Description: 11-11 Memories Retold WarChild Charity DLC tells the story of Jack and Eva, two children drawn into World War I – a conflict much bigger than they are. Their stories are told in the form of letters, drawings and photographs found throughout the game and collected in your journal. The children's letters are inspired by real stories of conflicts by children supported by the WarChild charity. Whatever the war, their suffering remains the same. All proceeds received by BANDAI NAMCO from this DLC will be donated to WarChild in an effort to help children forced to live with the brutality of war around the world. Together, we can work to protect and educate children caught up in war.


  • PlayStation 4
Initial Release Date: Nov 9, 2018
  • Digixart Entertainment
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games


Yoan Fanise
Directed By: creative director
Yoan Fanise
Written By: original story
Stephen Long
Written By: written by
Iain Sharkey
Written By: written by
Wolfgang Walk
Written By: original story
Elijah Wood
Cast: Harry
Sebastian Koch
Cast: Kurt
Colin Mace
Cast: Barrett
Nikhil Parmar
Cast: Jas
William Hope
Cast: Mr Taylor
Rainer Fritzsche
Cast: Franz
Patrick Keller
Cast: Lothar
Bernd Rumpf
Cast: Otto
Hannah Schiller
Cast: Lucie
Victoria Sturm
Cast: Katrin
Tanja Fornaro
Cast: Additional Voices
Sven Gerhardt
Cast: Additional Voices
Christin Marquitan
Cast: Additional Voices
Ricardo Richter
Cast: Additional Voices
Frank Röth
Cast: Additional Voices
Raj Paul
Cast: Additional Voices
Mark Frost
Cast: Additional Voices
Frieder Bartussek
Cast: Additional Voices
Helen Argo
Produced By: executive producer
Anne-Laure Fanise
Produced By: producer
Lionel Lovisa
Produced By: executive producer
George Rowe
Produced By: senior producer
Olivier Derivière
Music: Composer
Benjamin Caillaud
Sound: sound mixer
Juan Martin Del Campo
Sound: dailogue recording engineer
Olivier Ranquet
Sound: sound editor
Andy Welker
Sound: supervising sound editor
Bram Ttwheam
Art Direction
Jose Prats
Art Department: visual development artist
Alexander Birke
Animation: graphics programmer
Codey Dyer
Animation: lead artist
Samantha A. Morrison
Editorial: post-production coordinator: Marc Graue Recording Studios
Daniel Efergan
executive creative director: Aardman
Josh Weeden
voice director UK
Evan Woolery
graphic designer
Olivier Derivière
Music Department: produced by
John Kurlander
Music Department: recorded and mixed by
The Philharmonia Orchestra
Music Department: music performed by
Kareem Roustom
Music Department: orchestrated by
Paul Talkington
Music Department: music contractor
Adrian Varela
Music Department: musician
Allan Wilson
Music Department: conducted by