Description: Here in Allenbeek Alchemy City, alchemy research has been actively carried out since ancient times, and has achieved unique development. However, that was also a story of the past - now, most of the residents are using SNS, socializing, and online shopping. Alchemy is neglected, and they spend their days immersed in technology! Due to the development of science and technology and the changing times, alchemy has become an obsolete product! "Alchemy is a wonderful technique...! It's a time-honored culture that shouldn't be obsolete!!" Childhood friend of the main character, Ruri, a junior who has gone on to study alchemy, Kanon, and Sara, who is only interested in her own research, try to revive alchemy by transmuting. However, they accidentally create a non-human girl with the ears and tail of a beast. A life created through alchemy -- a homunculus. With her birth as an opportunity, the city, the girls' wishes, and the age of alchemy, which was about to stop, begin to move again...


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