Description: (Also known as "Vampire Chronicle") Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower possesses a compelling cast of monster warriors, each possessing their own unique fighting skills and abilities including Demitri Maximoff, the Vampire; Jonathan Talbain, the English Werewolf; Victor von Gerdenheim, the Frankenstein Monster; Lord Raptor, an Australian undead hard rocker; Anakaris, the Mummy; Rikuo, a Brazilian Merman; Sasquatch, the Canadian Snowman; and Felicia, the Cat Woman. Arcade Mode is a seamless conversion where players must defeat numerous CPU-controlled characters. Training Mode gives gamers the option to choose their favorite character and hone their skills. Network Mode allows friends to engage in two different wireless head-to-head networked battles: verses or limit battle. Verses offers true two-player competitive matches. Limit Battle randomly assigns a handicap to both challengers, forcing them to strategize their moves in order to claim victory. In the new Tower Mode, select three characters from the extensive roster and ascend to the pinnacle of a mysterious tower where many opponents await upon each floor. The course taken and fighting conditions will change dynamically based on performance during the multitude of one-on-one battles. Pitting the right competitor against an opponent will be the key to success. [Capcom]


  • PSP
Initial Release Date: Mar 24, 2005
  • Capcom
Publisher: Capcom


Yuki Furukawa
Directed By
Isshin Chiba
Cast: Jedah
Nobuyuki Hiyama
Cast: Demitri,Donovan,Pyron
Yayoi Jinguji
Cast: Morrigan
Hiroko Konishi
Cast: Lillith
Miyuki Matsushita
Cast: Bulleta
Michiko Neya
Cast: Lei Lei
Kan Tokumaru
Cast: Anakaris
Yûji Ueda
Cast: Zabel
Minae Matsukawa
Produced By: producer
Tatsuya Minami
Produced By: executive producer
Chihiro Arisaka
Sound: sound
Kinu Nishimura
Art Department: illustrator
Shoei Okano
Art Department: title logo designer
Masanori Kumakiri
game designer
Atsushi Manobe
game designer
Kaoru Mizoguchi
game designer
Yohei Okai
game designer
Hideki Tada
game designer
Ryusuke Watanabe
game designer
Takahiro Yamamoto
game designer
Masakatsu Yanagi
game designer