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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 70
  2. Negative: 5 out of 70
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  1. What impressed me the most was the quality of the music. While not as pristine as you'll hear on a Dolby Digital console, the DS boasts some impressive quality, and if you pipe it through a home stereo (or a Thunderbox Amp) you can really punch up the bass and immerse yourself in the concert experience.
  2. 90
    Even though Guitar Hero: On Tour might not feel like playing guitar, it definitely feels like playing Guitar Hero: it’s an excellent portable representation of the full experience, and it’s incredibly hard to think of any way to do it better than how Vicarious Visions did it.
  3. 90
    It's perfect for quick sessions and there's enough content to keep you satisfied for a long while. If you take your DS with you everywhere you go, you definitely should put this on your shopping list.
  4. Guitar Hero: On Tour does a great job of bringing the Guitar Hero experience to the Nintendo DS.
  5. Guitar Hero: On Tour is more than Activision trying to cash in on the success of the now legendary gaming franchise; it's a solid product that can stand on its own.
  6. But despite these major differences, On Tour stands tall on its own as a fantastic portable music game.
  7. 87
    Just about the perfect interpretation of the series in handheld form. I cannot imagine a better way to do it and I would love to see them continue to expand on the idea.
  8. It will take a little getting used to the Guitar Grip, and you do need to remember to take breaks. However, if you do this you will be rewarded with a fun Guitar Hero game on the go. Rock on!
  9. 85
    Guitar Hero on the DS is an ambitious idea which could’ve easily failed but here we are with those ambitions fulfilled. Rock on, Vicarious Visions; let’s hear an encore soon.
  10. Games Master UK
    Combines two of our favourite travelling pastimes - gaming and music - to great effect. [Sept 2008, p.74]
  11. Very solid and well put together, though an odd choice for a handheld. Recommended for big GH fans and casual gamers.
  12. It's awesome to be able to play Guitar Hero wherever you are, the song list is nice and varied (though too short), and the gameplay is almost perfect. The only downsides are you may get some serious tendinitis in your wrist if you play for too long, and the game feels like you're playing Guitar Hero rather than an actual guitar, which is the biggest attraction for the console counterparts.
  13. Of course, you can’t match the exact same rock n’ roll experience of holding a guitar in your hands but it comes very close. So remember: find a comfortable way to hold the DS and grip before playing and rock the hell out of it.
  14. So Guitar Hero On Tour manages to be more than a pimping out of the series and more than just a dumbed-down version of its console cousins.
  15. It's not the most comfortable way to play, but it is very effective way to jam with.
  16. 80
    Guitar Hero has been a smash hit on the consoles, and while many people scoffed at the idea of a DS version, Activision has proven that the series can thrive in a portable setting.
  17. It doesn't offer nearly the same social experience as the console version, and you will have to learn to find a comfortable, still position to play the game in, but if you can work past those initial issues, you're in for a rockin' good time.
  18. So, On Tour is not the best game and the series and does little to progress the franchise, but Guitar Hero fans now have a decent distraction while away from home.
  19. Nintendo Power
    That's why Guitar Hero: On Tour is so exciting--it's Guitar Hero on the go, played a bit differently, with more emphasis on picking than fretwork (though there's still plenty of that). [Sept 2008, p.87]
  20. Equally addicting as its older brothers. But not suited for long sessions as you might find yourself with a cramped wrist at the end of the day. Some nice new features and a solid tracklist, although it lacks some variation. A succesful conversion.
  21. AceGamez
    Save for a few minor issues, Guitar Hero: On Tour is right on target and suits the handheld format wonderfully.
  22. Nintendo Gamer
    The grip makes it feel like more of a silly Guitar Hero toy than a hardcore contender, but hand cramps aside, this is a thoughtful adaptation for DS. [Oct 2008, p.63]
  23. Not perfect, but great entertainment on the go.
  24. While the flight does get bumpy at times due to some wrist issues and limited song choices the overall experience is still intact.
  25. Guitar Hero: On Tour is the first time that the franchise has made it to the Nintendo DS and overall it does so with a big splash.
  26. The implementation of the system and peripheral is inventive, but its somewhat lackluster set list and poor audio quality strike at the core of the experience. Still, if you’re the person that imported Ouendan (when-dan) from Japan or just can’t get enough of the series, hop on the tour bus.
  27. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    This feels more like Guitar Hero Lite than a proper instalment in the classic rhythm action series. [Sept 2008, p.78]
  28. A weak song selection and poor audio quality make On Tour a good travel-friendly game, but not a standalone franchise maker.
  29. In the end, Guitar Hero: On Tour is a blast to play with friends or alone, but it's hard to shake the feeling that any videogame not called Track and Field should be such a physical endurance challenge.
  30. Still, it's an ingenious piece of technology that means addicts never have to leave Guitar Hero at home.
  31. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    The experience is not as fun as with plastic guitars. But it’s a well thought game to take advantage of the DS, with the help of the Guitar Grip. It’s a shame that the limitations of the console itself became an obstacle to the fun factor, making you struggle with the size of the console and the cramps on your hand. [Aug 2008]
  32. This is no cut-down, dumbed-down version of its full sized counterparts. Guitar Hero: On Tour goes to great lengths to prove you can make beautiful music - and a real ass of yourself - absolutely anywhere.

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  1. Mar 2, 2017
    For a portable version of Guitar Hero, is really well done. The Guitar Grip is really comfortable, the gameplay is really funny and the songFor a portable version of Guitar Hero, is really well done. The Guitar Grip is really comfortable, the gameplay is really funny and the song list is acceptable. Full Review »
  2. GeoffT.
    Aug 10, 2008
    This would be a top tier title if not for a few missing elements. At the top of the list is the inconsistent strumming, in a game requiringThis would be a top tier title if not for a few missing elements. At the top of the list is the inconsistent strumming, in a game requiring guitar hero level precision, anything that doesn't work 100% of the time is completely inexcusable. The selection of tracks is also for the most part terrible. there are maybe seven out of the 25 that could be called excellent, and at least 12 are absolutely awful tracks that completely ruin the experience. The biggest problem, however, is that Vicarious visions are even worse at designing tracks than neversoft, which renders even the best tracks completely boring to play. this is not worth a purchase. Full Review »
  3. AlexanderOwen
    Aug 10, 2008
    I don't like rock musi and only like a few of the songs, but this game is one og the best games i have ever played on. I do notI don't like rock musi and only like a few of the songs, but this game is one og the best games i have ever played on. I do not understand how low the critic reviews are but this game is a must have, and I would highy recommend this game to all ds game buyers. Full Review »