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Summary: A world where you live the life you have always wanted to lead. FANTASY LIFE is an original RPG for the Nintendo 3DS from LEVEL-5, featuring music by Nobuo Uematsu and image illustration by Yoshitaka Amano. Set in a beautiful and vast open world, players create their own avatars and take up a vocation of their choosing, living out their lives as they see fit. You can set out on an adventure to save the world, or spend your days in leisurely pursuits such as cooking or fishing. Find the meaning of your new life in the limitless possibilities that reside in FANTASY LIFE on the Nintendo 3DS.
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Rating: E10+
Developer: Level 5, Brownie Brown
Genre(s): Role-Playing, General
Number of Online Players:No Online Multiplayer
Cast Credit
Nobuo Uematsu Background Music
Nobuo Uematsu Sound
Nobuo Uematsu Sound
Nobuo Uematsu Sound
Nobuo Uematsu Sound
Nobuo Uematsu Sound
Yoshitaka Amano Illustrations
Inc. Production Support
Inc. Production Support
Akihiro Hino Blacksmith's Song "Behold, The Mastersmithy!" Lyrics
Akihiro Hino Writer
Akihiro Hino Writer
Akihiro Hino Writer
Akihiro Hino Writer
Akihiro Hino Writer
Junichi Kobayashi Programming
Ltd. Production Support
Ltd. QA Support
Yasuhiro Akasaka Technical Director
Hiroshi Kato Localization Programming
Usuke Kumagai Technical Support
Noriko Maruya Marketing
Noriko Maruya Title Logo Design
Eiji Ishii Promotional Video
Nobuyuki Yanai Illustrations
Noboru Tsuda Promotional Video
Akira Nakayama Localization Technical Manager
Tsunehiko Shibata Programming
Tomomitsu Matsushita Sound Effects
Takanori Yoshida Programming
Yuichi Uchida Special Thanks
Martina Deimel Localisation Quality Specialist
Minoru Tanaka Ending Theme "Reverie Of Reveria" Music Engineer
Minoru Tanaka Opening Them Mixing Engineer
Junpei Mizusaki Animation Producer
Junpei Mizusaki Special Thanks
Leslie Swan NOA Localization Management
Kensuke Matsushita BGM Production Manager
Tim O'Leary NOA Localization Management
Makoto Wada Special Thanks
Christian Massi Localisation Producer
Nao Ikeda Illustrations
Scot Ritchey NOA Localization Management
Koji Tsuda Map Design & Map Modelling
Takeshi Inoue Sound Support
Akihito Toda Life Songs Lyrics
Akihito Toda Scenario
Hiroyuki Hamada Sound Production Assistant
Shigeo Sasaki Localization Design Support
Minoru Noda Lead Designer
Nate Bihidorff NOA Localization Management
Takaaki Kodera Lead Planning (Level-5, Inc.)
Kenta Arai Scripting
Naoki Kubo Background, Character & Monster Designs
Steven Grimm NOA Localization
Takayuki Sasaki Animation Producer
Shinichi Kameoka Special Thanks
Kyoko Kitahara Planning Support
Takuzo Nagano Concept Character Design
Kristin Kirby NOA Localization
Satoshi Ichikawa Character Modelling
Reiko Ninomiya NOA Localization Management
Hideyuki Ikeda Planning
Kazuhiko Takahashi Illustrations
Satoru Ichikawa Character Modelling
Asami Inoue Map Design & Map Modelling
Makoto Takahashi Special Thanks
Hiroki Araya Planning
NOA Product Testing NOA Localization
Yuji Hasegawa Blacksmith's Song "Behold, The Mastersmithy!" Vocals & Chorus
Tomonori Hiraishi Programming
Michio Okamiya Composition & Synth Programming
Atsushi Kanno Director
Atsushi Kanno Scenario
Wataru Watanabe Art Director
Shigeki Fujiwara Special Thanks
Miki Shimada Background, Character & Monster Designs
Koji Tokuyama Special Thanks
Yoshinori Yamaguchi Special Thanks
Go Sato Quality Assurance
Emi Evans Tailor's Song "Sewing Machine" Vocals & Chorus
Daisuke Amakawa Design Support
Hiroaki Yamagishi Scripting
Eisaku Sato Planning
Billy Carroll NOA Localization
Nobuhiro Momiyama Programming
Chihiro Watanabe Special Thanks
Hiroyuki Akita Special Thanks
Tsutomu Satomi Special Thanks
Yuichiro Hayashi Programming
Tsutomu Narita Opening Theme Composition & Synth Programming
Kotaro Baba Sound Effects
Dan Fazio NOA Localization
Kristen Groth NOA Localization
Asuka Uchida Planning Support
Kazunaga Nomoto Character Modelling
Mariko Suzuki Special Thanks
Yuki Hayashi Scripting
Tsuyoshi Sato Programming Director
Hirotaka Inaba Scenario Support
Yusuke Yamamoto Map Modelling
Takayoshi Katori Localization Coordinator
Takuzou Nagano Artist
Akiko Naito Map Modelling
Takayuki Yaeno Map Design & Map Modelling
Mio Kikuchi Map Design & Map Modelling
Naoya Nihei Map Design & Map Modelling
Masato Arai Animation
Kengo Uchibori Lead Planning (Level-5, Inc.)
Nobuyuki Inoue Lead Planning (Brownie Brown, Inc.)
Nobuyuki Inoue Scenario Support
Keita Ochiai Planning
Keita Ochiai Scenario Support
Masato Takamura Planning
Hironori Yoshikawa Planning
Yuuichi Kurata Programming
Wataru Programming
Nobuhiro Imagawa Lead Designer
Youtaro Doi Avatar Design & Character Modelling
Kyouko Kawasaki Avatar Design & Character Modelling
Kouki Nakadai Effects
Mariko Toudo Map Design & Map Modelling
Miyuki Sasaki Map Design & Map Modelling
Yuka Morita UI & Monster Design
Hideaki Nakano Lead Programmer
Asami Ebato Planning
Takahiro Takahashi Planning
Yasunori Hanyu Programming
Shuta Furumi Programming
Junichi Ito Programming
Taro Nakano Localization Programming
Taro Nakano Programming
Aya Kananbe Background, Character & Monster Designs
Ayumu Kawamura Background, Character & Monster Designs
Takashi Onodera Background, Character & Monster Designs
Kota Uchida Background, Character & Monster Designs
Atsushi Hayashida Character Modelling
Satoko Miura Character Modelling
Takeshi Karino Character Modelling
Chihiro Yamafuji Character Modelling
Ikunami Hoda Character Motion
Mai Mizukubo Character Motion
Yoichi Sonoda Map Modelling
Hiromi Usuda Map Modelling
Shinichi Nomura Map Modelling
Nozomu Yoshioka Map Modelling
Chiho Hamada UI Design
Keiichi Yoshida Coordinator
Keiichi Yoshida Special Thanks
Takahiro Yamane Producer
Takahiro Yamane Scenario Support
Tasuku Mizoguchi Lead Scripting
Hirokazu Kawamoto Scripting
Ito Naoya Scripting
Kohei Suda Programming
Masaki Endo Programming
Hiroki Kakishita Localization Planning
Naoya Kawamura Localization Project Coordinator
Takao Esaka Localization Planning
Musashi Koyama Localization Director
Noriyuki Niwa Localization Programming
Yuichi Hadano Localization Design
Tatsuhito Hisakawa Localization Design
Matthew Mawer Localisation Assistant Manager
Tnia Rodrigues Localisation Producer
Patrick Joyce Localisation Quality Specialist
Sabrina Bretant Localisation Quality Specialist
Sofía Marín Aguilar-Galindo Localisation Quality Specialist
Laura Innocenti Localisation Quality Specialist
Nintendo of Europe GmbH Localisation
Pole To Win Europe Ltd. Localisation
Nintendo of America Localisation
Camilo Alba Navarro NOA Localization
Hélène Bisson-Pelland NOA Localization
Stacey Deddo NOA Localization
Raymond Elliget NOA Localization
Alexandre Higashi NOA Localization
Bill Hutchens NOA Localization
Laurence Millerioux-Tanen NOA Localization
Ed Murray NOA Localization
Galia Rodríguez Hornedo NOA Localization
Thaddée Wiseur NOA Localization
Miki Iwasa Composition & Synth Programming
Hiroki Ogawa BGM & Vocals Production Manager
Toshihisa Yokoshima Director & Producer (Kamikazedouga Co., Ltd.)
Naoto Oishi Director & Producer (Kamikazedouga Co., Ltd.)
Yuta Matsumoto CGI Director
Itsune Sugiyama CGI Director
Tomoe Nakano Animation Concept Artist
Mimu Sato Art Director
Satoru Sano Lead CGI Designer
Hiroaki Mita Rigging Artist
Atsuko Miyagawa Character Modelling
Masatoshi Ito Character Modelling
Takayuki Abe Character Modelling
Akihisa Takada Character Modelling
Yoshihiko Ishiguro Animation
Kumi Shimizu Animation
So Nagata Animation
Chiho Kobayashi Animation
Tatsuyuki Shimada Animation
Daisuke Tachibana Animation
Hideyuki Harano Compositing
Erika Asano Compositing
Rikaco Kato Compositing
wonderium Inc. Animation Support
Shigehito Kawada Associate Production Chief
ACE (Tomori Kudo & CHiCO) Ending Theme "Reverie Of Reveria" Composition & Synth Programmin
ACE (Tomori Kudo & CHiCO) Life Songs Composition & Synth Programming Mixing Engineer
Simonger Mobile Paladin's Song "Of Helms And White Flowers" Vocals & Chorus
Yoichi Ichinose Mercenary's Song "Circle Of Love" Vocals & Chorus
Jiro Kawakami Hunter's Song "The Hunt Goes On" Vocals & Chorus
CHiCO (ACE) Magician's Song "Just A Magician's Apprentice" Vocals & Chorus
CHiCO (ACE) Miner's Song "Just Wanna Mine!" Vocals & Chorus
Yasuo Sasai Woodcutter's Song "This Is My Axe" Vocals & Chorus
Shinya Miura Angler's Song "Fisherman's Oath" Vocals
Jessica Shiotani Cook's Song "Starless Restaurant" Vocals & Chorus
Hiroaki TOMMY Tominaga Carpenter's Song "The Rocking Chair Dream" Vocals
Masumi Hara Alchemist's Song "Life's Work" Vocals & Chorus
Nana Yanase Ending Theme "Reverie Of Reveria" Vocals
Brownie Brown Inc. Production Support
h.a.n.d. Production Support
NETCHUBIYORI.Ltd Production Support
Ancient corp. Production Support
Toylogic Inc. Production Support
Dog Ear Records Co. Production Support
T's Music Production Support
Kamikazedouga Co. Production Support
Studio Garage Inc. Production Support
Switch Entertainment Inc. Production Support
Wonder Station Production Support
SOUND ARTS Production Support
ONKIO HAUS Production Support
Theatre Academy Production Support
Uchida Music Office Co. Production Support
Ltd Production Support
DIGITAL Hearts Co. QA Support
Yoichi Gaku Special Thanks
Taro Hara Special Thanks
Ayaka Kawamura Special Thanks
Saki Murayama Special Thanks
Katsumi Sambongi Special Thanks
Hiroyuki Muneta Special Thanks
Keiko Shinozaki Special Thanks
Asuka Tozawa Special Thanks
Reiko Uematsu Special Thanks
Shinichi Furuta Packaging & Software Manual
Tomohiko Kimura Manual Design
Rie Miyasa Manual Design
Akihiro Usuki Marketing Director
Kyosuke Terazaki Marketing
Yuko Matsuyama Marketing
Yumi Ueno Marketing
Keisuke Ueda Marketing
Yuji Kurotsu Website
Sho Kawano Website
Yoshiaki Takahashi Website Support
Katsumi Rakuyama Business Planning
Suminori Momota Business Planning
Tomoko Kanbayashi Business Planning
Kei Satio Business Planning
Takahiro Oguri Business Planning
Miyuki Yasuda Business Planning
Hiroka Akiya Business Planning
Nana Otsuka Cross Media Section
Yuri Higashimura Illustrations
Kosuke Uemura Promotional Video
Yudai Oda Technical Support
Atsushi Higuchi Technical Support
Keiji Adachi Technical Support
Yuri Sato Planning Support
Hidetaka Kajiwara Quality Assurance
Ryuichi Araki Quality Assurance
Kenichi Kai Quality Assurance
Masatoshi Fukui Quality Assurance
Toshihiko Matsushita Quality Assurance
Emi Goto Quality Assurance
Shinya Momota Quality Assurance
Ryo Yonemitsu Quality Assurance
Satoshi Yamada Quality Assurance
Takanori Sato Quality Assurance
Kiyoshi Furuya Quality Assurance
Yui Sakamoto Special Thanks
Katutoshi Kanamori Special Thanks
Mika Inanaga Special Thanks
Ken Ogura Special Thanks
Kaoru Takahira Assistant Producer
Yoko Kurita Assistant Producer
LEVEL-5 Inc. Production And Copyright
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