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  • Publish Date: March 9, 2012
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A more extensive look at Men in Black 3

It has been a long road to the theaters for Men in Black III. Beginning production without a finished script is never a good idea, no matter how much is being saved through tax deals, but maybe director Barry Sonnenfeld and stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and Josh Brolin will be able to pull it off. This third installment in the series revolves around Will Smith’s Agent J traveling back in time to the '60s to prevent the assassination of Jones' Agent K. (Brolin does his best Tommy Lee Jones as the young Agent K.) Supporting players include Alice Eve, Emma Thompson, Nicole Scherzinger and Jemaine Clement. See photos of them here, and check out the film in 3D beginning May 25th.

A new trailer for Cabin in the Woods

Back in 2009, Drew Goddard, the writer of Cloverfield 64, directed The Cabin in the Woods, co-written with Joss Whedon and starring a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth. After a lengthy delay caused by a studio bankruptcy, Cabin will finally come to theaters on April 13th. The film stars Hemsworth, Jesse Williams, Fran Kranz, Kristen Connolly, and Anna Hutchison as kids just looking to have a good time at a secluded cabin. Unfortunately for them, they’re starring in a horror film.

The first official trailer for Ice Age: Continental Drift

While the previous three films in the Ice Age series received a chilly reception from critics (Ice Age 60, Ice Age: The Meltdown 58, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 50), audiences made them huge box office successes. For the fourth film, the main players—Manny (Ray Romano), Diego (Denis Leary), Sid (John Leguizamo) and Scrat (Chris Wedge)—are back as they embark across newly created oceans with an iceberg as their ship. New voice talent includes Jennifer Lopez, Peter Dinklage, Aziz Ansari, and Rebel Wilson. Ice Age: Continental Drift comes to 2D and 3D theaters on July 13th.

An extended 21 Jump Street red-band trailer

Early reviews have been positive for 21 Jump Street, the big screen re-imagining of the late-'80s TV cop show that made Johnny Depp a teen heartthrob. Prior knowledge of the series isn't a prerequisite, since the film goes the full-on comedy route while the TV series took its drama and action pretty seriously. Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 66) direct from a script written by Michael Bacall (Project X 48). Jonah Hill (who also gets a story credit) and Channing Tatum star as young looking cops who go undercover at a high school in order to take down a drug ring lead by Dave Franco. Ice Cube plays the “angry black captain.” Check it out in theaters next week, beginning March 16th.

What to expect from Expecting

The latest trailer for What to Expect When You’re Expecting features the husbands that make up the “Dudes Group”—Chris Rock, Rob Huebel, Thomas Lennon—and their advice to expecting father Rodrigo Santoro. Also seen, but in smaller doses (as this trailer aims to pull in a male audience) are Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Brooklyn Decker, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Dennis Quaid, and Matthew Morrison. See if Kirk Jones (Everybody’s Fine 47) directs this cast to better results than other recent massive ensembles like New Year’s Eve 22 when it comes to theaters May 18th.

Get ready for even more sequels to mediocre movies

Who’s ready for Project X 2, Chronicle 2, another Journey with Dwayne Johnson, or another Gnomeo and Juliet (this time given an even scarier title of Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes)? Ready or not, you'll get a chance to see all of them in the near future. THR reports that original screenwriter Michael Bacall is already writing a treatment for the Project X sequel. Deadline reveals that Max Landis has signed on to write the follow-up to the surprise hit Chronicle, but it is unknown if director Josh Trank will find time in his busy schedule. The news that Journey 3 is in the works comes from Heat Vision. While only a modest success in the U.S ($86 million), Journey 2 was a huge success overseas, bringing in $185 million. And last and possibly least, Deadline brings news that Sir Elton John will be composing new songs for the ridiculously titled Gnomeo and Juliet sequel which will center on Sherlock Gnomes—the “greatest ornamental detective”—investigating a spate of gnome disappearances. Excited? Of course you are.

The first U.S. trailer for Headhunters

Coming to select theaters April 27th is Headhunters, an adaptation of Jo Nesbø’s best-selling Norwegian crime thriller about Roger Brown, a corporate headhunter who happens to dabble in art theft. When he meets Clas Greve (Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), Brown sees an opportunity to relieve his debt but soon discovers he might be in over his head.

Dakota Fanning is now good

Dakota Fanning puts on an British accent to star as Tessa, a young girl dying of leukemia but possessing a long to-do list, in Now is Good, an adaptation of Jenny Downham’s novel Before I Die. Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) plays love interest/list helper Adam for director Ol Parker (Imagine Me & You 49). Supporting players include Olivia Williams and Paddy Considine. Perhaps the film can best other recent “young person with a terminal illness” exercises like A Walk to Remember 35 and Gus Van Sant’s Restless 47. A U.S. release date has not been set.

John Turturro casts Fading Gigolo

Woody Allen will be returning to acting this year in Nero Fiddled, his follow-up to Midnight in Paris 81, and now Variety reveals that he will also take a part in John Turturro’s Fading Gigolo. In the latter film, Turturro and Allen will play “cash-strapped best friends who decide to go into the gigolo business together and subsequently attract the suspicion of the Hasidic Jewish community in which they live.” Allen will pimp out Turturro to Sharon Stone, who plays Allen’s dermatologist, and Sophia Vergara, a wealthy housewife bored with her marriage. In this so crazy it could be good? Turturro will also write and direct as he did on 2007’s Romance & Cigarettes 55.

Poker documentary goes All In

The rise of poker on TV, online, and in casinos over the past twenty years has been surprising to many, but not to those who love the game. All In - The Poker Movie looks at the history of the game, focusing on the boom and recent bust of three of the largest online poker websites in the world. Those interviewed include Matt Damon, Ira Glass, and poker stars Chris Moneymaker, Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Daniel Negreanu, Chris Ferguson, and many more. See it in select theaters beginning March 23rd.

IMAX goes To The Arctic

To the Arctic 3D tells the story of a mother polar bear and her two cubs as they struggle to survive in the changing wilderness of the Arctic. Meryl Streep narrates, and Greg MacGillivray directs. See it in IMAX and IMAX 3D theaters beginning April 20.

Neil LaBute finds some of his girls

According to THR, the cast is almost set for Neil LaBute’s adaptation of his own stage play, Some Girl(s). Even though he previously helmed an adaptation of his own play (The Shape of Things 59 in 2003), LaBute will not direct this time. Instead, those duties will be handled by Jennifer Getzinger, who has directed many episodes of Mad Men. Adam Brody, who got his start on The O.C., will star as a novelist who decides to visit his ex-girlfriends prior to his wedding. Those exes will be played by Kristen Bell, Zoe Kazan, Jennifer Morrison, Mia Maestro, and Emily Watson, who will play Lindsay, a married woman with whom Brody had an affair.

Luke Wilson meets Evil

Chris Fisher (Dirty 37) directs Samuel L. Jackson, Luke WIlson, and Leslie Bibb in this adaptation of Thomas Berger’s novel Meeting Evil. In the film, Wilson plays a struggling suburban realtor named John who encounters Richie (Jackson), a mysterious stranger who leads John down a path of violence that eventually returns to his home and threatens his wife (Bibb). See it on demand starting March 30th or wait until it comes to select screens May 4th.

A(nother) new twist on Sleeping Beauty

Elle Fanning followed her breakout performance in 2010’s Somewhere 67 with roles in Super 8 72, We Bought a Zoo 58, and Francis Ford Coppola’s still-unreleased Twixt, and now she’s in talks to join Maleficent, which made news last month when Angelina Jolie announced she would make it her return to live-action film acting (her last outing being 2010’s The Tourist 37). In the new film, Jolie will play the titular character, the evil sorceress at the heart of the Sleeping Beauty tale, and, according to Twitch, Fanning will play Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty). The story will be told from the perspective of Maleficent, and Robert Stromberg, the production designer on Alice in Wonderland 53 and Avatar 83, will make his directing debut. THR reports that production will begin in June.

Get A Job gets a cast

CBS Films announced this week that Bryan Cranston, Anna Kendrick, Miles Teller, Alison Brie, Brandon T. Jackson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jay Pharoah, and Nick Braun will star in the tentatively titled comedy Get A Job for director Dylan Kidd (Roger Dodger 75, P.S. 55). The film is a “multi-generational comedy about four recent college graduates who discover that their lofty expectations and the realities of adulthood are two very different things. Teller will play Will Davis, who finds his true calling after struggling through an entry level job. Kendrick plays Jillian Stewart, Will’s type-A girlfriend, who lives her life according to the strictest of plans. Cranston plays Roger Davis, Will’s father who is hunting for a job at the same time as his son. Braun, Mintz-Plasse and Jackson will play Will’s three friends... each of whom find careers with some interesting results. Brie will play Tanya, one of the group’s sharp-witted co-workers. Pharoah will play Skeezy D, who starts his own recession-proof business.” With his strong cast, Kidd is shooting for what he calls “an emotionally honest comedy.” Filming begins next week

Quick notes: Rumors, release dates, casting news and more

  • Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom will open this year’s Cannes Film Festival on May 16th before opening in the U.S. on May 25th. Until then, check out the first poster.
  • Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master might be in theaters in October. We can only hope. - Cigarettes and Red Vines
  • Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s not-quite-an-Alien-prequel/return to sci-fi, will open in IMAX 3D on June 8th, and a pretty amazing new image should excite fans even more. - &
  • Tom Hooper’s musical adaptation of Les Miserables starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, and many more has moved to a December 14 release date, where it will open against the first Hobbit film.
  • Polisse, winner of the Jury Prize at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, will arrive on U.S. shores on May 18th thanks to IFC.
  • The latest casting rumors for the Ridley Scott/Cormac McCarthy collaboration The Counselor include Javier Bardem, Jeremy Renner, and Natalie Portman. - Twitch
  • Tom Hardy will produce and star in a film about a wounded Vietnam vet who returns home to San Francisco in 1969 and becomes the leader of California's most violent biker club. - Variety
  • Tina Fey and Owen Wilson are looking to join Admission, in which she would play a university admissions officer who becomes involved with a 17 year-old recruit. Wilson would play a high school teacher who has eyes for Fey. - Vulture
  • As it turns out, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's (Biutiful) next project will not be The Revenant. Instead he will direct an adaptation of Jennifer Vogel’s memoir of her relationship with her criminal father, Flim-Flam Man: The True Story of My Father's Counterfeit Life. - Variety
  • Director Daniel Espinosa (Safe House) is in talks to helm The Outsider, the tale of “a POW in Osaka in WWII who goes to work for the Yakuza.” - Deadline
  • Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba will star as a “former DA-turned-stay-at-home mom” and the man who terrorizes her and her children in No Good Deed. - THR
  • Simon Baker, Anna Faris, Rose Byrne, and Rafe Spall will star in I Give It a Year, a romantic comedy to be written and directed by Dan Mazer (Da Ali G Show) and which follows "a mismatched couple (Byrne and Spall) as they struggle to survive their first year of marriage.” - Variety
  • Emma Watson and Taissa Farmiga will be joined by Leslie Mann and newcomers Israel Broussard, Katie Chang, Claire Pfister, and Georgia Rock in Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring. - THR
  • Zoe Saldana is in talks to join Christian Bale in Out of the Furnace, director Scott Cooper’s follow-up to Crazy Heart. - Variety
  • Are you ready for Animal House, the Musical on Broadway? - NY Times
  • Director Paul Schrader and writer Bret Easton Ellis are cooking up a crazy LA-set micro-budget sexual thriller titled The Canyons, which will begin shooting in July. Ellis has mentioned wanting porn star James Deen to star but this is currently an open casting call. - The Playlist
  • Forest Whitaker is in talks to star as Eugene Allen, the White House butler who served eight presidents, in Lee Daniels’ Butler. David Oyelowo (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) would play Allen’s son, and Oprah is wanted to play his wife. - Variety
  • Josh Trank (Chronicle) is in talks to direct a film focused on the Spider-Man villain Venom. - 24 Frames
  • Actor Diego Luna will direct Michael Peña as Cesar E. Chavez in a biopic which will also star America Ferrera as Chavez’s wife and Rosario Dawson as his trusted aid, Dolores Huerta. - Variety
  • Topher Grace edited together an 85-minute combined cut of the three Star Wars prequels. - /Film
  • Check out the first image of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer as Tonto and the Lone Ranger. Thanks, Jerry Bruckheimer’s twitter account.
  • Amy Poehler will join her Parks and Recreation love interest Adam Scott in the comedy A.C.O.D., but in this film she will play the new wife to his divorced dad played by Richard Jenkins. - Deadline
  • The story of the theft of Nicolas Cage’s valuable comic book Action Comic #1 will be made into a heist comedy, but it is unknown if Cage will actually play himself. - Heat Vision

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    I don't think Chronicle was mediocre. I thought it had a metascore of 69. But the others....... Kill me now. Another Gnomeo? Why? And curse everyone who saw Journey 2 instead of Arrietty.

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