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  1. On the surface, AlphaBounce appears to be the umpteenth generic Arkanoid clone, but looks can deceive! It offers far more content than any other iteration of the game, and will keep you entertained far longer, especially with the customizable envelopes and balls. We're quite confident in saying that this is perhaps the best Arkanoid-esque game ever made.
  2. 90
    Brick-breaking games are one of the oldest types of videogames, but Alpha Bounce is an exciting and contemporary take on the genre. Five bucks gets you thousands of levels, an addictive upgrade system, and manic arcade action. Download this.
  3. 90
    AlphaBounce is by far one of the most extensive, in-depth puzzle experiences on the DSiWare service and is most definitely an essential purchase.
  4. The amount of content in AlphaBounce is immense.
  5. 88
    AlphaBounce is an excellent update of the classic brick-breaker concept, and the adventure engages the player.
  6. 85
    Hopefully this proves to be a massive success because with this solid a framework to build on, a sequel could be more addictive than crack!
  7. 85
    It seems that adding RPG elements into any type of genre is a great move. It worked for other games, and it works for AB.
  8. The block-breaking format somehow still has more to offer in this exploration-based RPG, where each section of the outer-space map is its own Arkanoid-type challenge.
  9. Tied in with the absorbing and unique practice of continually upgrading your ship by collecting enhancements (after all, there can’t be many Breakout-clones which afford the paddle their own inventory screen?!) and AlphaBounce is an excellent advertisment for what can be done with ancient concepts given a fresh aesthetic (or: how creating a surface impression of depth can hide innate repetition).
  10. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    It does as much as it could with a genre that's older than most people reading this. [June 2010, p.96]
  11. Word is you have to use the stylus, and the speed of the game is extremely slow for a Breakout clone. But aside that, it's really easy and you can play a lot of levels. Solid game for low price.
  12. When it's firing on all cylinders, AlphaBounce can be a riotous diversion; full of inventive ideas and bold scope, the potential's clearly there. But rather than make a tight, focused design that continually entertains, MotionTwin waste far too much of your time.
  13. With its 10-15s loading times... and its botched interface, AlphaBounce doesn’t even try to seduce players.
  14. AlphaBounce successfully incorporates RPG elements into the brick-breaking genre, but doesn't supply the gameplay to back it up.

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  1. Dec 30, 2011
    AlphaBounce is a revolutionary revival of a dying formula called Arkanoid. The ability to upgrade your padde and ball adds strategic depth,AlphaBounce is a revolutionary revival of a dying formula called Arkanoid. The ability to upgrade your padde and ball adds strategic depth, and there is a COLOSSAL amount of stages available. Full Review »