DRAMEDY | Alicia Witt, Peter Bogdanovich, Cheryl Hines +Netflix Amazon
52 Blu-ray and DVD Cuban Fury COMEDY | Nick Frost, Chris O'Dowd, Rashida Jones +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Curtains (1983) HORROR | John Vernon Amazon
48 DVD The Den HORROR | Melanie Papalia +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray Duel at Diablo (1966) WESTERN | James Garner, Sidney Poitier Amazon
75 DVD Finding Vivian Maier DOCUMENTARY +Netflix Amazon
50 DVD Five Dances DRAMA | Ryan Steele +Netflix Amazon
51 DVD Half of a Yellow Sun DRAMA | Thandie Newton, Chiwetel Ejiofor +Netflix Amazon
76 DVD It Felt Like Love FOREIGN/DRAMA +Netflix Amazon
35 DVD Lullaby DRAMA | Garret Hedlund, Richard Jenkins, Amy Adams +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Marty (1955) DRAMA | Ernest Borgnine, Betsy Blair Amazon
39 Blu-ray and DVD The Other Woman COMEDY | Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray Paris Blues (1961) DRAMA | Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Joanne Woodward Amazon
45 Blu-ray and DVD The Protector 2 FOREIGN/ACTION | Tony Jaa +Netflix Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Separate Tables (1958) DRAMA | Rita Hayworth, Deborah Kerr Amazon
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  DVD Adventure Time Vol. 7: Princess Day   Amazon
  Blu-ray and DVD Midsomer Murders Set 24   Amazon
  DVD My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic The Keys of Friendship   Amazon
  DVD Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vol. XXX   Amazon


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