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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 39
  2. Negative: 5 out of 39
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  1. Nintendo Power
    Apr 13, 2011
    The addition of 3D is nice, but those who have already experienced the joys of Rayman 2 can probably move on. The rest of you should take this opportunity to see what you've been missing. [April 2011, p.85]
  2. Mar 27, 2011
    A solid, smooth transition to Nintendo's 3DS as an enjoyable port that does the original version justice.
  3. Mar 25, 2011
    Yes, this Rayman is not new, it's "only" the 3D remake of a very good old game... but it remains a safe bet! The game is cute, playable, and the magic is still there in this 3DS version. One of the must-have of the 3DS launch line-up.
  4. Apr 29, 2011
    A nice throwback to old school platforming; a good playing, but muddy looking, 3D extravaganza.
  5. Mar 29, 2011
    It's a good porting, but it still gets sold for a full price, some 10 years after its first appearance. 3D and some gameplay fixes don't fully justify the bargain.
  6. Mar 25, 2011
    With Mario nowhere to be found at the Nintendo 3DS launch, Rayman fills the platformer gap nicely. I had a blast playing it again, and look forward to reviewing it for a fifth time at some point in the near future.
  7. Apr 22, 2011
    While nowhere near perfect Rayman 3D is the best portable version of the game to date that's worth picking up if you've never played Rayman 2 before.
  8. Apr 14, 2011
    Overall I truly enjoyed playing this game and strongly recommend it as a new title for the 3Ds. The gameplay keeps evolving enough to keep you interested as you continue through and the graphics and sound keep you immersed in the world. Again my issue with the lack of explanation of the characters and history brings the game down for me a bit, but not enough for me to stop playing. This title is a great pick especially if you are a fan of platform adventure games and definitely if you are already into the Rayman series.
  9. Apr 13, 2011
    Rayman 3D is a perfect conversion of Rayman 2: The Great Escape. Problem is, it is a game from 1999, and, while it remains quite good by today's standards, there are lot of chances you've already played this game in a form or another.
  10. Apr 5, 2011
    Rayman 3D may be yet another port of Rayman 2, but its improved controls and capable 3D implementation breathe new life into the title.
  11. Mar 27, 2011
    There are a few minor issues here and there, like the somewhat average visuals and a camera that doesn't always cooperate, but for the most part the game still manages to capture the majority of the magic from its earlier console days.
  12. Mar 27, 2011
    In 2D, it's a damn fine platform game. In 3D, it's a surprisingly good showcase for the hardware. Put them together and you've got by far the best modern version of the game, with better controls than iPhone version and better graphics than the old DS.
  13. Mar 25, 2011
    Rayman jumps in the 3rd dimension with this new edition of the second chapter of the series. He's in good shape, but now we want him to be the star of a REALLY new adventure!
  14. Mar 25, 2011
    Surprisingly enjoyable. I say surprising because at the ripe old age of twelve, you'd expect the mechanics to be grey and riddled with arthritis. Despite a camera that often refuses to behave itself, Rayman 3D is as robust as it is enjoyable.
  15. Jun 12, 2011
    A lack of true performance tweaking and additions makes this a rather hard sell on the 3DS, but it's certainly not the worst version of the game out there.
  16. May 10, 2011
    Rayman 3D is still an enjoyable, but short platformer. Nevertheless, you don't really recognize changes to prior Rayman games and the 3DS support.
  17. May 6, 2011
    There's very little to recommend Rayman 3D, even when keeping in mind the 3DS' rather limited launch lineup. There's the core of a good game here, but that's about all that this version of Rayman 2 has going for it.
  18. Mar 30, 2011
    If you have an itch for a Mario 64 clone, and want to check out a decent platformer, Rayman 3D gets the job done. However, if you've already played the game, I would wait until this launch title hits the bargain bin, as just simply slapping on 3D effects and calling Rayman 2 a new game is not enough to merit your $40.
  19. Mar 28, 2011
    Rayman 3D's target audience - i.e those who actually played "The Great Escape" and fell in love with the lengthy campaign and overall presentation - will pick it up without hesitation. As for those who never-NEVER got to play it, I think it would be best to wait until the price drops of a few 20-30 dollars.
  20. Apr 23, 2011
    This is a good game, as it already was when it was launched almost fifteen years ago, but its only new feature is the 3D view, without a graphic overhaul or anything else new.
  21. Apr 19, 2011
    When you consider that the game is at its best when the 3DS' depth slider is at its lowest setting and the game is already available for other platforms at a price far lower than $40, Rayman 3D makes little sense on Nintendo's newest handheld. While it's nice to have a 3D platformer for this 3D platform, a more polished effort would have been better.
  22. Apr 17, 2011
    A ten year old platforming game that in some ways still feels fresh but in other ways is just embarrasing.
  23. Apr 14, 2011
    There are quite a few sections where the game looks like the player is handling a 3D character on a 2D background, and in some situations, the 3D can be a hindrance.
  24. Apr 2, 2011
    Quotation forthcoming.
  25. 60
    Rayman 3D is in many ways a lukewarm adventure. It suffers from numerous annoyances and clumsy controls, and it seems that the game has been hurt by the many, many rereleases over the years. However, if you've never played Rayman 2 before, it might still be worth checking out, as it's still a decent platformer at heart.
  26. Mar 25, 2011
    Rayman 3D takes a classic gaming experience and excites with 3D visuals, but fails to solve the camera and control problems.
  27. A great platformer over a decade ago, but this is showing its age now.
  28. Apr 6, 2011
    A loveless port of a timeworn platformer, which lacks any artistic or creative reason to exist. Do we even need to tell you to wait for Mario 3DS?
  29. Apr 16, 2011
    It doesn't use the 3DS's technology too well and the price is steep given the features of the package, but underneath that, Rayman 3D is still a fun little platformer, if somewhat dated.
  30. Mar 27, 2011
    The entire time I was playing, I felt ripped off. I'd been suckered into thinking I would be getting something new and dazzling and instead, I ran into the same problems I had 11years ago. Don't bother with this rehash on 3DS.
  31. 50
    If you're not a fan of the yellow guy or if you've played one of the earlier versions, then the 3D experience by itself does not justify the purchase of 3D Rayman.
  32. 50
    The camera still proves erratic, the stages are small by modern standards, and anyone who cares to play this game has played it many times before. Platformers have moved on since 1999. Rayman hasn't.
  33. Apr 19, 2011
    Rayman 3D is the umpteenth version of Rayman 2: quite entertaining for its gameplay, largely despicable for its graphics. The title still retains some historic value, but it's not certainly this 3D episode the best way to enjoy it.
  34. Apr 5, 2011
    An artefact. It's completely anachronistic in today's world.
  35. May 24, 2011
    Overall, Rayman 3D is a competent platformer but it's sinfully old. Rather than sprucing it up and developing a truly great re-release, Ubisoft was happy to repackage ancient materials and ship them as new content. If you've played the game already there is very little reason to redo it on the Nintendo 3DS. If you haven't played the original, it's likely too old to be worth your time. However, if playing tragically outdated platformers with more back story than you'll know what to do with is what you're after, Rayman 3DS is your game.
  36. Apr 7, 2011
    The original was a classic, but this plattformer is more or less worn out. Ad a bad camera and a lacking sound design, and you have a very forgettable Rayman title.
  37. 40
    It says Rayman 3D in the title, but this is actually Rayman 2 with some added 3D effect. Rayman 2 is 12 years old, and it just doesn't hold up anymore, especially not when Ubisoft hasn't even fixed the flaws from the original game. In the end Rayman 3d is nothing but a lazy port, with 3D.
  38. Apr 6, 2011
    Rayman 3D is an uninspiring game with long loading times between every sequence and an awful camera, which makes this a game that shouldn't even had a new version now or five years earlier. I didn't think I would say this, but I miss those hysterical rabbits. They had at least a little charm.
  39. Apr 14, 2011
    3D effect really, really, really hurts.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 62 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 62
  2. Negative: 15 out of 62
  1. Mar 26, 2011
    This game is brilliant! Its a solid platformer and is a great showcase for the 3DS 3D effects. I picked it up at launch with my 3DS and isThis game is brilliant! Its a solid platformer and is a great showcase for the 3DS 3D effects. I picked it up at launch with my 3DS and is definatly the best game to get! Full Review »
  2. JET
    Mar 26, 2011
    This game is amazing! Its a lot like crash bandicoot and if you didn't play this game the first time around you should get it! Even if youThis game is amazing! Its a lot like crash bandicoot and if you didn't play this game the first time around you should get it! Even if you have played it before it is still amazing for the 3D effects! Full Review »
  3. Mar 25, 2011
    Not much to say beyond this is the same Rayman 2 we all know and love. Personally i believe it has aged far better than the likes of Mario 64Not much to say beyond this is the same Rayman 2 we all know and love. Personally i believe it has aged far better than the likes of Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, but I suppose that is merely my own opinion. Whether it is the definitive version of Rayman 2 is debatable. With graphics on par with Rayman Revolution on the PS2 minus the new features Revolution added. It is up to you whether you prefer more features or the ability to play Rayman 2 in what is an adequate use of 3D. All in all this is easily still my favorite platformer from 3 generations ago and it has aged a lot better than some critics may think. Full Review »