DVD Release Calendar: November 2013

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November 5

All movies are 2012/13 releases unless otherwise noted. Availability: DVDDVD | Blu-rayBlu-ray | Blu-ray and DVDBoth Blu-ray and DVD

posterBlu-ray and DVD Computer Chess 74 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

Writer/director Andrew Bujalski’s follow-up to 2009’s Beeswax uses vintage 1980s-era video equipment to lend a realistic period feel to a story of a weekend chess tournament that pits man against machine. The comedy originally divided critics when it premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, but reviewers eventually warmed to the film's oddball charms.

posterBlu-ray and DVD Grown Ups 2 19 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

Adam Sandler's first-ever sequel reunites the star with director Dennis Dugan and co-stars Chris Rock, Kevin James, and David Spade. The results: predictably awful, and predictably successful at the box office. It's actually one of Sandler's lowest-scoring films to date, which means that a third Razzie worst picture nomination in three years is not out of the question.

posterBlu-ray and DVD White House Down 52 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

So who was the winner of this year's battle of the terrorists-invade-the-White House thrillers? Olympus Has Fallen is the one getting a sequel (and the one that made more money in the U.S.), while White House Down scored slightly better with critics and earned more money worldwide. This one comes from disaster master Roland Emmerich, and stars Channing Tatum as a cop who wants to be a Secret Service agent. While touring the White House with his daughter (Joey King), an attack occurs, and Tatum must become his daughter's bodyguard as well as the president’s (Jamie Foxx). Jason Clarke, Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Woods, and Richard Jenkins play supporting roles.

More movie releases on November 5, 2013
  Blu-ray The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) Drama / Myrna Loy, Fredric March  
  Blu-ray The Bishop's Wife (1947) Comedy / Cary Grant, Loretta Young  
53 DVD Broken Drama / Tim Roth, Cillian Murphy Add to Queue
  Blu-ray East of Eden (1955) Drama / James Dean, Julie Harris  
62 Blu-ray and DVD The Fitzgerald Family Christmas Drama / Edward Burns, Connie Britton Add to Queue
  Blu-ray Giant (1956) Drama / Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean  
37 Blu-ray and DVD Girl Most Likely Comedy / Kristen Wiig, Annette Bening Add to Queue
59 DVD Hava Nagila: The Movie Documentary Add to Queue
58 Blu-ray and DVD The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition (adds 13 minutes)  
  Blu-ray Intolerance (1916) Drama / Lillian Gish  
51 Blu-ray and DVD Lovelace Drama / Amanda Seyfried Add to Queue
69 DVD Out in the Dark Foreign drama Add to Queue
51 Blu-ray and DVD Parkland Drama / Zac Efron, Marcia Gay Harden, Paul Giamatti Add to Queue
52 Blu-ray and DVD Passion Thriller / Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace Add to Queue
  Blu-ray Rebel Without a Cause (1956) Drama / James Dean, Natalie Wood  
64 Blu-ray and DVD Renoir Foreign drama Add to Queue
  Blu-ray The Right Stuff (1983) 30th Anniversary Edition  
38 Blu-ray Scrooged (1988) 25th Anniversary Edition  
  Blu-ray and DVD Syrup Comedy / Amber Heard, Shiloh Fernandez Add to Queue
  Blu-ray and DVD Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga Box set  
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  DVD Absolutely Fabulous "Absolutely All of It" complete series box set  
  DVD Bat Masterson Season 3  
  DVD Boy Meets World Complete series  
69 Blu-ray and DVD Clear History HBO movie  
  Blu-ray Doctor Who Series 1-7 box set  
  Blu-ray Farscape Complete series  
  DVD Hell's Kitchen Seasons 1-10 box set  
  DVD Ice Road Truckers Season 7  
  DVD Law & Order Season 13  
87 Blu-ray and DVD Mad Men Season 6  
64 Blu-ray and DVD Magic City Season 2  
  DVD Naked City Complete series  
  DVD Robotech Complete series  
  DVD Saved by the Bell Complete series  
72 Blu-ray and DVD Under the Dome Season 1  
  Blu-ray Weeds Complete series  

November 12

posterBlu-ray and DVD Frances Ha 82 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

A no-budget, black-and-white collaboration between writer/director Noah Baumbach and writer/star Greta Gerwig (who previously worked together on the Los Angeles-set Greenberg), Frances Ha finds Baumbach returning to his native New York, where he found success with 2005’s coming-of-age tale The Squid and the Whale. This one's a coming-of-age tale of a different sort, exploring what it feels like to be out of college and fumbling through life. Gerwig’s Frances, an apprentice dancer, is our guide as she moves between apartments (Girls’ Adam Driver is one of her roommates) and tries to maintain a relationship with her best friend, played by Mickey Sumner. This Criterion Collection release adds a conversation between Baumbach and Peter Bogdanovich, another between Gerwig and Sarah Polley, and more bonus content.

posterBlu-ray and DVD Man of Steel 55 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

When producer Christopher Nolan announced that Zack Snyder would direct Man of Steel, Superman fans expressed their trepidation. The director’s work has been spotty, with his first film, Dawn of the Dead, holding his highest Metascore and his last film, Sucker Punch, possessing his lowest. The resulting film wasn't a hit with critics (who found it "overlong" and "businesslike"), but grosses of over $660 million worldwide mean that we'll be seeing Superman again soon (on July 17, 2015, to be exact, when Superman meets up with Ben Affleck's Batman). Henry Cavill dons the cape and tights, joined in the cast by Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Ma and Pa Kent, Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Michael Shannon as General Zod, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White.

posterBlu-ray and DVD Prince Avalanche 73 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch spend a summer painting traffic lines on burned-out Texas roads in this remake of the Icelandic film Either Way by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express). This low-budget (and secretly made) dramedy earned mostly positive notices upon its Sundance premiere, and if you don't expect a lot of action or plot, you, too, could enjoy spending an hour and a half in the company of the two stars.

More movie releases on November 12, 2013
  Blu-ray Akira (1988) 25th Anniversary Edition  
74 Blu-ray and DVD The Attack Foreign drama Add to Queue
86 Blu-ray and DVD Barbara Foreign drama Add to Queue
83 Blu-ray and DVD Blackfish Documentary Add to Queue
  Blu-ray and DVD City Lights (1931) Criterion Collection  
62 Blu-ray and DVD Grabbers Horror, comedy Add to Queue
65 DVD Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation Documentary, music Add to Queue
59 Blu-ray and DVD I Declare War Comedy, drama Add to Queue
35 Blu-ray and DVD Paradise Comedy / Directed by Diablo Cody Add to Queue
67 Blu-ray Thirteen Days (2000) Drama / Kevin Costner  
58 Blu-ray and DVD Turbo Animation / Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Maya Rudolph Add to Queue
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  DVD Combat! Complete series  
  DVD Dance Moms Best-of  
  DVD Deadliest Catch Season 8  
71 Blu-ray and DVD Dexter Season 8  
  Blu-ray and DVD Dexter Complete series  
  DVD Diagnosis Murder Season 6 / also: Complete Collection  
  DVD Family Ties Complete series  
78 DVD Last Tango in Halifax BBC/PBS series  
  DVD MADtv Season 4  
  DVD Merlin Complete series  
  DVD The Mod Squad Complete series  
71 Blu-ray and DVD The Paradise Season 1  
  DVD Silk Season 1  
  DVD Stan Lee's Superhumans Season 2  

November 19

posterBlu-ray and DVD The To Do List 61 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

Set in 1993, this raunchy R-rated comedy stars Parks and Recreation's Aubrey Plaza as Brandy Clark, an overachiever who has underachieved in the sexual realm. To remedy that, she puts together a to-do list of exploits she wants to complete before college. Aiding her in this pursuit are Donald Glover, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Scott Porter, Rachel Bilson, and Alia Shawkat, while Clark Gregg and Connie Britton play her parents. Fairly decent reviews met this feature writing and directing debut for Maggie Carey (a frequent Funny or Die contributor and wife of SNL's Bill Hader).

posterBlu-ray and DVD We're the Millers 44 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

This fairly successful late-summer comedy stars Jason Sudeikis as an in-over-his-head drug dealer. He enlists a stripper (Jennifer Aniston), a homeless woman (Emma Roberts), and a neighbor kid (Will Poulter) to pose as his family and head off with him on an RV road trip to transport a huge shipment of marijuana across the Mexican border. Critics liked the cast, but found the material given them rather bland and forgettable.

posterBlu-ray and DVD The World's End 81 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

Edgar Wright’s Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy (aka The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy)—which began with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz— draws to its conclusion at The World’s End. (The films aren't actually related story-wise, so seeing the first two is not a prerequisite to enjoying this one). As with the previous films, The World’s End was written by Wright and Simon Pegg and stars Pegg and Nick Frost. This installment is a sci-fi comedy that follows five friends (Pegg, Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, and Eddie Marsan) as they try to repeat an epic 12-pub crawl they first attempted 20 years prior. This time, their obstacles are a bit more otherworldly.

More movie releases on November 19, 2013
55 Blu-ray and DVD 2 Guns Action / Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg Add to Queue
54 Blu-ray and DVD All Is Bright Dramedy / Paul Rudd, Paul Giamatti Add to Queue
46 Blu-ray and DVD And While We Were Here Drama / Kate Bosworth Add to Queue
  Blu-ray The Bells of St. Mary's (1945) Drama / Bing Crosby, Ingrid Bergman  
42 DVD Breaking the Girls Thriller / Agnes Bruckner, Madeline Zima Add to Queue
85 DVD Bridegroom Documentary Add to Queue
60 DVD C.O.G. Dramedy / David Sedaris adaptation Add to Queue
67 Blu-ray and DVD Crystal Fairy Comedy / Michael Cera, Gaby Hoffmann Add to Queue
67 Blu-ray and DVD Hannah Arendt Drama / Janet McTeer Add to Queue
32 Blu-ray and DVD Paranoia Thriller / Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, Liam Hemsworth Add to Queue
39 Blu-ray and DVD Planes Animation / Dane Cook Add to Queue
49 Blu-ray and DVD Thérèse Foreign drama / Audrey Tautou Add to Queue
  Blu-ray and DVD Tokyo Story (1953) Criterion Collection  
43 Blu-ray Violet & Daisy Thriller / Alexis Bledel, Danny Trejo, James Gandolfini, Saoirse Ronan Add to Queue
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
62 Blu-ray and DVD Lilyhammer Season 1  
  Blu-ray and DVD Lost Girl Season 3  
65 DVD Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight HBO movie  
  DVD Peter Gunn Season 3  
  Blu-ray Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5  
  DVD Touched by an Angel Season 9  
77 Blu-ray and DVD Treme Season 3  

November 26

posterBlu-ray Breaking Bad: The Complete Series

You won't want to bury this barrel in the desert. This one's filled with two copies of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium every episode of what just may be TV's all-time greatest drama series—and one that definitely stands up to re-watching. The Blu-ray-only set includes the 55 hours of special features that were available on the individual season sets (including a three-minute alternate ending that is also on the final season DVD/Blu-ray set, which is also out today) and adds a new two-hour documentary and a 16-page booklet, as well as a Los Pollos Hermanos apron.

posterBlu-ray and DVD The Canyons 36 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

If you were going to watch an erotic thriller starring Lindsay Lohan as a troubled actress, you'd want it to be a trainwreck. Mission accomplished. The script comes from novelist Bret Easton Ellis, the direction from Paul Schrader, and the story revolves around an L.A. trust fund kid (played by porn star James Deen) who discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him with her co-star on a movie he's producing. A few critics actually praised Lohan's performance, but they were in the minority, with most reviewers turned off by Schrader's tedious, overly artsy eroticism.

posterBlu-ray and DVD Jobs 44 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

This week's other trainwreck features star Ashton Kutcher completely transforming himself into the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Or ... maybe not. Kutcher's performance was singled out by many reviewers as one of the chief problems with the film, though it wasn't the only fault; Jobs offered little insight on the man of the same name, resulting in a by-the-numbers biopic with no depth or revelations.

posterBlu-ray and DVD RED 2 47 Add to Netflix Queue Watch Trailer

2010 action-comedy RED was a surprise success for Summit, making almost $200 million worldwide, so naturally the sequel system started churning. Out came this story about Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) and his motley crew of retirees getting back together for yet another one last time, this time in Europe. Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Brian Cox also return, as do the original film’s screenwriters, Erich and Jon Hoeber. Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) takes over as director for Robert Schwentke, and he’s brought along new cast members Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Byung Hun Lee, David Thewlis, and Neal McDonough. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring along a decent script, and the result was a bit of a flop.

More movie releases on November 26, 2013
69 Blu-ray and DVD Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me Documentary, music Add to Queue
22 Blu-ray and DVD Getaway Action / Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez Add to Queue
72 Blu-ray and DVD The Grandmaster Action / Directed by Wong Kar Wai Add to Queue
68 Blu-ray and DVD Red Obsession Documentary Add to Queue
71 Blu-ray and DVD Wolf Children Animation  
  Blu-ray and DVD Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman (1962-73) Criterion Collection; 25-film box set  
TV on DVD/Blu-ray
  DVD 30 for 30 Volume 3  
  Blu-ray and DVD Bill Cosby... Far From Finished Comedy Central stand-up special  
  Blu-ray and DVD Breaking Bad Final season  
  DVD Impractical Jokers Season 1  
  Blu-ray and DVD Murdoch Mysteries Season 6  
  DVD Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vol. XXVIII  
  Blu-ray and DVD Poirot Series 10  

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