Sonic Shuffle

  • Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Nov 13, 2000
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 41 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 41
  2. Negative: 5 out of 41
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  1. Dec 26, 2019
    Was Sonic's attempt at the Mario Party formula a good one? No, not really. The gameplay isn't as fun, since it's more predictable, less frantic, more boring, and there aren't as many minigames to reduce the tedium. Not that the minigames are that good, anyway. The story is decent and the game didn't have as much to compete with, but it could've been much better.
  2. Feb 8, 2013
    I thought the cell-shaded art style looked pretty cool, As party games go it's definately worth playing. Some of the mini-games could've been done better but overall it's a good game.
  3. Jun 28, 2020
    Eh, It's mediocre at best. The minigames are alright and sometimes actually fun. I'd recommend to play this with friends other than by yourself because the game gets boring. Overall if you wanna play a fun minigame collection like mario party, I'd recommend this. 6/10
  4. Aug 28, 2020
    It wasn't terrible but wasn't amazing either. There's an obvious lift off of Mario Party here but it salvages itself by having vastly different mini games and different structure for the game.

    The game is a C. It's worth giving it a try on a multi player night but it may just leave your guests asking for a round of Mario Party instead.
  5. May 1, 2022
    Mario party but sonic sums the game up half decently. It has adventures graphics and it runs decently. But there is next to nothing in sonic shuffle that you couldn't get in better condition somewhere else. Regardless, its fun to play with friends and at the end of day, isn't that what video games are all about.

Awards & Rankings

#4 Most Discussed Dreamcast Game of 2000
#5 Most Shared Dreamcast Game of 2000

Mixed or average reviews - based on 21 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 21
  2. Negative: 8 out of 21
  1. Dreamcast HQ
    If you intend on playing by yourself, don't expect to win anytime soon. The computer players are cheap, if not downright nasty.
  2. CNET Gamecenter
    A game that blends all the fun of a long tedious board game with the excitement of staring at a loading screen!
  3. Antagonist
    With a lot of creativity, Sonic Team has taken the boardgame to the digital age, and made a fun, sometimes frustrating board game that is a lot more than throwing some dice and moving around a rectangle.