Description: Everyone yearns for immortality, and for ordinary people, the most coveted place is undoubtedly the Cultivating Immortals, a place of cultivation. It is said that the Cultivating Immortals was divided into eighteen territories by demon forces, where fairy grass was everywhere and demons were rampant. There are often powerful cultivators here who practice hard and eventually soar to the sky. This place not only contains treasures left by the ascending sages, but also those cultivators who bravely died here for immortality. Perhaps you will bravely kill demons due to a spiritual herb, a secret script, or a relic, or compete with your companions for resources. No matter what method you choose, you will embark on an unprecedented adventure where you will learn about Taoism, practice demon killing, and treasure hunting, all for the ultimate goal of immortality. Cultivating Immortals is a multiplayer game, cultivation game, and competitive game. Including: lifespan system, realm system, combat system, magic system, mount system, boss system, drop treasure system, chat system, legacy system, and multi scenario PVE.


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Jan 19, 2024
  • Goode Model
Publisher: Goode Model