Description: Play solo or with up to 4 friends in this fun Colony-Building, Automation, Defense adventure. Clone the first Dinky and start gathering Food. But Dinkys are not useless, give them some tasks like Gathering Resources or Crafting Objects. Grow your Colony with the help of Dinkys, Research new Tech and build Automated machines. Machines are much faster than Dinkys, they require Power instead of Food. Build a Rocket and launch into outer space to colonize other worlds! Each world has its own biomes with different resources. Set up your supply chains between worlds and make sure everything is working at maximum efficiency! The world is full of dangers, Zumbys spawn at night and the thing they like most to do is eat Dinkys, don't let that happen! Use Smart Mines or Towers with all kinds of Ammo to keep the Dinkys safe. Repopulate the entire galaxy with Dinkys and fully automate everything with Machines so that the Dinkys can live their lives in peace!


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Oct 2, 2023
  • Endless Loop Studios
Publisher: Endless Loop Studios