Description: 350 years in the future, we must unite and prepare to defeat a darkness which is about to consume our Galaxy. The extinction of the entire human race is almost upon us. We will depend on brave and skilled fighter pilots who have what it takes to join our elite forces and become a CDF Starfighter. CDF Starfighter is an exciting, fun, and beautifully detailed VR space combat simulator immersing players into the experience of a star fighter pilot. Inspired by games such as Freespace, wing commander and star wars, CDF Starfighter focuses purely on space combat with a pick up and play control system. Concentrating on space combat sims as they used to be, expect not only dog-fighting, but capital ships and a variety of diverse and fun missions and hours of VR fun.


  • PC
Initial Release Date: May 26, 2017
  • shaun Williams
Publisher: MAG Studios


Shaun Williams
Directed By
Jonathan Beetles
Cast: Fighter Pilot - Forrest
Steve Bourne
Cast: Fighter Pilot - Jenkins
Billy Brandon
Cast: Pilot Chatter
Jake Browning
Cast: CDF Churchill - Captain Dillek
Jonathan David Bullock
Cast: Training Instructor - Cpt Rogers
Calum C. Sutton
Cast: Pilot Chatter,Civilian
Shaun Phillip Cantwell
Cast: Fighter Pilot - Lock
Kamil Czechowski
Cast: Fighter Pilot - Limak
Scott Douglas
Cast: Pilot Chatter,Civilian
Desmond Edwards
Cast: Fighter Pilot - Dillon
Brandon Fague
Cast: Fighter Pilot - Miller
Ross K. Foad
Cast: Fighter Pilot - Fennings
Rob Hall
Cast: Peake Station - Captain Hutz
Jordan Hiscott
Cast: Fighter Pilot - Sterling
Karl Jenner
Cast: Pilot Chatter,Civilian
Ryan Lawton
Cast: CDF Cyclone - Captain Farrington
Marissa Lenti
Cast: CDF Nexus - Captain Kreel
Elijah Lucian
Cast: CDF Hurricane - Captain Steel
Timothy Charles Miller
Cast: Fighter Pilot - Jones
Cast: CDF Nemesis - Captain Gray
Michael Pullen
Cast: CDF Cyclone - Captain Pike
Janet Shay
Cast: Pilot Chatter,Civilian
Dean Michael Smith
Cast: CDF Tempest - Captain Franklin
W.D. Stevens
Cast: Fighter Pilot - Tyrell
Aaron Wacker
Cast: Pilot Chatter,Civilian
Shaun Phillip Cantwell
Produced By: producer
Shaun Williams
Produced By: executive producer
Shaun Williams