Description: Crash is back and ready to take on an all-new nefarious villain. After the events of Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure, Tropy, with the help of N. Trance, kidnaps Coco and Crunch, planning to brainwash them to the evil side. Now, Crash must travel to N. Trance's twisted realm, battle and rescue Coco and Crunch, and ultimately defeat N. Trance and N. Tropy. To achieve these goals, you must use all of Crash's spin, slide, and jumping abilities across 24 different levels. As you progress through the game, you'll find yourself flying a helicopter, water-skiing, and piloting a spaceship--all for the sake of saving your friends.


  • Game Boy Advance
Initial Release Date: Jan 7, 2003
  • Vicarious Visions
Publisher: Universal Interactive


Brendan O'Brien
Cast: Crash Bandicoot
David Siller
Cast: Aku Aku
Sean Krankel
Produced By: producer,producer: Universal Interactive
Michael Meischeid
Produced By: producer
Carlos Schulte
Produced By: associate producer,senior producer: Universal Interactive
Daniel Suarez
Produced By: senior producer,senior producer: Universal Interactive
Manfred Linzner
Sound: audio: Shin'en Multimedia
Jesse Booth
Production Management: project management
Michael Meischeid
Production Management: project management
Theodore Bialek
Art Department: graphics
Christopher Winters
Art Department: graphics
Yin Zhang
Art Department: graphics
Lauren Azeltine
manual layout and design
Luis Barriga
game design
James Galloway
quality assurance director
Chandra Hill
director of promotions: Universal Interactive
Craig Howe
senior product manager: Universal Interactive
Nicholas Longano
general manager: Universal Interactive
Chris Pruett
Neal Robison
vice president of production: Universal Interactive
Suzan Rude
director of production: Universal Interactive
Tobi Saulnier
vp of product development
Michael Scharnikow
associate product manager: Universal Interactive
Alex Skillman
director of product relations: Universal Interactive
Tim Stellmach
game design
Nate Trost
Jim Wilson
president: Universal Interactive