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  1. Positive: 26 out of 31
  2. Negative: 0 out of 31
  1. Aug 9, 2013
    Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you SteamWorld Dig: Your new favourite Nintendo 3DS game.
  2. Sep 18, 2013
    SteamWorld Dig is easily the best eShop game of the year.
  3. Sep 2, 2013
    SteamWorld Dig sets out to be a safe but amazingly polished gem, and SteamWorld Dig is exactly that, no more, no less.
  4. Games Master UK
    Sep 18, 2013
    Part Metroid, part Minecraft and 100% wonderful. [Nov 2013, p.73]
  5. Well, this is a real adventure. Few other eShop games are as ambitious or as intelligent about how to achieve their goals on the required smaller scale.
  6. Aug 11, 2013
    Those looking for a nice little distraction from something like Animal Crossing: New Leaf at the moment may just have found the perfect candidate.
  7. 90
    SteamWorld Dig is a fresh game for the Nintendo eShop and one of the best digital games available on Nintendo's 3D handheld.
  8. Sep 10, 2013
    SteamWorld Dig starts slow, it's almost boring, you are going to drop it... then you find a new upgrade and keep going and a few hours later you are sad it's over. One of the best downloadable games on eShop, period.
  9. Sep 5, 2013
    Not only is SteamWorld Dig a fantastic way to spend a few bucks (and a few hours), but Image & Form have used it to prove they’re a developer worthy of paying close attention to.
  10. Oct 21, 2013
    SteamWorld Dig is a great example of how the catalog of e-Shop is always more deserving of attention.
  11. Oct 1, 2013
    Steamworld Dig is a great game, a tiny masterpiece, with a sublime gameplay which works perfectly, thanks to an intuitive and extremely fluid control system. One of the best for the eShop.
  12. Aug 15, 2013
    Definitely check this one out when you get a chance, you won’t be disappointed.
  13. Oct 16, 2013
    A compelling 2D adventure game that resembles the beloved portable incarnations of cult franchises such as Metroid or Castlevania.
  14. games(TM)
    Sep 23, 2013
    It's simple work. [Issue#139, p.116]
  15. Sep 16, 2013
    With SteamWorld Dig, Nintendo eShop has another game with a magnificent sense of exploration, platforms, action and puzzles, revealing connections to classics like Metroid or Castlevania.
  16. Sep 1, 2013
    While digging in a hole might not seem like the most entertaining thing to do in a game that's doesn't have "craft" in the title, SteamWorld Dig successfully delivers its own unique style of subterranean gameplay thanks to a great balance between managing the mine, chasing upgrades and having just enough story to keep me curious without getting bogged down in too much lore.
  17. Aug 30, 2013
    Suffice it to say this is exactly the kind of game eShop needs more of: Simple, addictive, and creative despite wearing its influences prominently.
  18. Aug 27, 2013
    Even if it doesn't last long and ends in a not-too-exciting way, there are several good reasons to get lost in the depths of Tumbleton.
  19. Aug 26, 2013
    SteamWorld Dig is the best kind of surprise, then: a game with substance, challenge and no little charm that seems to have come out of nowhere.
  20. Aug 22, 2013
    SteamWorld Dig isn’t ground-breaking, but its tight action platforming and satisfying gameplay hook will easily keep you entertained for several hours. It’s perfectly designed for a handheld experience, allowing you to pick up and play for a few minutes here and there, progressing a little further each time.
  21. Aug 13, 2013
    Despite its many and obvious influences this is an impressively unique vision that offers excellent value for money and one of the best surprises on the 3DS’s eShop.
  22. Aug 11, 2013
    SteamWorld Dig represents a strong coming together of concept and execution, with relatively simple mechanics impeccably layered to coax the gamer through its story.
  23. Aug 10, 2013
    For under ten dollars, there’s a lot of fun to be had with SteamWorld Dig.
  24. Aug 9, 2013
    Steam World Dig reminds me of good old Amiga days: It is a simple, but entertaining, platformer.
  25. Sep 2, 2013
    A simple and straightforward experience that holds lots of fun for those who want to have a break from more complex titles.
  26. Aug 21, 2013
    There is a genuine allure to SteamWorld Dig, you just have to clear out the rubble to find it.
  27. Sep 24, 2013
    The Image & Form team surprised everyone with this extremely addictive title. With flawless execution and a damn good gameplay, Steamworld Dig will make you dig for hours in order to develop your village and your equipment. If you love platform and farming games, this adventure in the desert is there just for you. One of the best games on 3DS eShop.
  28. Sep 12, 2013
    SteamWorld Dig is a charming, atmospheric exploration adventure, but it grinds to a halt just when it starts going full steam.
  29. Sep 10, 2013
    This is a short game wherein you explore depths to dig deeper and deeper. It's definitely the best title to download from the eShop right now.
  30. Aug 20, 2013
    It looks gorgeous, controls like a dream, and when it’s putting its ideas to the fore in a sensible manner then it has some genuinely delightful ideas, but when you really start to analyse things and think about it with a harsh critical light, it effectively turns out to be all bust and no brains.
  31. Aug 11, 2013
    Digging for three and a half hours may be fun, but, in the end, is just digging.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 141 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 15 out of 141
  1. Aug 13, 2013
    Awesome game! Read a lot of reviews praising this game so I had to download it. Great controls, gameplay and graphics. Great mix of spaghettiAwesome game! Read a lot of reviews praising this game so I had to download it. Great controls, gameplay and graphics. Great mix of spaghetti western and steampunk. Gotta love those robots. Can't wait for the sequel! Full Review »
  2. Aug 16, 2013
    Steamworld Dig is the first 3DS game from small developer Image & Form. You play as lonesome Rusty who arrives at the town of Tumbleton. YouSteamworld Dig is the first 3DS game from small developer Image & Form. You play as lonesome Rusty who arrives at the town of Tumbleton. You are swiftly informed that Joe, your uncle, has gone missing. Your job is bring the town back to prosperity and hopefully reunite with your uncle. The gameplay is simple but addictive blending cave exploration, mining and simple combat into a small package. The game is tiny at only 348 blocks which translates to roughly 43mb. This is particularly impressive given the massive size of the caves, all of which feature extremely detailed and colorful backgrounds depending on the part of the cave you’re in.

    As you progress you will level up and unlock upgrades, allowing you to become an even more badass miner. Dynamite, drills, super punches will all be within your grasps within a few hours of play. Your hard graft will allow the town to bring back some of its former vendors allowing you to purchase even more tools and supplies.

    The art is absolutely gorgeous and greatly detailed. Everything from the swing of the pickaxe which kicks up dust is displayed in amazing fashion. The enemy design is great too, but they do tend to repeat too much. The game is also consistent and will constantly save your game every time you return to the surface, everything you did in the mine will be saved allowing you to venture back to the depths to finish off collecting any forgotten treasures.

    The music is good, nothing spectacular, it keeps the mining sessions from getting tedious. The mines are huge, On my playthrough my character reached 800 metres and there was still more below.

    The game can get quite difficult when you’re stuck miles from a teleport to the surface and have no water, forcing you to reset and attempt to recollect your treasures This really only applies to how you dig. Leaving wide open spaces is almost impossible to scale up without the water jump giving you almost no option but to reset. The game can get a bit repetitive during extended play sessions but its clear this isn’t meant to be the way to play, while it is certainly possibly to complete the game in one session your enthusiasm may be diminished after a few hours of endless mining.
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  3. Aug 26, 2013
    As a big of dig games (Terraria, Minecraft, etc) I really enjoyed this game. The art style, minimized storyline and action platformerAs a big of dig games (Terraria, Minecraft, etc) I really enjoyed this game. The art style, minimized storyline and action platformer game-play made for an incredible enjoyable experience.

    The only complaint I can think to make about this game is that at 5 hours to complete (and a couple additional hours for full completion) I did feel like the experience was a bit short and due to to lack of randomization the re-playability is fairly low.

    That being said however this game was a blast and at the low pricetag even the brevity of the game isn't enough to stop me from recommending it to anyone.
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