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  • Publish Date: May 7, 2020
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This is the permanent home of our guide to the best of the Kanopy streaming service. Bookmark this page; we'll update it regularly.

The best new additions to Kanopy

If you are a college student or have a library card, there's a good chance that you also have access to Kanopy, a commercial-free, film-oriented streaming site that partners with many public libraries and universities rather than sell subscriptions to the public. The catch, if there is one: You only have a limited number of "credits" to use each month (the amount differs for each partner library/school, with the more generous plans allowing around 10 movies each month), though Kanopy also provides a selection of credit-free titles that don't count toward the monthly limit.

As befitting a service available to library patrons, Kanopy's catalog includes plenty of documentaries, foreign films, and classics as well as Criterion Collection titles and films from a number of arthouse distributors like Kino Lorber and A24. Below, find a list of the best recent and upcoming additions to Kanopy's catalog. All of the listed titles received a Metascore of 61 or higher (or are titles of interest that do not have a Metascore). Mediocre and poorly reviewed releases are omitted; this is just the good stuff available to stream on Kanopy.

Added May 19
  Drama, 2016
Let the Fire Burn Metacritic Must-See
  Documentary, 2013
Manakamana Metacritic Must-See
  Documentary, 2014
The Overnighters Metacritic Must-See
  Documentary, 2014
Rams Metacritic Must-See
  Foreign/Drama, 2016
Added May 12
  Drama/Comedy/Music, 2018
  Eating You Alive
  Documentary, 2016
A Field in England
  Drama/Thriller, 2014
Added April 28
The Future
  Drama, 2011
I Love You Phillip Morris
  Drama/Comedy, 2010
Added April 21
Project Nim Metacritic Must-See
  Documentary, 2011
  Drama, 2014
Stories We Tell Metacritic Must-See
  Documentary, 2013
  Wonder Woman! (The Untold Stories of American Superheroines)
  Documentary, 2012
Added April 14
'71 Metacritic Must-See
  Drama/Thriller, 2015
The Farewell Metacritic Must-See
  Comedy/Drama, 2019
Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin
  Documentary, 2019
Added April 7
Mr. Holmes
  Drama, 2015
The Skeleton Twins
  Drama, 2014
Added March 31
The Art of Self-Defense
  Drama/Comedy, 2019
  Banksy and The Rise of Outlaw Art
  Documentary, 2020
  City Dreamers
  Documentary, 2018
  Love v. Kentucky
  Documentary, 2017
Other People
  Drama, 2016
Southside With You
  Drama, 2016
Added March 17
  Camp Victory, Afganistan
  Documentary, 2010
  Happiness Is
  Documentary, 2009
Lady Macbeth
  Drama, 2017
Added March 10
  Passion Fish
  Drama, 1992
  Waking Dream
  Documentary, 2018
Added March 3
  Horror/Thriller, 2019

Coming soon to Kanopy

Here are the notable and/or well-reviewed movies that are scheduled to be added to Kanopy in the month ahead.

Coming May 26
Before Stonewall
  Documentary, 1985
  Jean of the Joneses
  Comedy, 2016
  Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind the Clown
  Documentary, 2016
John McEnroe: In The Realm of Perfection Metacritic Must-See
  Documentary/Sports, 2018
Ms. 45
  Drama/Thriller, 1981
  Peter Pan
  Adventure/Silent, 1924




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