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Summary: THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL expands on the original in every way with new gameplay modes, 221 songs, and over 60 playable characters. Featuring music that spans the full breadth of the storied FINAL FANTASY franchise, players tap along to the memorable beats and harmonies as the adorable, stylized characters battle and quest through their worlds.
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Rating: T
Developer: Indies Zero
Genre(s): Action, Miscellaneous, Rhythm, Music
Number of Online Players:2 Players
Cast Credit
Nobuo Uematsu Music Composer
Tetsuya Nomura Creative Producer
Noriko Matsueda Music Composer
Takahito Eguchi Music Composer
Shinji Hashimoto Executive Producer
Junya Nakano Music Composer
Naoshi Mizuta Music Composer
Kumi Tanioka Music Composer
Chris Borders Voice Director
Yoshitaka Hirota Sound Supervisor
Yasunori Mitsuda Music Composer
Hitoshi Sakimoto Music Composer
Alex Moresby Senior Localization Producer
Masashi Hamauzu Music Composer
Keiichi Kojima Movie Editor
Ryo Yamazaki Music Composer
Yoichi Wada Production Executive
Yosuke Matsuda Production Executive
Kenji Ito Music Composer
Takeharu Ishimoto Music Composer
Yutaka Sano Localization Director
Makoto Nakajima Programmer
Shinya Ebihara Programmer
Giichiro Matsumoto Chief Graphic Designer
Masanobu Suzui Director
Masataka Saito Sound Designer
Masayoshi Soken Music Composer
Yuichiro Takahashi Planner
Yoshiko Kikuchi Graphic Designer
Mitsuto Suzuki Music Composer
Keiji Honda Production Executive
Tsukasa Okayasu Planner
Ichiro Hazama Producer
Tatsuya Nonaka Project Manager
Yuki Matsumura Graphic Designer
Kaoru Kawaguchi Graphic Designer
Yoshiaki Ito Programmer
Yuko Sakae Project Assistant
Shihoko Karube Project Assistant
Elisa Giribaldi Localization Producer
Katharina Klamt Localization
Louise Macqueron Localization
Raquel Uzal-Gomez Localization
Wako Yokoyama Project Manager
Tsutomu Narita Sound Designer
Kazuki Hamamoto Project Manager
Yui Adachi Character Designer
Bailey Gambertoglio Voice: Moogle
Rui Kawada Project Manager
Ryuji Sasai Music Composer
Mitsuru Shinohara Planner
Erina Ohishi Planner
Tomoaki Hoshino Planner
Naoe Watabe Planner
Keiichi Takii Planner
Shuichi Kitamura Chief Programmer
Ryu Nakamura Programmer
Takahiro Matsuda Programmer
Keisuke Matsunuma Programmer
Tatsuo Kikuchi Programmer
Takenari Takayama Programmer
Akira Kozatani Programmer
Atsushi Aburano Chief 3d Graphic Designer
Aiko Inada Chief Menu Graphic Designer
Kyohei Imanishi Graphic Designer
Rie Matsushita Graphic Designer
Yuri Endo Graphic Designer
Masahiro Yanaka Graphic Designer
Taeko Kuroda Graphic Designer
Shouta Asai Graphic Designer
Mika Okauchi Graphic Designer
Megumi Nakaya Graphic Designer
Motohiro Umeki Line Producer
Kingyo Miyamoto Chief Sound Designer
Hiroyuki Maruyama Sound Designer
Syota Sakurai Sound Designer
Kazuma Ishii Sound Designer
Dario de Cesare Localization Project Manager
Guilia Isnenghi Localization
Jin Fujiwara Project Manager
Jillian Patricia Nonaka English Translation
Masayuki Ariga Assistant Localization Coordinator
Shingo Hosokawa Localization Manager
Kazuhisa Ichigaya Localization General Manager
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