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  1. Positive: 55 out of 57
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  1. The online multiplayer provides for limitless possibilities for handheld gaming, allowing its participants to access a miniature world where individual style and interactivity reign supreme.
  2. 100
    Animal Crossing tends to take over your imagination and you start wondering what is happening in your town at all hours of the day and night, because life never stops in Animal Crossing. Be warned, it can become an obsession.
  3. AceGamez
    An absolutely essential purchase for every DS owner, and I defy anyone to play it for a week and not to become completely and utterly addicted to it.
  4. Nintendo Power
    Truly exceptional. [Jan 2006, p.109]
  5. What really makes the difference, though, is that Animal Crossing: Wild World is one of the first games to take advantage of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, allowing players worldwide to travel to other players' towns.
  6. netjak
    An amazing gaming experience. It has something for everyone: fishing, bug hunting, philanthropy (i.e. donating fossils to the museum), epistolatory madness, costume design, music composition, empire building and much more.
  7. NGC Magazine UK
    The ultimate Animal Crossing: despite its familiarity, this retains the ability to charm your socks off. [Apr 2006, p.34]
  8. With no big battles, mesmerizing graphics, or frustrating challenges, Animal Crossing plummets the player into a new, relaxed world, where your only concerns are to meet the animals, find all species of fish and bugs, excavate ancient fossils, and of course, pay your seemingly endless mortgage to Tom Nook.
  9. Speaking of navigation, another reason this game is so wonderful is that every last thing you do can be done using your stylus. Typing, walking, drawing, organizing – it’s just a tap or stroke away.
  10. It's like a digital version of Royston Vasey: the same things happening week by week, a set of unnerving neighbours - but you really will never leave. [GamesMaster]
  11. Sure, anyone can design their own “Pen Fifteen” flag and t-shirt in real life. But only in Animal Crossing: Wild World can a designer rest assured that the fat blue pig next door is actually wearing that shirt.
  12. It is also a game that is meant to be played for smaller amounts of time, but over a greater period, since there is so much dependent on calendar dates and times of day.
  13. Nintendo ports over the hugely addictive GameCube sim, and adds more features and online play to the DS. A definite addition to your DS gaming library.
  14. Pelit (Finland)
    About living the life of a cute animal in real-time. The imaginative gameplay is as delightfully Nintendo-like as ever. Sit back and relax either on your own or with friends. [Mar 2006]
  15. 90
    Whether you are a fan of the previous titles or not, the wonderfully incorporated real-time system combined with the villager’s emotional-pull creates a world that has the potential to alter your sleep patterns and actually intertwine and weave its presence into your daily lives.
  16. A loveable game that delights long after others have faded from memory.
  17. Sure, it's not all perfect - there's still only a finite number of things to do in a day and the upper screen doesn't serve much purpose beyond a dedicated place to put sky - but you'll be so powerless to abandon Wild World's idyllic charms, you really won't care.
  18. Animal Crossing is less of a game than a way of life; and life is something you have to experience for yourself, rather than have it described to you vicariously.
  19. 90
    It's strangely engrossing, almost therapeutic in its mundanity.
  20. 90
    Animal Crossing on DS is as addictive as ever. What it lacks -- multiple homeowners, NES games, boating to the island -- it makes up for with wireless multiplayer, touch screen control, and the little additions.
  21. 90
    It's endlessly addictive, and thanks to its design, it'll be a long time before you run out of things to do in it. Thanks to the brilliant translation, it's also one of the funniest games that I've playing in some time.
  22. The best part about it is that there's something new going on every day, whether it's a new neighbor moving in, a nasty snowstorm on the horizon, or a holiday party at City Hall.
  23. Inexplicably fun, pure and simple.
  24. 90
    Animal Crossing isn't for everyone, but the Nintendo DS realisation of the game is absolutely brilliant, but not - I might add - without its flaws, most of which are thankfully forgivable.
  25. A 'merely' very good game that’s addictive, original, relaxing and exceptionally well-designed, and will literally keep you coming back for months.
  26. Wild World is a game you’re going to be addicted to for years, there’s always something to do if you play in short breaks and wi-fi connectivity increases Wild World’s replay value. [JPN Import]
  27. Game Informer
    The stylus makes selling items (now in bulk!), designing clothes, and writing letters a snap. [Dec 2005, p.186]
  28. 88
    The game's ability to give the players a sense of accomplishment with all that you can do and experience is enormously rewarding and, at least to me, incredibly addictive.
  29. A game that will last forever. Regardless of whether you have human friends or are just playing the game alone, it will likely last you a long, long time.
  30. Possibly one of the greatest titles ever released on the Nintendo DS system.
  31. Just don't expect a lot of action and to truly savor the experience, limit your playing to an hour or two a day. Think of this game as a huge, living canvas for you to express yourself with.
  32. It's animals: A whole town filled of animals you'll be exchanging words with to get things and to get things done. New items to collect, new bugs, fishes, and more to score, new characters to meet, new things to do, and at last online takes Animal Crossing a step ahead the previous iteration failed to accomplish.
  33. 85
    Animal Crossing: Wild World can be summed up in two words: Time sucker.
  34. 85
    The only real downside to this enjoyable game is that it failed to optimise on what it had available to it.
  35. Animal Crossing is simple and that is its strength. It is also engrossing, addictive, and really, really fun.
  36. 85
    It just seemed to me that for every good addition to the DS game, they left out a good thing or failed to fix a problem that was evident in the first.
  37. An engaging and compelling life simulator with a quirkiness about itself that young and old will love to play.
  38. Wild World doesn't toy with the original Animal Crossing formula, but simply being able to take your town with you on the go makes it an easy recommendation.
  39. This game is great because you can’t ignore the fact that you will never have so much fun doing chores, running errand for neighbors, and paying bills.
  40. The original Animal Crossing was touted as a game about social interactivity, but Animal Crossing: Wild World is even moreso.
  41. Animal Crossing: Wild World doesn’t do anything extraordinary, but it’s highly addicting nonetheless.
  42. For those that want a more relaxed game experience devoid of that “Go! Go! Go!” mentality, you’ll feel quite at home in Animal Crossing: Wild World.
  43. 80
    While none of these issues hold the game back from a playability standpoint, Wild World is closer to an enhanced port than an extravagant sequel.
  44. Most Crossing fans won't mind the clunky interface or the lack of other upgrades because there's so much inherent charm seeping through the DS' speakers.
  45. A game quite unlike any other, a game that is wonderfully Nintendo at heart; Animal Crossing: Wild World will either leave a lasting impression, becoming part of your daily routine or have you questioning what the fuss is all about right from the start.
  46. 80
    It never feels limited, or that you've "done everything"; the game is designed in a such a dynamic and charming manner that while playing you're not only investing your efforts, but also being rewarded for coming back.
  47. What Animal Crossing: Wild World does is an amazing job of pulling you into the experience. A majority of the game is crafted with so much authentic human precision, detail and personality that the end result is something that makes you feel inadequate if you don't return the same effort when actually playing.
  48. Edge Magazine
    Despite the familiarity, the longer you spend in your scaled-down village, the more you’re soothed into a gentle, constructive daydream which is every bit as charming as in all its other incarnations. [Jan 2005, p.89]
  49. I'm playing this version through with, if you can't tell, my girlfriend, and the aspect of simply playing the game with others, either on the same cart, of across Wi-Fi, is a whole new experience, one absolutely fraught with joy, laughter and loveliness.
  50. It is a game that doesn’t take much time to play making it perfect for traveling and short trips.
  51. Unusual and delightful. You know you are hooked when you cannot wait to see what your furry friends are up to, or spend hours crafting letters or building the museum collection.
  52. Computer Games Magazine
    Wild World is more of an expansion than a sequel. The DS version adds online play and a camera that follows you instead of one that shifts from screen to screen. [Mar 2006, p.89]
  53. I guarantee nine out of 10 fans of the original "AC" will be disappointed with this one. Oh, we'll still spend hours with it, sucked into its insanity, but this certainly isn't the sequel we were hoping for. [Jan 2005, p.132]
  54. After three years, a major hardware shift and a hungry audience, Animal Crossing: Wild World doesn't add anything new to the great original formula.
  55. 75
    There are no ogres to impale, no weapons (unless a fishing pole counts as a weapon), no panty-flashing fights between Amazons. Like your stoner brother, the game is a little too laid back for its own good, doesn't have any goals, and it farts like muffler-less Buick whenever it eats peanuts.
  56. 70
    For the gamer that likes to live double or triple lives, or for an original Animal Crossing fan, this is a game to pick up. However, for the gamer that demands fast-paced action, storyline, and an imperative need for an ending, this may not be the best game to play.
  57. It may sound mundane, but there are enough winning touches to make the game very playable in short bursts.

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  1. DonnaS.
    May 7, 2008
    I LOVE this game. I'm 62 and my daughter got me started with it on my birthday, in February.
  2. Mar 14, 2017
    Graphics - 8
    Music - 10
    Gameplay - 9 Content - 10 Personal Fun - 10 Difficulty - 1
    Graphics - 8
    Music - 10
    Gameplay - 9
    Content - 10
    Personal Fun - 10
    Difficulty - 1 .
    Full Review »
  3. NicciL
    Feb 10, 2009
    I love this game. Both my children play too, we love the fun of just fishing & harvesting fruit, collecting fossils and growing flowers. A I love this game. Both my children play too, we love the fun of just fishing & harvesting fruit, collecting fossils and growing flowers. A great game that is not understood until you've played a while and then you get totally hooked. Full Review »