Description: Pay attention, 007. This is for your eyes only. Q-Branch has re-engineered some of your favorite automobiles with additional gadgets and firepower. You'll need everything they've got, plus your own uncanny ability to beat the odds. The free world is depending on you. Oh, and one other thing before you go, 007 - try to bring them back in one piece.


  • PlayStation
Initial Release Date: Nov 20, 2000
  • Eutechnyx
Publisher: Electronic Arts


Ian Fleming
Written By: James Bond creator
Richard Schenkman
Written By: dialogue
Alistair Abell
Cast: Georgi Koskov
Tim Bentinck
Cast: Hammond Little
Adam Blackwood
Cast: James Bond,Valentin Zukovsky
Bill Mondy
Cast: Jack Wade
Rebecca Reichert
Cast: Cherise Little
Kim Restell
Cast: Dr. Melody Chase
Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff
Cast: Xenia Onatopp
Pierce Brosnan
Cast: James Bond
Richard Kiel
Cast: Jaws
Francois Lafleur
Sound: sound mixer
Jennifer Lewis
Sound: sound
Steven Mulholland
Visual Effects: 3d artist
Michael Owns
Art Department: graphic artist
Nikos Gatos
Animation: background artist: cinematics unit, Digital Animations