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  • Summary: Roam the halls of Monster High in full 3D and join the student bodies and begin your dead-ucation as the newest ghoul in school.
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Monster High: New Ghoul in School - Launch Trailer
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  1. Jan 11, 2016
    Monster High New Ghoul in School is a game in which you become part of the franchise. The 3DS game is as complete as the console version. For fans of the series, the game is a blast to play on the go, or just at home on the couch.
  2. Feb 15, 2016
    Fans of the show will enjoy the adventures as a new ghoul at Monster High, and being friends with Ghoulia, Spectra, Frankie, and the rest of the gang at Monster High will certainly be entertaining enough. However, there are gameplay issues which drag the score down a lot.
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  1. Aug 17, 2016
    Monster High New Ghoul in School
    Not So Clawsome
    In New Ghoul in School you of course play as the new ghoul who is customizable with a
    Monster High New Ghoul in School
    Not So Clawsome
    In New Ghoul in School you of course play as the new ghoul who is customizable with a decent amount of choices… from the type of monster she is down to her hair style, skin tone, hair color, and name..
    I was actually pretty impressed with this game during my first hour..
    The Game takes place in 1 high school and you can freely roam the school talking to fellow classmates, and help the school clubs with their problems..
    You can also go around the school and collect collectibles and locker codes to unlock lockers with collectables in them…
    These collectables turn into a cash bonus at the end of the day so are totally worth finding as you can use these coins for fresh new skirts and stuff…
    And with the floaty but still enjoyable platforming.. its quite addictive and fun running around the school talking to other class mates and finding all there is…
    Unfortunately all of this only takes about an hour to do and the fun ends there…
    for the other 6 or so hours you basically cycle between the different clubs in the school to do fetch quests for them.. and its all the same throughout day after day…
    Get to a club they need this item, or need you to hand up flyers…
    There are 2 mini games thrown in there like a puzzle to build a robot which was a nice change of pace as well as a quick time event for fearleading practice…
    only problem is you have fearleading practice like every day and the quick time event styye never changes, the song in the background never changes… so its insanely repetitive as is the rest of the game beyond hour one…
    its fun dealing with the girl drama especially from a guys perspective.. but it gets old fast..
    But it does all tie together which I can appreciate…
    When you start the game you join to student council and try to make the school a better place and you do this with fundraisers… and as you play youll notice characters acting weird about the money youre raising and its up to you to save the school with the power of cheerleading…
    not joking…
    the final boss is a cheerleading quick time event.. the same one you’ve been doing for the past 8 hours.
    The only redeeming quality here is that for fans of the show there is tons of potential fun to be had here listening to all of the dialog and searching the school for all of their favorite characters…
    unfortunately while their fun may last longer than mine did.. I still feel there will run out long before the credits as this generally is still not a very good game
    I give monster high new ghoul in school
    a 4.5/10