• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Oct 7, 2008

Generally favorable reviews - based on 28 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 28
  2. Negative: 0 out of 28
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  1. A well rounded game. It had the “hot key” feature that I love for those of us who fail miserably at those button combos. Being able to play all the characters from the previous title plus several key characters from previous seasons of the show is definitely a big plus.
  2. With its cracking fighting mechanics and excellent multiplayer options, Bleach: Dark Souls lives up to the very high standards of the beat-'em up series on DS.
  3. 90
    Not just in the fighting genre, this is one of the best games on Nntendo DS, and this is saying a lot if we consider the huge portfolio of the console. We hope the other two Bleach installments currently on the way for Nintendo DS arrive Europe in this way: perfectly translated to Spanish and keeping is fun online mode.
  4. Dark Souls is very similar to The Blade of Fate with improvements. Still one of the best fighting games currently available on the DS. Addictive? Definently!
  5. Bleach: Dark Souls improves the last game offering a better playing experience. A good working in the gameplay give us the best 2D fighting game on Nintendo DS. An excellent playability thanks to easy executions in the combos, variety game modes and a faithfully to the manganime. A must-have for the followers of the classical 2D fighting games and for the lovers of the franchise.
  6. Nintendo Power
    The action-game geniuses at Treasure have managed to make the game both accessible and challenging and add enough story, Spirit Cards, and characters to justify this sequel. [Nov 2008, p.100]
  7. 85
    Bleach: Dark Souls may feel late to the party for those of you that import, or keep a keen eye on the Japanese gaming scene (even if you don't directly participate), but despite the gigantic gap between Bleach Japanese and US releases, there's still no denying that Dark Souls is one of the best pocket fighters out there, and a seriously impressive package on DS.
  8. It's a pretty solid follow-up to the original, and it still stands as one of the best, if not the best, fighter on the DS system.
  9. Dark Souls is the natural evolution of The Blade of Fate, adding more characters, new cards and an improved story mode. Even if you don't like the anime, Dark Souls is perfect for anyone who wants a complex and great fighting game for the DS.
  10. While you won’t find anything totally new in this new entry to the Bleach DS fighting series, you’ll definitely find a greatly polished piece of work that has basically improved upon every aspect that made the game both great and somewhat flawed.
  11. This title has the great control and excellent assortment of play modes that made the original title so impressive, and it adds more characters and a new story mode to make the whole experience feel new.
  12. 83
    Bleach: Dark Souls will surely appeal to both fighter fans and anime devotees. The learning curve's gradual enough for casual players, while the varied, complex game mechanics will definitely please seasoned fighting-game vets.
  13. If it wasn’t for the card system, the game would’ve rocked even more for us while experienced Bleach connoisseurs will find the perfect system to use them. Still, Bleach: Dark Souls remains a good fighting game. Of course, anyone who knows the franchise from A to Z will definitely enjoy it more than us.
  14. It’s still one of the best fighting games on the DS. While that might not be saying much in that context, it’s still got plenty going for it.
  15. 80
    All things considered, I'd have to say that Dark Souls is a much better (if largely similar) game than Blade of Fate.
  16. 80
    The only thing working against Bleach: Dark Souls is familiarity. You've seen most of these options before in Blade of Fate. Aside from that, this is a true winner for fans of the anime, Treasure fanatics and fighting purists.
  17. Bleach: Dark Souls improves upon what was already a fantastic game, and belongs in your fighting game collection.
  18. There’s not much of a single-player mode beyond the typical arcade, survival, and a weird story mode that doesn’t follow any Bleach plotline we’ve ever read. But the online multiplayer performs remarkably well, and makes up for it beautifully.
  19. games(TM)
    A simple setup that gives way to complexity the more you experiment with the game’s higher levels of play. [Apr 2009, p.120]
  20. A largely unnecessary sequel to what is still the best beat 'em-up on the DS – or indeed any portable.
  21. If you look at the package as a whole, you will see that the best of the game is precisely the fighting system and the fun you can get while playing it with friends, or if you are lucky enough to get into an Online match. Fans of the series will probably find in Urahara an entertainment for long hours.
  22. It's encouraging to see despite the depressing flood of casual 'me too' titles the DS is afflicted with some developers can still use the machine to create a suitably hardcore experience.
  23. Despite its short story mode, Bleach: Dark Souls is a great Beat 'em up, because of its numerous fighters and a great multiplayer part.
  24. 80
    Thanks to additional characters and some enhanced gameplay, animations and modes. Bleach: Dark Souls is a worthy sequel to Bleach: The Blade of Fate that fans of Bleach and fighting games should not miss.
  25. Nintendo Gamer
    A great Bleach 'thing' but it lacks the grace that holds the show's combat together. [June 2009, p.70]
  26. AceGamez
    Bleach: Dark Souls is a great 2D beat 'em up for hardcore fighting fans but I can't see it bringing in many new converts to the genre.
  27. This is a great 2D fighting experience for the DS. With impressive graphics and entertaining super moves this is definitely something that Bleach fans will enjoy. There are few new features to be found here when compared to the predecessor though. A multiplayer mode that only requires one cartridge is a big plus for the experience.
  28. Bleach: Dark Souls is a good fighting game, focusing on the most important aspect: its playability. It might no be revolutionary, but it's a good game considering that it's based on a license.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 20 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 20
  2. Negative: 3 out of 20
  1. Feb 19, 2020
    After initially having a negative review of the game, I started over and got used to the controls with the arcade mode. The arcade mode isAfter initially having a negative review of the game, I started over and got used to the controls with the arcade mode. The arcade mode is entirely too short for being on normal, but the controls are actually pretty easy to pick up after a little bit of practice. The story mode is a little hard to follow as someone who doesn’t know the story of Bleach already, but it’s at least simple enough for me not to be completely lost. Full Review »
  2. Feb 19, 2016
    Bleach dark souls is a very fun fighter for the ds, there are alot of great characters and alot of your favorite bankais are in here evenBleach dark souls is a very fun fighter for the ds, there are alot of great characters and alot of your favorite bankais are in here even ikkaku's bankai, story takes place right after the events of saving rukia and is basically like a filler in the series, this game feels great, fighting is tight very responsive, character roster is very large, a very flushed out story mode, arcade mode, survival mode, versus the only negatives i have to say this game has is the inclusion of worthless characters, you can play as a nurse and a random soul reaper who throws rocks and little hollows who serve no purpose, there are sometimes slowdowns when you fight with four people on the screen only happened in the final fight, but other than that a great game and worth owning ! Full Review »
  3. [Anonymous]
    Oct 14, 2008
    Sweet game, i love bleach,but feels more of an expansion from blade of fate and some character choices were terrible.