Description: Suit up as the DC Super Hero Girls and save Metropolis. Join the fight as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl from the animated series DC Super Hero Girls, and save Metropolis from some of DC’s most notorious Super-Villains! Each hero can battle baddies with a unique set of abilities: Wonder Woman uses her warrior skills with the Lasso of Truth and Flying Shield, Supergirl has Heat Vision and Super-Breath, and Batgirl can invent crime-fighting gadgets like the Batarang and Bat-Hook. But when you’re not out fighting crime, you have to balance the super life with their lives as teenagers! Freely explore the city as teenage Super Heroes Don’t forget to meet up at the best hangout spots from the show like Metropolis High School and Sweet Justice, which also happen to be great places where you can snap photos to share on Superstapost. But stay alert because you always have to protect your secret identity and you might even run into some of the city’s most mischievous Super-Villains like Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Star Sapphire.


  • Nintendo Switch
Initial Release Date: Jun 4, 2021
Publisher: Nintendo


Kimberly Brooks
Cast: Bumblebee,Karen Beecher
Grey Griffin
Cast: Wonder Woman,Diana Prince,Giganta,Lois Lane
Mallory Low
Cast: Livewire,Leslie Willis
Cristina Milizia
Cast: Poison Ivy,Pamela Isley
Cassandra Lee Morris
Cast: Lena Luthor
Charlie Schlatter
Cast: Toyman
Jason Spisak
Cast: Hal Jordan
Tara Strong
Cast: Batgirl,Barbara Gordon,Harley Quinn,Harley Quinzel
Nicole Sullivan
Cast: Supergirl,Kara Danvers
Cree Summer
Cast: Catwoman,Selina Kyle
Myrna Velasco
Cast: Green Lantern,Jessica Cruz
Kari Wahlgren
Cast: Zatanna,Zee Zatara,Star Sapphire,Carol Ferris
Shuntaro Furukawa
Produced By: executive producer: Nintendo
Toyokazu Nonaka
Produced By: producer: Nintendo
Yasuhiro Wada
Produced By: producer: TOYBOX Inc.
Pam Lifford
Production Management: president/global brands/franchise/experiences: DC