Hardware Review: PlayStation VR2

  • Publish Date: February 16, 2023
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Updated Feb.22 with a few more reviews plus additional games just added to the list of available VR2 titles.

What is it?

PlayStation VR2 Headset
PlayStation VR2
$549.99 (€599.99 / £529.99)
Available from February 22, 2023

The PlayStation VR2 is Sony's newest virtual reality gaming experience for PlayStation 5 owners. The VR2 package actually includes two key components: the VR2 virtual reality headset (which includes a variety of sensory inputs in addition to a 4K viewscreen that encloses most of your field of vision), and a pair of bulky but lightweight "Sense" controllers shaped like hollowed-out spheres that fit around each hand. (A charging station for those controllers is a $50 add-on; without it, you can only charge one controller at a time through your PS5.) Also in the box is a set of earbuds which provide 3D audio. The price is steep, though: It's about $550 for the basic hardware, or $600 for a package that includes the most notable launch title, Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

And that doesn't even include the price of the console. Using the PSVR 2 requires ownership of a PS5; unlike, say, the Meta Quest 2, games can't be played solely with the headset. You'll also need to clear out a 2m x 2m space by your TV to take full advantage of the device for "roomscale" gameplay—though the requirements for seated gameplay are just 1m x 1m—and the VR2 will let you set custom boundaries to trigger collision warnings if you have an irregular area and are afraid of bumping into things. (We're afraid of that even when not wearing a device.) And note that the previous-generation PS VR games are not compatible with the VR2, though some game publishers are offering free or discounted upgrades to their new VR2 versions.

How does the new PS VR2 compare to Sony's earlier PS VR device?

Many components have been simplified and/or improved. The former is best demonstrated by almost instant set-up, greatly reduced cabling, and the elimination of the need for an external camera to track your movements. The new headset features four built-in cameras, plus a pair of inward-facing cameras to track your eye movements. That isn't intended to be creepy; instead, it makes gameplay more natural as your on-screen character follows your head and eye movements. (It may also minimize any motion sickness that can be triggered by VR.)

And the biggest overall improvement is probably the display: The PS VR2's OLED screen features a 110-degree field of view in 4K, high-frame-rate HDR. The display's pixel dimensions per eye (2000 x 2040) are not only vastly superior to the original VR (which was 960 x 1080), they are even slightly superior to the competing Meta Quest 2. The new headset also adds haptic feedback and weighs less than its predecessor, and offers "see-through" functionality (thanks to those aforementioned cameras) which allow you to see your real-life surroundings at the push of a button without the need to take off the headset. (That's especially helpful if you happen to be in Daft Punk and need to wear your headset at all hours of the day.) The PS VR2's technical specs also offer a significant graphical performance boost, and early reports suggest it may even out-perform high-end gaming PCs.

The wearable, orb-shaped Sense controllers also represent a radical change from the VR's PS Move controllers, and not just in looks. In addition to utilizing some of the same adaptive trigger and haptic technology found in the PS5's DualSense controllers, they also can detect your hand and finger positions (and reflect them in gameplay) without the need to actually press any buttons. There are buttons, though—and the Sense controllers even have joysticks, unlike the PS Move wands.

What are critics saying about the PS VR2?

Below are reviews of the VR2 from a variety of professional sources. (Click on any publication name to read the full review.) Scores (converted to our full 0-100 scale) are listed only if one has been assigned by the publication itself; otherwise, we have grouped the reviews into rough categories, from most to least positive.

Great Extremely positive reviews


Michael L Hicks
Android Central

If you want a VR experience you can share with friends and family, I guarantee the PS VR2 will feel more inviting than a Quest or PC headset. Would I buy a PS5 and PS VR2 just to use the latter? Not unless I planned to use the PS5 for non-VR purposes. But if you already own the PS5 and are considering diving back into the world of VR, the PS VR2 is a device that'll properly immerse you in gorgeous new worlds (so long as you accept the cable resting on your back). [Grade: 4.5/5]


Duncan Robertson

PSVR 2 is an excellent VR gaming platform that has so much potential. Although its price may seem high for a console accessory, it justifies itself as so much more than that, with features that even the best VR headsets on the market struggle to pack in. The controllers ground you in every experience, the spatial tracking is excellent, and being able to play non-VR content on PSVR 2's beautiful display is a true highlight. The headband can feel a tad cheap, but if Sony supports this properly in years to come, it's an easy recommendation. ... I'd agree that PSVR 2 is expensive if you consider it an add-on for the everyday PS5 fan, but I'd also argue that as a VR headset, there's deep value for money. If you have the budget for it, and you have enough of an interest in VR games to get use out of it, PSVR 2 is a showstopper. [Grade: 9/10]


Ron Burke
Gaming Trend

The screens on the PSVR2 are absolutely magnificent. The clarity is frankly above what I have with a HMD that costs over $1300, and with a refresh rate to match. In Horizon: Call of the Mountain, you can see to…well, the horizon. More than that, the game is rendering out that far because you can hit targets at the very edge of your vision. I’m sure there will be plenty of folks who will jam a camera through the lens, take them apart, and otherwise analyze these to a level well beyond what I can do, but let me just say this – no matter the cost, there isn’t an HMD on the market that looks [as] clear, runs as cool, or reacts as quickly as this headset. No joke – this is the new standard for all VR, and everyone just got put on notice. [Grade: 100/100]


Adam Cook
God Is a Geek

Having experienced high-end virtual reality that costs double the price and requires a good PC to show off the visuals, the PSVR2 absolutely nails it thanks to the power of the PS5 and the clarity of the headset lenses itself. ... But it’s the PS5 tech that makes PSVR2 so incredible. The haptic feedback in both the headset and controllers is wild. Playing Rez Infinite is an emotional experience with this thing. Every beat is vibrating in your hands, and level transitions will shake your head, juddering you from digital realm to digital realm. Likewise, Tetris Effect: Connected will tickle your hands as you move each piece into place. Even Moss makes use of the headset vibration when you die, or if a bird soars over your head, creating immersion I’ve never actually felt in VR before. [Grade: 9.5/10]


Gabriel Moss

The PlayStation VR2 may seem pricey, given that it costs $150 more than the base PS5 Digital Edition console you’ll need to use it. Even so, it’s such a quantum leap over the original PSVR in terms of ease of use, visual quality, and immersion that any PlayStation owner who loves VR should upgrade as soon as possible. ... The downside is that, like any new platform, its thin launch lineup makes its lack of backward compatibility with original PSVR games a significant problem, but one that will only improve as Sony and other developers roll out new games that take advantage of the PSVR2’s unique features. [Grade: 9/10]


Jess Wells
The Loadout

With major improvements over its predecessor, both in design and performance, it is clear that the PSVR2 is one of the best VR headsets out there right now – if you can afford it. ... Sure, it has its shortcomings, but they can all be forgiven when you consider what the PSVR2 offers. The earbuds might not offer the crisp 3D audio we’re all accustomed to these days, but they can be replaced by a set of stereo cans of your choice. The calibration can be a bit funky sometimes but it can be fixed with a click of a button, and it rarely impedes your experience. [Grade: 9/10]


Will Greenwald

The PlayStation VR2 is a massive leap in technology from the original PlayStation VR. The headset is lighter, brighter, sharper, and contains far more features. The inclusion of eye-tracking tech is particularly impressive considering that the headset costs less than half as much as the Meta Quest Pro. If you have a PlayStation 5 and are remotely interested in virtual reality, the PS VR2 is an essential purchase. It offers an advanced VR experience with the kind of graphics that require a tethered connection to a powerful system. It's a comprehensive upgrade over the PS VR, capable of more than the Meta Quest 2, and much cheaper than the Meta Quest Pro or the Valve Index. [Grade: 4.5/5]


John-Paul Jones
PlayStation Universe

As someone who has only experienced VR via PSVR and the Meta Quest 2, PSVR2 is nothing short of a revelation. It brings a delectable form factor and a stunning suite of hugely innovative features that enable it to bring super high-end VR gaming to consoles for the first time. Though its value will ultimately be borne out by the strength of its software offering going forward, a decent launch line-up coupled with some incredible hardware means that PSVR2 is right up there as an essential purchase for dedicated PS5 gamers that want to immerse themselves in VR waters again, or for the first time. ... Easily the most compelling piece of tech I’ve got in my living room right now. [Grade: 9.5/10]


Rik Henderson

As it stands, the PlayStation VR2 is such a significant upgrade on its predecessor that those who tried the original and weren’t sure about it need to reset their expectations. It is a hugely capable device that has the tech to back up its ambitions. [Grade: 4.5/5]


Hunter Fenollol
Popular Mechanics

PlayStation is once again the best place to play the latest VR games. It has superior graphical fidelity in addition to adaptive controls and flagship titles you won’t find on any other platform. ... PSVR 2 is a massive generational leap from both the original PSVR and today’s hottest headset, the Meta Quest 2.


Adam Mathew

I have three other headsets in my possession and have been doing VR for years, and PSVR 2 is still an impressive piece of kit to me. I can now say, from an original PSVR owner’s perspective, this follow-up is mind-blowingly better. [Grade: 4.5/5]


Stefan L

PlayStation VR 2 bring's Sony's virtual reality platform back to the cutting edge. With the PS5 powering it, PSVR 2 can push stunning visuals, while the Sense controllers make full motion control and interactions standard, and we have some early showcases for the system as a whole. [Grade: 9/10]


Dan Silver
The Telegraph

Sony’s engineering wizards inherently understand that VR done well is magical – and make no mistake, PSVR2 is VR done very well indeed. ... The wrong device, at the wrong time, at the wrong price? Perhaps. But if you do have the money to spare then PSVR2 is virtually perfect. [Grade: 5/5]


Roland Moore-Colyer
Tom's Guide

The best way to summarize my experience with the PSVR 2 is I’m looking forward to putting it on again. While I’ve always enjoyed VR, that’s not really something I can say about previous VR headsets. In many ways, the PSVR 2 combines all the best of VR tech with some of the excellent haptics and audio from the PS5, into a system that’s dead easy to use and surprisingly robust. To me, this combination immediately makes VR more compelling, especially as it integrates with my current PS5 gaming setup. [Grade: 4.5/5]

Positive Positive reviews


Stephen Totilo

PSVR 2 is very good, if you don’t mind the price, the wire and understand the trade-offs inherent to immersive VR gaming.


Clement Goh

The PlayStation VR 2 is—dare I say it—the first attempt I’ve seen in years to create a next-generation VR experience. The headset is promising thanks to a winning combination of comfortable controls, ease of use and modern quality-of-life enhancements. More importantly, it pushes the PlayStation 5‘s already powerful specifications to work with life-size realities. [Grade: 8/10]


Scott Stein

Right now that the PSVR 2 is my favorite dedicated VR gaming hardware, even with its tethered cable. I still think the Quest 2 offers more value and freedom of movement for its price, but the PSVR 2 shows glimpses of how good the future could be. Playing games on the PSVR 2 doesn't just feel like VR -- it often feels like a PS5 game has leapt out and surrounded me. Unlike what I'm normally used to in standalone VR gaming, the best PSVR 2 games feel as detailed as PS5 games on my TV. [Grade: 8.0/10]


Ural Garrett

Improvements to everything from screen resolution to the VR Sense controllers make games more immersive and enjoyable. Still, these improvements come alongside new drawbacks, from a significantly higher launch price to lack of full backwards compatibility. Those turned off by the price and need for a PS5 may want to look into our overall best VR headset pick in the Meta Quest 2. But on its own merit, the PSVR 2 is a must-have for PlayStation loyalists looking for a true next-gen VR experience.


Chris Carter

For those of you who haven’t bought into any VR platform at all, the PSVR 2 is a decent place to start. It already has a handful of VR classics on its storefront, the Sense controllers are on par with the best consumer VR tech available, and the PSVR 2 itself is powerful enough to coast you through this generation. From a technical perspective the PSVR 2 absolutely brings it, and the Sense controllers will sell VR to folks far beyond Sony’s wildest Move-related dreams.


Sayem Ahmed

Our main criticisms are with the ergonomics of the headset itself, and the tiny sweet spot that the lenses possess, which can make you adjust it fairly often. I also wished that there was more of a focus on the overall software experience once you have it on in the PlayStation 5’s OS, too. But, the eye-tracking, Foveated Rendering, and strong launch lineup make the PlayStation VR2 a serious contender in the industry. [Grade: 4/5 stars]


John Linneman
Digital Foundry/Eurogamer

It's clear that PlayStation VR2 is an impressive package. It competes with more expensive PC headsets in terms of specs, it's far more comfortable to use than PSVR1 and has a lot of potential. The problem here is that regardless of price comparisons with its predecessor, it's very expensive in a world where the Oculus Quest 2 delivers an all-in-one experience that's a lot cheaper. The specs differential against Quest 2 is vast, but the cost of the new hardware leads me to wonder whether or not the install base will grow fast enough to warrant producing big games for the platform.


Giovanni Colantonio
Digital Trends

As a first dive into the tech or an upgrade to Sony’s first headset, PSVR2 is an impressive evolution of Sony’s gaming gadget. Excellent specs set the stage for Sony to deliver high-end VR experiences that can diversify PlayStation’s already top-notch game library. ... An underwhelming slate of launch software leaves me unsure if it’ll be worth the cost of entry in the long run. ... [Sony] created a great headset I’ll be thrilled to strap into any time, unlike the company’s previous model. I’m just left with the sense that I’ll be cleaning a lot of dust off it between uses. [Grade: 3.5/5 stars]


Devindra Hardawar

As much as I enjoyed my time with the PS VR2, playing many of these games felt like being thrown back in time. Seriously, I'll play Rez Infinite at every given opportunity, and it looks dramatically better on the new headset. But fundamentally, it's the same game that was released back in 2016 on the PS4 (itself a remake of the original 2001 title). And really, that's the story of many games coming to the PS VR2. ... If you're a PS5 owner that's been dying to see what PC VR enthusiasts have been enjoying for the past few years, the PSVR2 is exactly what you've been waiting for. Everyone else should just sit tight until the price drops and more new games arrive. [Grade: 84/100]


Anthony Taormina
Game Rant

From top to bottom, the PS VR 2 reinvents the console VR experience by borrowing a lot from its contemporaries and improving on some of the flaws seen with the first generation. ... Virtual reality is a tough sell for a lot of gamers, seen as a gimmick or a fad with not a lot of staying power. It’s also an expensive proposition that isn’t going to be for everyone. Those who do jump into the PlayStation VR ecosystem, either for the first time or a second round, will find a headset/controller combo that has a lot to offer. Not to mention the launch lineup boasts a diverse library of titles highlighting the best of VR and, in Horizon: Call of the Mountain’s case, the full potential of this platform.


Stacey Henley
The Gamer

The PS VR2 is the best VR headset I have ever used, but does that even matter? VR's sky-high price tag continues to be a dealbreaker, and the fact several companies are now wading in and making the medium feel even smaller with exclusivity deals makes it hard to recommend. It's the streaming wars all over again, except Netflix costs $500 and only has seven shows. For VR enthusiasts looking to upgrade, or even first-time buyers with money to spare, it's easy to recommend PS VR2. It has some issues, but they're far outweighed by its technical efficiency. For those on the fence though, you can find a PS5 for cheaper than the PS VR2, and right now, I think that's difficult to justify.


Richard Seagrave

If you’ve got the money, and space, as well as a PS5, then we have no hesitations in recommending PSVR 2 to those seeking more immersive gaming experiences. The technology packed into it is brilliant, and with a promising catalogue of games lined up, including many stand out titles at launch, it’s set for a bright future.


Tamoor Hussain

It's a thoughtfully designed piece of hardware that is powerful and delivers a user-friendly, plug-and-play experience that is almost entirely frictionless. ... The PSVR 2 is undoubtedly a major step forward for PlayStation's virtual reality ambitions and one of the best headsets on the market, but in the ever-shifting landscape of virtual reality, its price and current value proposition leave it in an awkward position once again. ... There's nothing that truly distinguishes it from the competition.


Tom Ryan-Smith
Gaming Bible

My main experience of at home VR is my generation one Oculus Quest, and PS VR2 blows it out of the water. But that comes with the caveat that it’s still a VR headset - don’t expect your entire field of view to be taken up by the games you play, and just like any other headset, any slight movement on your head, or misalignment with your eyes can cause the image to become blurry and at times uncomfortable to look at it. ... [I]t's hard to say if it's truly worth the huge price tag, especially when factoring in the available games.


Michelle Ehrhardt

Being locked to a PS5 severely limits the headset’s library, and will force you to play where you’ve permanently placed your console. If you live in a small New York apartment like me, that presents an issue when it comes to roomscale VR. ... If the PSVR 2 were on PC, it would be my favorite VR headset, full stop. For a $150 premium over the Meta Quest 2, or $50 under the HP Reverb G2’s base MSRP (it gets frequent sales), you get comfortable hardware that is better in many respects and comes with premium features like eye tracking. [Grade: 3.5/5]


Robert Leedham

The PS VR2 is a headset that’s worth getting excited about. It’s easy to set up, gets rid of a lot of the faff that’s traditionally associated with this oft-temperamental tech and, most importantly, has a deep and varied roster of games to dig into from day one ... This is not the vague, intangible and underwhelming VR of Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse. It works, there is loads to do from the off and it’s an absolute tonne of fun.


Keza MacDonald
The Guardian

PSVR2 is super-impressive as a cool, expensive toy. But does it have much of a future?


Gonçalo Taborda
IGN Portugal

Virtual Reality will have a D-Day of sorts on February 22, when the PlayStation VR 2 hits the market. It is the best Virtual Reality interface on the market, and the eye-tracking technology is truly the main achievement of Sony's new product. Given a worrying launch catalogue, and a hefty price tag, it remains to be seen what price gamers are willing to pay for what is, surely, the best VR device currently.


Steve Hogarty
The Independent

The PS VR2 is an excellent virtual reality headset for the price, and has an interesting (if mostly familiar) launch line-up, but there’s no one game in the bunch that justifies buying the £530 accessory at launch. ... The dearth of many proper, full-length VR games – not just on PS VR2 but every other platform – suggests there’s still a lack of commitment in the industry to invest in this vanishingly slim section of the market. ... But PlayStation’s admirable push to make VR gaming a success has produced one of the best and easiest-to-use VR headsets you can buy today.


Raymond Wong

For many people, I suspect the head, eye, and hand-tracking immersion won't be more attractive than purchasing at least 10 PS5 titles at full price. VR, regardless of platform, is largely still early adopter tech. However, if you are on the cutting edge of tech and gaming, and entertainment, the PSVR 2 is definitely an additive experience for the PS5.


Alex Perry

I think PSVR2 is probably best suited for people who have never experienced VR before and already have a PS5. It’s graphically capable of much more than Quest 2 and costs about half as much as an Index. The eye tracking, device haptics, and excellent Sense controllers make it a joy to use. [Grade: 4.25/5]


Metro GameCentral

PlayStation VR2 is a significant improvement on the original headset in every way. It’s a major step forward and yet it’s still obvious that the concept has a long way to go. ... We’ve greatly enjoyed messing around with all the launch titles but at the same time it’s clear that the PSVR2 doesn’t bring any fundamental change to the VR experience, except perhaps for the increased comfort of wearing the headset (we used it for hours on end with no problem at all). Even ignoring the problems of price, and of it not being wireless, there’s still the fact that you’re essentially blocking off the outside world in a way that is highly anti-social for anyone else in the house at the same time. ... [And] nausea is still a major problem, with games forced to limit in-game interactions as a result, so that even big budget games like Call Of The Mountain awkwardly fade to black during a scene transition. ... The hardware is excellent and yet the best games are either old or barely concealed tech demos.


James Delahoussaye

Here's the thing: I like the PS VR2. It's a breeze to set up and comfortable even after hours of gaming. Unlike PC VR, the games available to me just worked — no tinkering or troubleshooting needed. The headset delivers gorgeous imagery and on top of all of that, it easily accommodates bespectacled people like myself. But none of that warrants early adoption when there's no guarantee that Sony can deliver on games. ... If you're new to VR, your money may be better spent on either a Meta Quest 2 or a Quest 3 due later this year. Not only are they less expensive and offer more games, the flexibility of wireless VR cannot be understated.


Mike Mahardy

I’ve spent the better part of two weeks with PlayStation VR 2, and it’s been permeated by cases like this: not mind-blowing holy shit moments, but rather, cumulative instances where everything just works, seamlessly and comfortably, making the hours melt away. The headset’s library of new games is woefully lacking at the moment, and its $549.99 price tag is as exorbitant as they come. But mechanically speaking, it’s a solid foundation. And if Sony can maintain a steady flow of substantial games to the peripheral’s library, I might be inclined to recommend it somewhere down the road. ... Yes, PSVR 2 has tons of potential — but right now, that’s about it.


Cody Gravelle
Screen Rant

It is tough to fully pass judgment on the PlayStation VR 2 without seeing more of how developers will be able to use its promising hardware. Virtual reality still feels like a space where innovation takes place quickly, with so much potential left to explore. To say that the PSVR 2 solves many of the problems of the PSVR is an understatement, however, and it's very clear that Sony has listened and learned from the mistakes of its past hardware. Ultimately, PlayStation VR 2 feels like and runs like a dream.


TJ Denzer

Performance, setup, and ease-of-access-wise, the PlayStation VR2 is something the VR gaming space has desperately needed outside of a few occasional hiccups. The Meta Quest 2 finally feels like it has comparable competition in practicality.


Ryan Jones
Trusted Reviews

The PlayStation VR 2 is a fantastic VR headset, with all the specs required to deliver wonderfully immersive experiences. The streamlined setup process and more intuitive controllers also make it a massive upgrade on the original headset. But the PSVR 2’s success will depend heavily on its game library – if PlayStation can keep launching games to the standard of the Horizon Call of the Mountain, then there’s no doubt in my mind that it will become the best VR headset on the market. Otherwise, it’s hard not to be tempted by the wireless and more affordable Meta Quest 2. [Grade: 4/5]


Sean Hollister, Adi Robertson, Tom Warren
The Verge

Here’s the thing: not a single one of the games I just mentioned is new or exclusive to Sony’s headset. (In fact, some of them are original PSVR games that cost $5-10 to upgrade.) And yet, we think the PlayStation VR2 might be the very best place to play them. Not because of the adaptive triggers or face rumble — definitely not the face rumble — or even the eye tracking, which we barely noticed in third-party games. Rather, it’s the simpler stuff, like how the PSVR 2 is the easiest headset to set up, one of the most comfortable, and one that plugs into a console you may already own. Yes, this headset costs more than the PS5 itself, but the $500 PS5 is more powerful than the median gaming computer; together, it’s a more affordable way to get a better graphical experience than the Quest 2’s mobile VR. Just know that the biggest visual improvements require Sony and other devs to step up. [Grade: 7/10]


Tom Orry

I think VR is incredible and PS VR2 is the best VR experience I’ve had in terms of hardware, but this isn’t a cheap toy you can take a gamble on.


Jordan Middler

Ultimately, if you show someone PlayStation VR2, they’ll be extremely impressed. When you tell them that it requires a console and headset combo that’s circling $1000/£1000, the excitement will fade. This is extremely impressive technology, and the leaps between its previous generation and now are staggering, but the package as a whole doesn’t come close enough to being something we can wholeheartedly recommend to every PS5 user, never mind those without the console. [Grade: 4/5]


Gene Park
The Washington Post (Launcher)

With the PS VR2, Sony PlayStation has figured out how to make an industry standard virtual reality headset. Its biggest issue is that it’s an industry standard virtual reality headset. ... It’s among the most comfortable VR headsets, matching the Quest 2. Still, that’s faint praise, like saying a chair is as comfortable as a coach seat on a flight. ... Even at the relatively high price of $550, PlayStation is offering a higher quality headset than most consumer grade devices.


Patrick Klepek
Waypoint (Vice)

For the moment, the PlayStation VR2 is my preferred virtual reality device. It’s the most spectacular way for a newcomer to experience virtual reality, and I’m jealous of anyone taking a dip for the first time. ... But because PlayStation VR2 is chained to a PS5, it’s also chained to Sony’s ability to convince (or pay) developers to port their games to a platform with a brand-new, unproven user base. It’s also reliant on Sony releasing a steady stream of exclusive games.


Kai Powell

Every aspect of the first PlayStation VR has been improved (aside from Cinematic Mode largely remaining as is) with no expense spared for comfort and design. This is the sort of revolution in virtual reality that can showcase not just the experiences that are fun to play but also those that can take advantage of the next-generation console’s power.

Mixed Mixed/so-so reviews


Kyle Orland
Ars Technica

The PlayStation VR2 headset shows all the refinements you'd expect from years of technological advancement and throws in a few nice features that aren't standard among the competition, to boot. Despite those improvements, though, the PSVR2 still feels like a by-the-numbers, too-little-too-late attempt by Sony to keep its foot in a niche it might not be fully committed to. ... And as much as we like the design and tech upgrades of the PSVR2, it’s hard to see it fundamentally winning many new converts to virtual reality’s persistent niche.


Kyle Hilliard
Game Informer

PlayStation VR2 is a big upgrade over PlayStation VR. The headset is more comfortable, the controllers work and feel better, the eye tracking is interesting and functional, the pass through cameras makes the whole experience friendlier, and the in-headset screen looks much better. But none of those upgrades fully overcome the issues that all VR headsets continue to struggle with. The visuals still look a little muddy, nausea continues to be an issue, and most of the games available, with a few exceptions, are available on other VR platforms. PlayStation VR2 is a good piece of well-made hardware, but it is not the revelation I was hoping to have for the virtual reality medium. [Grade: C]


Claire Jackson

Between its current lineup and coming releases, PS VR2 has a solid present and a bright immediate future. Even so, keep that wallet closed until you’ve had a think about all the pros and cons, as well as alternative VR platforms competing for your attention. ... PS VR2 is a premium experience for the committed PS5 enthusiast who has no need or interest in other consoles, a VR-capable PC, or more general upgrades to their current setup. But the future of VR is likely to be experienced on PC first, where the ecosystem is more diverse, performance grows over time, and games tend to be less locked into specific platforms or storefronts. Where do your interests fall? Answering that will go a long way toward determining if Sony’s new VR wonder is a comfy fit for you. Well, comfy might not be the right word.


Arthur Gies

It is comfortable and easy to set up, it looks great, and it comes closer than any other cabled headset to bringing console-level simplicity to VR. ... It’s a great device, but until PlayStation announces a slate of must-play games that aren’t available anywhere else, most people shouldn’t buy one yet. ... At launch, the PS VR2 simply doesn’t justify its cost—even if you already own a PlayStation 5. ... I can’t recommend it over a Meta Quest 2 until more games, especially more compelling exclusive titles, arrive.

Poor Negative reviews


What games are available for the PS VR2?

The following PS VR2-enabled games will be available at the launch of the device (or very shortly thereafter, as noted):

After the Fall *

Altair Breaker

Before Your Eyes (Mar. 10)

Cities VR: Enhanced Edition

Cosmonious High

Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition (Apr. 4)

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR (Mar. 15)


Drums Rock

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate

Fantavision 202X

Gorn (Mar. 16)

Gran Turismo 7 ** listed score is for non-VR version

Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue

Horizon: Call of the Mountain

Job Simulator *

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection

Kayak VR: Mirage

Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat!

The Last Clockwinder

The Light Brigade

Moss + Moss: Book II remasters

NFL Pro Era

Pavlov VR

Pistol Whip VR *

Puzzling Places *


Resident Evil Village VR **

Rez Infinite


Song in the Smoke: Rekindled *

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition

Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending *

Swordsman VR *

Synth Riders: Remastered Edition *

The Tale of Onogoro


Tetris Effect: Connected


Townsmen VR

Unplugged: Air Guitar

Vacation Simulator *

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution (Mar. 21)

What the Bat?

Zenith: The Last City

Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded

* VR2 version available as a free update for owners of the PS VR version
** VR2 version available as a free update for owners of the non-VR PS5 version

Additional titles are due later in 2023, including Another Fisherman's Tale, Behemoth, C-Smash VRS, Crossfire: Sierra Squad, Firewall Ultra, and No Man's Sky.


Comments (2)


    The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 1 is missing here. Should be added :-) also Cactus Cowboy as one Man Show.

  • Gordopilo  

    Please, add the possibility to filter PS5 games if they are ready for PS VR2. To have a list with best games or new releases of PS VR2 would be really great.
    I know you had it for PS4, but it disappeared long time ago. Now it's possible to see it by clicking on the PS VR required (i.e. in Astro bot rescue mission details) but it was incomplete, as some games were lost in that list.


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    Hardware Review: PlayStation VR2
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    Best of 2022: Film Critic Top Ten Lists
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    Best of 2022: Game of the Year Awards
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    Best of 2022: Film Awards & Nominations Scorecard
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    Free (& Subscription) Games for All Platforms: New & Upcoming
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    What to Watch Right Now on HBO and HBO Max
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