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If you like the silent, spooky nature of a jump-scare horror movie, you probably loved A Quiet Place: Part II. The much anticipated -- and much postponed -- 2021 sequel to A Quiet Place (2018) is perfect for people who like a heavy dose of suspense with a hint of fantasy. 

Now that you’ve been properly scared by sound-searching monsters, it’s time to move on to some other terrifying stories. Satiate your appetite for the chills with these highly rated horror movies. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of aliens, a few deadly viruses, and one very scary basement encounter ahead. 

Here are movies we recommend for fans of A Quiet Place: Part II, based on Metascore.

The Host

Best for: Thrill-seekers, Loch Ness monster true believers
Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, fuboTV, Hulu, Vudu
Runtime: 119 minutes

This South Korean film explores what would happen if you dumped a bunch of chemicals down a drain. As it turns out, a giant sea creature with a taste for blood can emerge years later. The scary movie follows the story of a man whose daughter is kidnapped by the river creature. Viewers follow his attempts to save her -- as well as her attempts to save herself. Part horror movie, part political commentary, you might love The Host if you’re intrigued by cryptozoology and high-stakes horror. The movie is officially filed under a broad range of genres, including drama, comedy, and fantasy.

"The mix of dark humor, creeping suspense, and a sort of apocalyptic tenderness makes this the best horror flick in years."

— J.R. Jones, Reader


Best for: Sci-fi fanatics
Where to watch: AMC+, fuboTV, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu 
Runtime: 137 minutes

Considered by many movie-lovers as one of the top films of the 1980s, Aliens is a must-watch for anyone who digs cult classics. This film picks up 57 years after the movie Alien. Ellen Ripley (played by the incomparable Sigourney Weaver) is the sole survivor of the original film’s monster. Having been in stasis for more than five decades, it is Ripley’s duty to convince her new crew members of the alien threats. A new attack soon reveals that the monsters need to be exterminated. You’ll love Aliens if the UFO episodes of Unsolved Mysteries ever gave you goosebumps. The movie falls into action and thriller genres. 

"Cameron and company have made a sequel that is gripping and vital. The 2 1/2 hours fly by with this brave company, our imaginations sucked into the screen as if by a black hole."

— Rita Kempley, The Washington Post

A Quiet Place

Best for: Jump-scare enthusiasts, fans of subtitles
Where to watch: Paramount+, fuboTV, FXNOW, Amazon Prime Video
Runtime: 90 minutes

What would happen if you lived in a world where any noise could summon giant monsters who eat you whole? You would live silently, shoeless, and in constant fear. At least, that’s the hypothesis set forth by A Quiet Place. This unique premise follows a family who are trying to make it in a world where monsters with super hearing can detect even the smallest of sounds. Once a target is located, these monsters will come hunting for the noise-making human and attack immediately. If you’re going to get into A Quiet Place: Part II, it’s best to start with the original content. Try not to chew your popcorn too loudly, just in case.

"In its simplicity and punch, this is a film that feels as if it could have been made decades ago, in the classic age of Planet of the Apes or The Omega Man."

— Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian


Best for: Space lovers, Amy Adams fans
Where to watch: Hulu, Paramount+, Epix, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu 
Runtime: 116 minutes

The aliens have arrived. But how will we talk to them? By enlisting a linguist played by Amy Adams, of course. Arrival follows a team of Americans who are trying to communicate with newly landed extraterrestrials who have a potentially ominous message involving a “weapon.” It’s up to the linguist to figure out exactly what’s going on and translate the life-or-death messages to the world. The movie involves Montana, premonitions, international conflict, and more. If any of those topics tickle your fancy, you will love this alien-themed film. Released in 2016, the movie is officially filed under drama, mystery, thriller, and sci-fi. 

"Arrival is a beautifully polished puzzle box of a story whose emotional and cerebral heft should enable it to withstand nit-picky scrutiny. And like all the best sci-fi, it has something pertinent to say about today’s world; particularly about the importance of communication, and how we need to transcend cultural divides and misconceptions if we’re to survive as a species."

— Dan Jolin, Empire

District 9

Best for: Sci-fi fans
Where to watch: Starz, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu
Runtime: 112 minutes

In District 9, aliens have been on Earth for a few decades. However, unsure about what to do with these visitors, humans set up a camp for them in South Africa. The aliens are the last survivors of their home planet. Decades later, a strange DNA-changing virus is linked back to the aliens and an infected man becomes the subject of a massive manhunt. If dystopian dramas are your thing, this movie might become a new favorite. 

"Every now and then, a film comes along that both defies and compels description. District 9 is one such movie: a science-fiction action vehicle so brilliantly and fully imagined that real life, when it resumes after the credits, arrives with a new sense of dread."

— Amy Biancolli, San Francisco Chronicle

The Martian

Best for: Outer space gurus, Matt Damon stans
Where to watch: fuboTV, FXNOW, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu
Runtime: 144 minutes

Uh-oh. Matt Damon got stuck on Mars. Based on a book of the same name, The Martian is about an astronaut named Matt Watney who is presumed dead after a wicked storm threatens his entire crew on Mars. Believing he has not survived the tumultuous conditions, the other astronauts depart for Earth and unknowingly leave him behind. From there, Watney must learn to farm, generate water, and live with bare-bones resources as he attempts to make contact with his home planet. And even then, how will he be rescued?  If you like stories of survival and enjoy the art of micro gardening, The Martian is for you. 

"You can argue that the plot of The Martian doesn’t offer many surprises, but this is a movie of innumerable delightful moments and small discoveries, and even more of infectious enthusiasm."

— Andrew O’Hehir, Salon

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Best for: Fans of the Planet of the Apes series, sci-fi enthusiasts
Where to watch: FXNOW, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu
Runtime: 130 minutes

This science fiction movie follows Rise of the Planet of the Apes, a reboot of the original Planet of the Apes. A plague has wiped out most people on the planet. Only a fraction of the remaining humans are immune to the deadly virus, and a group of intellectually advanced apes are living in a colony in Northern California. The plot follows the consequences of humans trespassing upon the apes’ territory. Spoiler: They are not exactly welcomed. Themes include societal collapse and deadly disease, making it a good film for fans of dystopian stories. 

"Good news – it’s incredible. It sets the standard for blockbuster action movies, and manages to be even better than its predecessor."

— Dave McGinn, The Globe and Mail

10 Cloverfield Lane

Best for: True crime aficionados, thrill-seekers
Where to watch: The Roku Channel, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu
Runtime: 104 minutes

This psychological thriller follows the point-of-view of a woman who survives a car crash and wakes up in a basement with two strangers. The men inform the driver that there has been an “attack” that has left the surface of the planet unsafe. Viewers follow the woman’s attempts at escape and watch her try to unravel the truth about why she’s trapped in a cellar. If you’re out of true crime podcasts and open to fiction, give this movie a spin. 

"The tension is rooted in psychology rather than gimmickry, and evinces a command of craft that feels old-fashioned in the most refreshing possible sense."

— Justin Chang, Variety

War of the Worlds

Best for: Action movie fans, Tom Cruise fans
Where to watch: Hulu + Live TV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu
Runtime: 116 minutes

Aliens are here, and they’re ruthless. Such is the plot of War of the Worlds, based on a novel of the same name. The movie follows humans who are up against extraterrestrial beings who have been monitoring planet Earth for many years and have finally decided to take over. Humans must decipher what is going on when the attack begins and fight against the aliens for possession of the planet. The exciting action movie serves up a healthy amount of fight scenes, chase scenes, and other classic action movie themes. For fans of sci-fi who get bored easily, it can scratch an itch.

"Working in the spirit of his predecessors but with the kind of uncanny special effects they could barely dream of, Spielberg has come up with an impressive production that is disturbing in the way only provocative science fiction can be."

— Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

I Am Legend

Best for: Apocalypse enthusiasts
Where to watch: HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu
Runtime: 101 minutes

Set in a dystopian Manhattan, I Am Legend follows a man played by Will Smith who believes he may be the last healthy man on Earth. A medicine intended to cure cancer has actually wiped out most of the world’s population. Of the ones who survived, most have turned into Darkseekers: cannibalistic monsters who can’t see the Sun. Only Robert Neville (Smith) appears to be immune to the virus. Luckily, he is also an Army virologist. The movie follows his quest to survive and try to cure what ails the Darkseekers before it’s too late for humanity. 

"As Tom Hanks did in 'Cast Away,' Will Smith pulls off this half-insane role perfectly."

— James Berardinelli, ReelViews

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