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  • Publish Date: June 3, 2010
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This hit man needs a hit

Average Metascore 36
Films Starring Ashton Kutcher
Average User Score 6.6
Average Gross (U.S. only) $48.8M

Opening this weekend, Killers stars Ashton Kutcher as 30-year-old newlywed Spencer Aimes, who must reveal his secret identity as a spy and assassin to his bride (Katherine Heigl) after he is attacked in their suburban home. The Robert Luketic-directed film is one of two romantic comedy/action hybrids set for release this month; the other, the Tom Cruise-starring Knight and Day, arrives June 25th.

Killers, however, was not screened in advance for reviewers. While studios occasionally eliminate advance critic screenings for horror films or other movies expected to appeal to limited audiences, such decisions are much less common for major summer releases -- heck, critics even got to see the abysmal Sex and the City 2 28 in advance. So consider yourself warned that reviews will likely be poor for Kutcher's new film.

If Killers indeed receives negative reviews, it will continue an unfortunate trend for the actor: not a single one of Kutcher's movies has earned acclaim from critics. The former model, one-time Twitter superstar (Britney Spears recently surpassed his record for most followers), and current Nikon spokesperson has appeared in over a dozen feature films since landing his breakthrough role on Fox's That '70s Show, but 57% of his releases were panned by reviewers, and the others receiving mixed reviews at best.

Critics aren't the only ones who have disliked Kutcher's films; despite his seeming popularity, the actor has yet to make a mark at the box office. Not a single film with Kutcher in a lead role has cracked the $100 million mark, and Killers seems unlikely to be the first to do so. And don't let those user scores below fool you: while Metacritic users have been unusually kind to Kutcher's films, visitors to other film sites (including IMDb and Netflix) consistently award low ratings to the actor's releases.

Comparative Box Office Performance of Ashton Kutcher's Films
Year Title Metascore Users Opening Weekend / Domestic Gross
2000 Down To You *137.4 $7.6M / $20.1Mbarbar
2000Dude, Where's My Car?307.913.8 / 46.7barbar
2001Texas Rangers299.00.3 / 0.6barbar
2003Just Married288.517.5 / 56.1barbar
2003My Boss's Daughter162.74.9 / 15.6barbar
2003 Cheaper by the Dozen *467.127.6 / 138.6barbar
2004 The Butterfly Effect307.417.1 / 57.9barbar
2005Guess Who496.620.7 / 68.9barbar
2005A Lot Like Love487.07.6 / 21.8barbar
2006 The Guardian538.118.0 / 55.0barbar
2006 Bobby *546.10.1 / 11.2barbar
2008What Happens in Vegas...366.220.2 / 80.3barbar
2009Spread433.50.1 / 0.3barbar
2010 Valentine's Day *345.156.3 / 110.5barbar
2010 Killers        

* Supporting role
Animated films and minor roles excluded. All box office figures are in millions and reflect U.S. grosses only. Source: Box Office Mojo.

Ashton Kutcher's "Best" Movie (in a Lead Role)
Movie Year Netflix Metascore Users
The Guardian 2006 53 8.1
"Costner and Kutcher should run out and remake 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' just yet, but in The Guardian, the two actors turn out to complement each other well enough to make a lot of this supremely derivative and formulaic picture go down better than it should."
-- Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald
This long, character-focused action movie about a Coast Guard training program paired Kutcher with Kevin Costner. While some critics praised the chemistry between the two actors -- and Kutcher's performance -- others, like Chicago Reader's J.R. Jones, noted that "Kutcher is in way over his head."
Ashton Kutcher's 5 Worst Movies (in a Lead Role)
Movie Year Netflix Metascore Users
1 My Boss's Daughter 2003 16 2.7
"This may be celebrity prankster (and pinup du jour) Ashton Kutcher’s most elaborate practical joke to date: the gag being that this is a real movie and that he’s a real movie star."
-- Scott Foundas, LA Weekly
One of several romantic comedies on Kutcher's resume, Daughter went for crude, stupid laughs and succeeded in disgusting reviewers but failed miserably on the comedy front. The good news for Kutcher is that the script and the direction received most of the blame; the bad news is that the actor was unable to rise above the material. Of course, when the material is this bad, who can blame him.
2 Just Married 2003 28 8.5
"Kutcher and Murphy seem game enough, and it's a testament to their charisma that they're the hardest element of the film to hate."
-- Keith Phipps, A.V. Club
Another rom-com, the Shawn Levy-directed Just Married united Kutcher with then-girlfriend Brittany Murphy as newlyweds on a European honeymoon. While the film was a financial success (especially given its low budget), the comedy received poor reviews, though, again, few critics complained specifically about Kutcher's performance.
3 Texas Rangers 2001 29 9.0
"''Texas Rangers' is full of thundering-hooves montages meant to suggest that there's a lot more going on than there actually is. What's going on is: hunks on horsies."
-- Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly
One of Kutcher's first major roles (he filmed it well before Dude, Where's My Car, though it was released a year after that movie) found him portraying an Arkansas farmer in a Western set after the Civil War. The film lasted just three weeks in theaters, and recouped almost none of its $38 million budget.
4 Dude, Where's My Car? 2000 30 7.9
"The two stars are, to use their own word, sweet. And if you accept the film on its own brain-damaged level, there actually are laughs to be had."
-- Steve Simels, TV Guide
While a some people seem to like this 2000 stoner comedy -- Kutcher's first leading role on the big screen -- many critics failed to find any humor in the film. Dude didn't really ask Kutcher to show anything he wasn't already displaying on That '70s Show, but the part seemed to fit him better than other more recent roles.
5 The Butterfly Effect 2004 30 7.4
"You have to, if not love, at least not mind a movie in which the very act of Ashton Kutcher reading is enough of a cosmic trauma to rip a hole in the fabric of space-time."
-- Dennis Lim, Village Voice
Another Kutcher film that was more popular among moviegoers than among critics (although not exactly a hit), this sci-fi thriller saw the actor attempting to establish that he could carry a dramatic film. While the Chicago Tribune admired his "credibly serious" performance, other reviewers felt that Kutcher was miscast and could not handle everything the role demanded.

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Comments (31)

  • Lindsay  

    Who are you to say Ashton has no career and his films suck? And what is it you do for a living?!? Ashton films are good and funny.

  • mary  

    i love all his films. he is very sweetheart, handsome, and Demi moore is very very lucky

  • jayj  

    why do Ashton Kutcher’s films SUCK?

  • Brad  

    I too liked the Butterfly Effect, and I actually thought A Lot Like Love was great. Very good chemistry between him and Piper Perabo, and a sweet story spanning 10 or so years of their life.

  • Lorena  

    Ashton Kutcher is a wonderful actor! The Butterfly Effect, Dude, where's my car?,Killer, and The Guardian were all great movies! Of course he is better in comedies but in the end does it matter? Everyone has there weak points. Frankly though I think he pulls of serious films rather well. He delivered The Butterfly Effect and The Guardian perfectly! However the directors cut in The Butterfly Effect would have been better if shown in theaters. He has a pretty face, are you really going to hate on the guy just because of that? I highly doubt his "pretty face" distracts from the movie. If anything it makes his role even better and much more entertaining. Besides anyone who focuses more on his face then the film opinion is worth anything. Overall however, he is wonderful and he should keep up the good work!

  • John Life  

    Yeah but The Butterfly Effect doesn't count as it was just a MAJOR rip-off of Donnie Darko...

  • T. Crawford  

    The Butterfly Effect was awful and Kutcher's acting wasn't up to the demands of the role. There was one scene in which he's supposed to be running madly down a hallway and it looks like physical comedy.
    I saw Killers on opening night. Most of it wasn't bad; I was able to suspend disbelief for all but a few scenes. That's teriffic considering my experience with the his last attempt at drama. He's a natural at comedy so perhaps the comedic element in the movie worked well for him. The scene that got me was one where Aston is describing how the wounds on a body indicate it was the work of a CIA professional. His wife questions how he can be so nonchalant. He delivers his line, "It's the training, baby," like he was describing liking mayonaise. Overall, in Killers, I thought he pulled it off.

  • Tom  

    Tom, STFU. Enough said, everybody's a critic, fortunately i don't give a s**t. Quit being a prick.

  • Tom  

    I appreciated the "don't be fooled" part at the bottom of the article. Metacritic seems to have the most apologists in the Users section. People that show up on a site devoted to criticism telling you not to listen to critics. I just don't understand this. I and many others CARE WHAT CRITICS THINK. That's why I browse here. If you don't care what critics think, why frequent Metacritic? What good is it to show up here and say "come on guys, Biodome? That movie rocks! Give it a chance!" NO. Now GTFO.

  • Brendan Robertson  

    Sure he's not a great actor but I liked the guardian ,really liked Bobby and the butterfly effect was scary and interesting while ending on a sad/happy ending.

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