• Publisher: Atlus
  • Release Date: Oct 13, 2015

Mixed or average reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 31
  2. Negative: 2 out of 31
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  1. 100
    Thank goodness The Legend of Legacy is on a portable system, because once you start you’ll find time anywhere to play: you’ll get in a few more rounds of grinding on the bus, or a few steps closer to your self-imposed goal while waiting in line in a government office. The classic JRPG elements combined with the characters, the story, the graphics, and the music make this a game not to miss out on.
  2. 85
    The visuals may not win over the most hardcore gamers, but the team at FuRyu definitely made up for this by mixing complex game play with a musical mood that matches it.
  3. Oct 12, 2015
    The Legend of Legacy may not have the intricate story line, deep characters, or the standard turn-based combat that one might expect from an RPG, but it has its own unique style with gameplay that rewards players for making smart tactical decisions. The game’s flaws may prevent it from being perfect, but The Legend of Legacy is still an excellent RPG that fans of the genre will love.
  4. Feb 19, 2016
    Some will find the lack of a clear narrative disappointing while others might find the grind-heavy gameplay a bit of a chore, but for many, this throwback to old school JRPG sensibilities will likely prove a refreshing and pleasingly nostalgic experience.
  5. NF Magazine
    Nov 30, 2015
    I enjoyed my time with The Legend of Legacy, but the somewhat archaic take on adventuring found here may turn some off to digging deeper into it. [Issue #18 – November/December 2015, p.69]
  6. Nov 27, 2015
    But if you love RPGs for the sense of exploration, engaging battle mechanics, and overall atmosphere, you're in for a real treat; The Legend of Legacy plays to these strengths and delivers a lovingly crafted adventure with a gorgeous graphical style and an outstanding soundtrack, easily earning its place in the 3DS' pantheon of portable RPG gems.
  7. Nov 13, 2015
    At the end of the day, Legend of Legacy provides a satisfying experience, with plenty to explore, and lots of challenging combat to experience.
  8. Oct 9, 2015
    There’s so much about it to like—the wonderful visuals, easy-to-understand battle system, sensible leveling system and just enough personality to make a call to arms charming. If it didn’t make me also consider punching either myself or my system, this could be one of my favorite games.
  9. 80
    The Legend of Legacy has its shortcomings, but it's still a beautiful love letter to the RPGs of yesteryear.
  10. Oct 7, 2015
    I absolutely loved Legend of Legacy, but I completely recognize it won't be everyone's cup of tea. The Draconian save system, random leveling and no story pretty much disqualify the game from being a blockbuster hit.
  11. Oct 13, 2015
    An opaque, minimalist RPG that demands much but will strike the right chords with a particular audience.
  12. 75
    The Legend of Legacy is an enjoyable RPG with a variety of unique concepts, but without a story to back it up, it frustrates just as much as it delights.
  13. Oct 9, 2015
    The Legend of Legacy is a unique JRPG with one of the best soundtracks in gaming is let down by its minimal story, repetition and some major performance issues.
  14. Feb 1, 2016
    The Legend of Legacy is one of those games you either love or hate. It has as many virtues as weaknesses, but it takes many risks to offer something different, and we think the experience is good enough to make its strengths prevail.
  15. Jan 27, 2016
    Long and hard but with a swallow history that bores long before ending the game. Also, it's not a particularly beautiful game.
  16. Oct 13, 2015
    We are facing an ambitious project that showcases several layers of deep game mechanics. With a high level of challenge and an exquisite art direction, it is overshadowed by its limited narrative, poor personality of the characters and the ambiguous leveling system.
  17. Oct 9, 2015
    The most ardent JRPG fans will find much to like; though casuals be warned: this is a grindy timesink. Even the rock-solid combat mechanics can’t offset how much grinding is present. In fact, it’s hard to recommend to an audience other than hardcore Japanese roleplaying game aficionados because of how many great RPGs have just come out or are getting ready to.
  18. Feb 26, 2016
    JRPG fans (especially Etrian Odyssey) will probably enjoy the good mechanics, but there's a lot of nasty grinding, and the progression system is sometimes really frustrating.
  19. Feb 1, 2016
    Enjoyable and frustrating in equal measure.
  20. Oct 28, 2015
    The Legend of Legacy is tantalizingly close to being a good game, but its anachronistic design is too much of an underdeveloped double-edged sword.
  21. Oct 9, 2015
    For the hardcore JRPG fans, There’s some good to be had here but only if you’re willing to wade though some pretty rough mechanics and difficulty.
  22. Mar 23, 2016
    The Legend of Legacy is an unorthodox RPG that focuses less on its narrative and plot and a lot more on the combat experience, as well as audio and visual environments. While lacking charisma and an overall involving universe, The Legend of Legacy will satisfy those looking for fun and addictive combats backed up by marvelous artwork and a magnificent soundtrack.
  23. Feb 17, 2016
    The Legend of Legacy takes an extremely thought through fighting system and does not do anything special with it. It is cute, but truly difficult and it takes a lot of perseverance and patience to continue playing this game, which does not really reward you for your hard work.
  24. Oct 20, 2015
    They say beauty is only skin deep, and in this case, there's definitely a lot of roughness under the surface.
  25. Oct 12, 2015
    Great mechanics, great graphics, good music, and a solid story don’t outweigh the steep difficulty and reliance on level-grinding.
  26. CD-Action
    May 1, 2016
    At first glance The Legend of Legacy offers everything a jRPG should offer, but its really complex and interesting combat system was watered down with tedious running around and leveling up to be able to progress. [04/2016, p.62]
  27. Oct 9, 2015
    The Legend of Legacy has nice character designs, beautiful backgrounds, good music, and some inventive mechanics. Unfortunately, the actual gameplay is repetitive and extremely shallow, the combat system is a slog with little character progression, and simple tasks like saving the game and walking from place to place are needlessly tedious. Without a good story or developed world to keep it interesting and no real way to improve your skills, there’s no reason to fight through to the end.
  28. Mar 4, 2016
    The Legend of Legacy has a fantastic art design, excellent music and some interesting mechanics. Unfortunately the gameplay is repetitive, the plot virtually nonexistent, the progression of the characters assigned to a random and arbitrary system. All features that will irritate fans of the genre.
  29. Feb 6, 2016
    The Legend of Legacy’s sub-par battle system really diminishes what is otherwise a decent experience.
  30. Mar 24, 2016
    The systems you encounter on this mysterious island expedition are interesting at first, but become tedious and dreary too fast.
  31. Oct 26, 2015
    The Legend of Legacy comes so close to be a compelling role-playing game, but it just doesn't do enough to earn the amount of patience it requires of players, let alone reward it.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 60 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 60
  2. Negative: 11 out of 60
  1. Oct 14, 2015
    A very nice, niche game - with an exceptional soundtrack - that will sadly be misunderstood by the many people who buy it expecting BravelyA very nice, niche game - with an exceptional soundtrack - that will sadly be misunderstood by the many people who buy it expecting Bravely Default. This game is not to be taken lightly as both its exploration and combat will repeatedly kick you in the teeth. It is very easy to miss key items and mini bosses will sneak up on you and kill your entire party in one hit. The story of the game is left bare an waits for you to discover it on your own as you explore the many regions of Avalon. Overall this is a game for those who love difficulty and hate all the hand holding in modern RPGs; to many this game will be a much needed breath of fresh air. Full Review »
  2. Oct 22, 2015
    At first glance, the art style looks like it's trying to be Bravely Default, and the critics' reviews make it sound like a shallow grind fest.At first glance, the art style looks like it's trying to be Bravely Default, and the critics' reviews make it sound like a shallow grind fest. Do not be fooled! If you are an RPG veteran that is looking for a truly unique battle system and you're tired of the same old 'boy from small village is the world's only hope' cliché, then this game was made for you.
    Legacy will not hold your hand because it wants to be discovered. Pick your favorite character and uncover the game's secrets along with them. Approach this game with an open mind and you will be rewarded with a deep and satisfying experience that will show up on all of the "Top 10 Underrated Games" lists of the major outlets that are currently letting it pass them by.
    Full Review »
  3. Oct 14, 2015
    Reminds me a lot of the Etrian Odyssey games. Only downside to the game is there is hardly any story. The music, gameplay, level and characterReminds me a lot of the Etrian Odyssey games. Only downside to the game is there is hardly any story. The music, gameplay, level and character design are all great. But with me being a guy that really likes story in his games I understand everyone's pain in not liking this game. I still recommend this game to all rpg players who don't need a story and love a good grind with a lot of difficulty.

    I also recommend the Etrian Odyssey Untold Story games to anyone who wants a similar game that is more story driven,
    Full Review »