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  • Publish Date: April 14, 2010
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SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't yet seen this episode of Lost, you should avoid reading this article and the user comments, as they will discuss events that happened during the episode.

Episode 12 Metascore

Season 6, Episode 12: "Everybody Loves Hugo"

At times an explosive episode, "Everybody Loves Hugo" (a titular counterpart to the second-season episode "Everybody Hates Hugo") nevertheless failed to match the sky-high level of acclaim of the previous week's "Happily Ever After." We did get at least one answer to an ongoing mystery, however: the island's constant whispers are merely the voices of dead souls unable to move on. Thanks, Michael, for stopping by.

Here are the scores for this season's episodes so far, followed by a sampling of the critical response to this week's installment.

Previous Episodes This Season
Episode Score   Episode Score
Episode 1/2: LA X 89   Episode 7: Dr. Linus 92
Episode 3: What Kate Does 64   Episode 8: Recon 76
Episode 4: The Substitute 88   Episode 9: Ab Aeterno 93
Episode 5: Lighthouse 71   Episode 10: The Package 72
Episode 6: Sundown 82   Episode 11: Happily Ever After 93
Reviews for This Week's Episode
Score Publication Reviewer
100 Television Without Pity Cindy McLennan
[Full recap forthcoming; Grade A+]
100 TV Overmind Sam McPherson
Like "Happily Ever After," before it, this episode was one of the best yet — I'd place it in the top twenty of the series, definitely. [Grade: A]
90 Entertainment Weekly Jeff Jensen
[The episode] left me feeling disturbed and unnerved. [Full recap forthcoming here]
86 TV Fanatic M.L. House
There was a lot to like about this episode.
83 The Onion A.V. Club Noel Murray
I had such a good time with it—gasping, laughing, cringing—that I’m willing to forgive all the way-too-on-point conversations and herky-jerky plot machinations. [Grade: B+]
81 IGN Chris Carabott
I'm starting to get really excited about the alternate universe storyline now. It took a long while to delve into why the flash-sideways were important to the overall story, but it appears that things are finally coming together.
80 Chicago Tribune Maureen Ryan
And though this emotionally satisfying episode wasn't in the top tier of "Lost" episodes (and that's no slam on "Everybody Loves Hugo" -- it got the job done, I liked it fine and it and had some excellent scenes), that Ilana-blows-up sequence has to qualify as one of the best "holy cow did they just DO that?" moments in the history of the show.
80 Cultural Learnings Myles McNutt
Things might be moving in a way that seems a bit contrived, but it’s so driven by character and complicated by the insanity of it all that it still plays out well, and “Everybody Loves Hugo” throws in some explosions and some intriguing cross-universe ideas to cap things off.
80 HitFix Drew McWeeny
Even when [Jorge Garcia is] given some heavy material, as he is this week, it never feels like he's "acting."  There's such a natural, easy style to his work that he grounds some of the most outrageous ideas in the show.
80 Los Angeles Times Todd VanDerWerff
These episodes ... rise or fall based almost entirely on how much you like the characters at their center. ... And, for the most part, the tale of Hurley's attempts to take charge in two different timelines was the kind of "Lost" candy I most enjoy.
80 What's Alan Watching? Alan Sepinwall
Well, we're clearly cooking with gas at this point in the season. ... My fear, though, is that it's taken us too long to get to this point.
70 Time James Poniewozik
So as much as "Everybody Loves Hugo" advanced the story ... and provided answers ... it was also just a pleasure to see the new, improved, badass Hurley.
70 Zap2It Ryan McGee
Sadly, the on-Island action didn't live up to its standard, with scattershot action ranging from the mind-blowing to the patently stupid. Luckily, the good outweighed the bad, but the bad occasionally threatened to topple the good will earned by the majority of this episode.

Individual critic scores are assigned by Metacritic (on a scale of 0-bad to 100-great) based on the overall impression given by a review. The overall Metascore listed at the top of this page is a simple average of the individual scores.

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  • Jerry Curlan  

    Love those Hurley/Hugo episodes. I especially liked Jack's explanation as to why he's now following Hurley and his instincts / voices. And the Libby/Hurley connection is awesome. I'm sure it probably annoys some fatists out there in Hollywood, but it's refreshing.

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