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  • Publish Date: January 5, 2017
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The results of our 7th annual user poll are in ...

ImageFor the seventh straight year, we invited our users to list their favorite movies, games, TV shows, albums, and songs of the past calendar year. Over 1,700 people participated in the survey, and the results are tabulated below.

Note that participants ranked their five favorite titles of 2016 in each category, and we assigned a value of 5 points to each first-place vote, 4 points for second place, and so on down to 1 point for each fifth-place vote.


Critics so far have opted for Moonlight on their year-end top 10 lists, while our users had that movie (2016's highest-scoring release) at #2, behind Arrival, which critics have at #4.

In fact, both groups have the same top four films in their consensus picks (just in a different order), though the lists diverge from there, with our users favoring more mainstream fare like Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Zootopia, and The Nice Guys, while critics (who have had more of an opportunity to see some of these late-arriving releases) are opting for foreign titles such as Toni Erdmann, The Handmaiden, and Elle plus indie drama Paterson and the theatrically released miniseries O.J.: Made in America (which did receive votes from our users in the TV category).

Best Movie of 2016 as Voted by Metacritic Users
Movie Points
1 Arrival 2,300 bar
2 Moonlight 1,869 bar
3 La La Land 1,609 bar
4 Manchester by the Sea 1,237 bar
5 Hell or High Water 1,103 bar
6 Captain America: Civil War 991 bar
7 Deadpool 931 bar
8 Zootopia 782 bar
9 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 616 bar
10 The Nice Guys 447 bar
11 Doctor Strange 443 bar
12 The Witch 440 bar
13 Nocturnal Animals 401 bar
14 The Lobster 395 bar
15 Kubo and the Two Strings 362 bar

TV shows

In their top 10 lists, professional critics have made The People v. O.J. Simpson their consensus #1 pick, while our users voted that miniseries into 5th place, with HBO's ever-popular Game of Thrones as their #1. Users and critics actually share eight of their top 10 overall picks, with users ranking Westworld (slightly) and Mr. Robot (considerably) ahead of the pros, while critics are placing Full Frontal With Samantha Bee and O.J.: Made in America in their overall top 10.

Best Television Show of 2016 as Voted by Metacritic Users
Show Points
1 Game of Thrones (HBO) 2,443 bar
2 Stranger Things (Netflix) 1,836 bar
3 Westworld (HBO) 1,753 bar
4 Atlanta (FX) 980 bar
5 The People v. O.J. Simpson (FX) 750 bar
6 The Americans (FX) 657 bar
7 BoJack Horseman (Netflix) 640 bar
8 Mr. Robot (USA) 634 bar
9 The Night Of (HBO) 593 bar
10 Better Call Saul (AMC) 541 bar
11 Black Mirror (Netflix) 529 bar
12 Rectify (Sundance) 433 bar
13 The Walking Dead (AMC) 358 bar
14 Veep (HBO) 300 bar
15 Marvel's Daredevil (Netflix) 285 bar


There is even more overlap between critics and users in music, with both groups agreeing on nine of their 10 top choices (though the pros have David Bowie's Blackstar at #1, just ahead of our users' favorite, Lemonade). The one area of disagreement: critics have Angel Olsen's My Woman in their top 10, while users have Bon Iver's latest in theirs.

Best Album of 2016 as Voted by Metacritic Users
Album/Artist Points
1 Lemonade by Beyoncé 2,079 bar
2 A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead 1,457 bar
3 Blackstar by David Bowie 1,387 bar
4 Blonde by Frank Ocean 1,382 bar
5 The Life of Pablo by Kanye West 705 bar
6 Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper 668 bar
7 A Seat at the Table by Solange 655 bar
8 Skeleton Tree by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 600 bar
9 22, A Million by Bon Iver 546 bar
10 We Got It from Here... by A Tribe Called Quest 466 bar
11 Glory by Britney Spears 456 bar
12 Anti by Rihanna 389 bar
13 Teens of Denial by Car Seat Headrest 341 bar
14 My Woman by Angel Olsen 312 bar
15 Atrocity Exhibition by Danny Brown 311 bar


While we don't collect critic top 10 lists for videogames, our users did opt for 2016's highest-scoring release, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, as their consensus top pick. But the year's highest-scoring PC game, Out of the Park Baseball 17, failed to get much love from our users. That game appeared on just two ballots.

Best Video Game of 2016 as Voted by Metacritic Users
Game Points
1 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 2,183 bar
2 Overwatch 1,111 bar
3 Battlefield 1 672 bar
4 INSIDE 630 bar
5 DOOM 583 bar
6 Dark Souls III 581 bar
7 Final Fantasy XV 518 bar
8 Titanfall 2 480 bar
9 Dishonored 2 383 bar
10 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine 354 bar
11 The Last Guardian 346 bar
12 Pokemon Sun / Pokemon Moon 300 bar
13 Forza Horizon 3 216 bar
14 The Witness 213 bar
15 Watch Dogs 2 178 bar

How did you do?

What do you think of the picks made by your fellow users? Let us know in the comments section below, and don't forget to check out our Best of 2016 section for all of our end-of-the-year coverage.

Comments (9)

  • GustavoWoltmann  

    Great lists, i would still have to watch some of those to see if i like them

  • benwatches  

    PLEASE restore our ability to see user scores on sorted lists of movies (the old format allowed this, and still does for the TV category). For example, I want to sort 2015 movies by Metascore...the old format showed the user score for each movie on the same line, so I could quickly scan down and look for high user scores. It would be even better to be able to sort directly by Metascore and Userscore. I love Metacritic, but it is much more cumbersome to have to click through to each movie page to see the user score...encourage users to contribute reviews by displaying them more clearly and adding them as a sort factor, like IMBD does. Thanks!

  • yoshimon3  

    Moon Shaped Pool, Blackstar, We Got it From Here, Skeleton Tree, and THEN Lemonade

  • SwitSwat  

    Blackstar should have been #1 album, followed by A Moon Shaped Pool.

  • TheMetacritiqer  

    No Batman Telltale or v Superman. Arrival was pretty good but is quite overated

  • PaulCharles  

    Only thing I find odd is "The Night Of" was number 9 in TV. This show was by far the best new show of the year. Glad Game of Thrones is on top though..that season finale.. wow.

  • tbeit2  

    I didn't vote, but I would have to agree with the Uncharted 4 pick. Great game

  • ChrisMiller35  

    But this doesn't matter right? Its not a popularity teenager voting contest.

    What we care about is a combination of verified professional critics and top metacritic users.

    Case in point...Britney Spears album...

  • oursbyaccident  

    None of my albums votes made the final list but most of my movie votes did. I'm pretty pleased with that list! I ended up not voting for Kubo or Nice Guys, but I'm very happy that hundreds of other people did.

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