DVD/Blu-ray Release Calendar: May 2019

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May 7

All movies are 2018/19 releases unless otherwise noted. Availability: DVDDVD | Blu-rayBlu-ray | Blu-ray and DVD Both Blu-ray and DVD

poster Blaze Trailers

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This 2018 directorial effort from Ethan Hawke tells the story of singer-songwriter Blaze Foley (Ben Dickey) by weaving together three different moments in his life: his love affair with Sybil Rosen (Alia Shawkat), his last night on earth, and his impact on friends and foes after his death. Dickey's performance earned him a Special Jury Prize for Achievement in Acting at last year’s Sundance Film Festival.

poster Everybody Knows Trailers

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The latest from writer-director Asghar Farhadi opened the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, but it was a relative disappointment from a director who has consistently impressed critics and jurors (most notably with The Salesman, which took home best screenplay honors at Cannes in 2016). Set in Spain and starring Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, Everybody Knows pivots on a disappearance (in this case a kidnapping), much like Farhadi's 2009 film About Elly. But critics feel Farhadi, while still producing a solid film worth recommending, is recycling his earlier work with less subtlety this time out.

poster Her Smell Trailers

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[Released Friday, May 10] Pretty much any Alex Ross Perry film can be described as provoking a "divisive" response from critics and moviegoers. But his latest film may take divisiveness to an entirely new level. Her Smell, which first debuted at TIFF last fall, is the third collaboration between the director and actress Elisabeth Moss, following Listen Up Philip and Queen of Earth. Here, she plays perhaps (actually, make that definitely) her most unpleasant character yet: Becky Something, the lead singer of a punk band that was big in the 1990s and is now less so—in no small part due to Becky's extremely self-destructive behavior. While her character may be toxic, Moss delivers yet another stunning performance, according to critics—even those who couldn't tolerate the film as a whole. Some reviewers, however, had a great deal of praise for the film, calling it an authentic and realistic portrayal told with "kinetic" style.

poster The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Trailers

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The 2014 hit The LEGO Movie has already spawned a pair of spinoffs in The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Ninjago Movie. Now, five years later, it gets a proper sequel, albeit one that is slightly less awesome. The Second Part continues the original story of Emmet, Lucy, and all their friends as a threat from LEGO DUPLO invaders lead to new worlds, including a galaxy where everything is a musical. Director Mike Mitchell (Trolls) takes over for Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (who helped write and produce this time), but Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Alison Brie and Nick Offerman reprise their roles. They are joined by Tiffany Haddish as Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi, Stephanie Beatriz as Sweet Mayhem, and Arturo Castro as Ice Cream Cone.

More movie releases on May 7, 2019
Blu-ray All About Lily Chou-Chou (2002) FOREIGN/DRAMA Prime Video
  Blu-ray The Grand Duel (1972) WESTERN | Lee Van Cleef Prime Video
  DVD The Head Hunter HORROR/FANTASY Prime Video
  Blu-ray and DVD The Heiress (1949) Criterion Collection release Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD The Prodigy HORROR/THRILLER | Taylor Schilling Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Sobibor DRAMA | Christopher Lambert Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD St. Agatha HORROR | Sabrina Kern Prime Video
DVD To Dust DRAMA | Géza Röhrig, Matthew Broderick Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD What Men Want COMEDY | Taraji P. Henson, Tracy Morgan Prime Video
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  DVD Agatha Raisin SERIES 2 Prime Video
DVD Baskets SEASON 3 Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Better Call Saul SEASON 4 Prime Video
  DVD Bonanza SEASON 9 VOL 1 Prime Video
  DVD Bonanza SEASON 9 VOL 2 Prime Video
DVD Liar SEASON 1 Prime Video
  DVD Locked Up Abroad SEASON 9 Prime Video
  Blu-ray and DVD My Hero Academia SEASON 3 PART 1 Prime Video
  DVD No Offence SERIES 3 Prime Video
  DVD The Toys That Made Us SEASONS 1-2 Prime Video
  DVD Trolls: The Beat Goes On! SEASONS 1-4 Prime Video
  DVD Unikitty! SEASON 1 Prime Video
  DVD When Calls the Heart: The Queen of Hearts Prime Video

May 14

poster Apollo 11 Metacritic Must-See Trailers

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This documentary from Todd Douglas Miller (Dinosaur 13) shapes newly discovered 65mm footage and 11,000 hours of NASA audio recordings into an immersive experience for viewers. Without narration or talking heads, the film chronicles Apollo 11’s 1969 flight to the moon and back. Critics admired the film when it debuted at Sundance earlier this year.

poster Birds of Passage Metacritic Must-SeeTrailers

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After earning an Oscar nomination for best foreign language film for Embrace of the Serpent, director Ciro Guerra examines another part of Colombian culture with this story of an indigenous Wayuu family drawn into the drug trade. Set in the 1970s and co-directed by Cristina Gallego (a producer on Serpent), the film received excellent reviews from many critics, including THR's Jordan Mintzer, who calls it a “superbly crafted” film that is both “ethnographic chronicle and art-house thriller.”

poster Cold Pursuit Trailers

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Moving the action to the Rocky Mountains and replacing original star Stellan Skarsgård with Liam Neeson, director Hans Petter Moland remakes his own 2014 Norwegian film In Order of Disappearance (released on the U.S. in 2016). Neeson plays Nels Coxman, a snow plow driver who lives a quiet life with his wife (Laura Dern) until the day his son turns up dead. The police think it’s a simple overdose case, but Nels suspects murder, and he sets out to prove it. His darkly comic vigilante ways cause quite a problem for a drug lord named Viking.

poster Fighting With My Family Trailers

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Directed by Stephen Merchant (co-creator of the original British version of The Office), this family comedy is based on the true story of Saraya-Jade Bevis (aka Paige), a WWE Superstar who got her start wrestling with her family in the U.K. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson produces the film and appears as himself, joined by Florence Pugh (Lady Macbeth) as Raya Knight, Jack Lowden as her brother Zack, and Lena Headey and Nick Frost as her mother and father. Critics think that it doesn't break any new ground but is generally charming enough that it doesn't matter how familiar it feels.

poster Never Look Away Trailers

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An dual Oscar nominee for best foreign-language feature and best cinematography, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's third feature (and first in eight years) doesn't quite reach the heights of his debut (The Lives of Others) but is a huge improvement over his dreadful second film (The Tourist). The epic historical thriller—inspired by, but not entirely based on, the life of painter Gerhard Richter—centers on a young artist (Tom Schilling) who falls for a woman (Paula Beer) whose father is hiding a dark past.

More movie releases on May 14, 2019
DVD Ashes in the Snow DRAMA | James Cosmo Prime Video
  Blu-ray The Big Clock (1948) DRAMA/THRILLER | Ray Milland, Charles Laughton Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Funny Games (1997) Criterion Collection release Prime Video
  Blu-ray This Gun for Hire (1942) DRAMA | Veronica Lake, Robert Preston Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Happy Death Day 2U HORROR/THRILLER | Jessica Rothe Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD House of Games (1987) Criterion Collection release Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Never Grow Old ACTION/THRILLER/WESTERN | Emile Hirsch, John Cusack Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Triple Threat ACTION/THRILLER | Michael Jai White, Scott Adkins, Michael Bisping Prime Video
DVD What is Democracy? DOCUMENTARY Prime Video
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  DVD Finding Your Roots SEASON 5 Prime Video

May 21

poster How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Trailers

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Director Dean DeBlois completes his animated trilogy that began in 2010 with How to Train Your Dragon and continued in 2014 with How to Train Your Dragon 2. The film finds Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and Astrid (America Ferrera) ruling Berk as a dragon utopia, but when their peaceful home is threatened by Grimmel (voiced by F. Murray Abraham), and Toothless meets a female Light Fury, they travel to a mythic world to fight and protect the world they’ve built. Like its two predecessors, Hidden World received positive reviews from critics when it opened in February.

poster The Image Book Trailers

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Several years in the making, The Image Book is the latest feature from legendary (and now 88-year-old) French director Jean-Luc Godard. The experimental, plot-less and actor-less film is a montage of pre-existing footage edited together with an eclectic soundtrack including commentary by the director, and it was the director's original intention that the film be screened on televisions—so don't feel bad if you missed it on the big screen. Then again, you may want to miss it on the small screen too—especially if you are like those reviewers who were irritated or infuriated by the result. But most reviewers were all to eager to take in the film as an experience.

poster Let the Sunshine In Trailers

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When it premiered at the Director’s Fortnight section of the Cannes Film Festival back in 2017, this French-language rom-com from Claire Denis (Bastards, White Material, 35 Shots of Rum) shared the SACD Award for best French film with Philippe Garrel’s Lover for a Day. Written by Denis with novelist Christine Angot and inspired by Roland Barthes’ Fragments: A Lover’s Discourse, the film is much lighter in subject matter than most of her other work, catching some critics by surprise—but pleasing most reviewers nevertheless, thanks to Juliette Binoche’s star turn as an artist, mother and divorcee looking for love but unable to find a compatible match. This Criterion Collection release adds new interviews with Binoche and Denis, plus another short film by Denis.

poster Sorry Angel Trailers

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The latest film from Christophe Honoré (In Paris, Love Songs, Beloved) is a gay love story set in 1993 Paris. Sorry Angel explores the relationship between Jacques (Pierre Deladonchamps), a writer and single father in his late thirties who is battling AIDS, and Arthur (Vincent Lacoste), a 22-year-old aspiring filmmaker. The film's 2018 Cannes premiere resulted in some rave reviews as well as a few tepid responses.

More movie releases on May 21, 2019
Blu-ray and DVD Big Brother ACTION/DRAMA | Donnie Yen Prime Video
  Blu-ray The Bostonians (1984) DRAMA | Christopher Reeve, Vanessa Redgrave Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD A Dark Place THRILLER | Andrew Scott Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Drunk Parents COMEDY | Alec Baldwin, Salma Hayek Prime Video
DVD Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable DOCUMENTARY Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Isn't It Romantic ROM-COM | Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth Prime Video
DVD Science Fair DOCUMENTARY Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Trading Paint ACTION/THRILLER/SPORTS | John Travolta Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD The Upside DRAMA/COMEDY | Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart, Nicole Kidman Prime Video
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
DVD 13 Reasons Why SEASON 2 Prime Video
  DVD Call the Midwife SEASON 8 Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Les Misérables MINISERIES Prime Video
  DVD The Loud House: Relative Chaos SEASON 2 VOL. 1 Prime Video
  DVD Public Defender SEASON 1 Prime Video

May 28

poster Bisbee '17 Metacritic Must-See

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon

[Rescheduled from previous April date] The latest acclaimed documentary from Robert Greene (Actress, Kate Plays Christine) delves into the heart and history of Bisbee, Arizona, an old mining town near the Mexican border. In 1917, 1200 immigrant miners were taken from their homes, forced into cattle cars, shipped to the desert, and left to die. Greene captures the community’s struggle to come to grips with the deportation on its 100th anniversary.

poster Climax Trailers

Blu-ray and DVD Buy From Amazon

The latest from Gaspar Noé (Irreversible, Enter the Void, Love) is supposedly based on a true story about a dance troupe whose rehearsal after-party descended into madness after someone spiked the drinks with LSD. In Noé’s version, it’s a drug-laden sangria that causes trouble for Sofia Boutella and the rest of the dancers. Terrific early reviews from last year’s Cannes indicate Climax might be Noé’s best film.

More movie releases on May 28, 2019
  Blu-ray Boom! (1968) DRAMA | Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Blue Velvet (1986) Criterion Collection release Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Greta DRAMA/THRILLER/HORROR | Chloë Grace Moretz, Isabelle Huppert Prime Video
DVD In the Last Days of the City FOREIGN/DRAMA Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Lords of Chaos HORROR/DRAMA/THRILLER | Rory Culkin Prime Video
  Blu-ray and DVD One Sings, The Other Doesn't (1977) Criterion Collection release Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD A Vigilante DRAMA/THRILLER | Olivia Wilde Prime Video
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  Blu-ray and DVD Blood SERIES 1 Prime Video
Blu-ray and DVD Outlander SEASON 4 Prime Video
  Blu-ray and DVD South Park SEASON 22 Prime Video
  Blu-ray The Twelve Kingdoms COMPLETE SERIES Prime Video
  DVD Velvet COMPLETE SERIES Prime Video

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