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  1. If you don't play Kirby Super Star Ultra, you're missing a great game. It looks great, it plays great, and there's lots of variety. What more could you want?
  2. 91
    Kirby and company are just too damn cute and cheerful. If Smash Bros. piqued your interest, Ultra's your next step.
  3. Nintendo Power
    It's rare for a title to achieve truly universal appeal, but it's hard to think of any gamer who wouldn't enjoy Kirby Super Star Ultra, and with 15 games in one, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better deal. [Nov 2008, p.100]
  4. Nintendo puts a lot of care and attention into its handheld ports and remakes, and Kirby Superstar has aged very well over the years.
  5. With all the small issues asides, Kirby Super Star Ultra is still a magnificent title.
  6. 90
    Kirby fans and lovers of the platform genre in general should certainly not miss out.
  7. Kirby Super Star Ultra is really just an enhanced port of an old game, but that doesn't mean it's bad. It's actually quite good.
  8. Kirby Super Star Ultra is a perfect example of how to update a game. With its improved visuals, added cinematics, additional single-player content, new twists on the original's gameplay, and a competent multiplayer aspect Ultra delivers an excellent and modernized remake of a classic title.
  9. It doesn't do a whole lot more than what was done in the original, but what has always been there has withstood the test of time so well, and most of the new content is just as fun as the old.
  10. While it won’t win huge awards, this new and improved version of a forgotten classic comes in a time where Nintendo fans are patiently waiting for the return of their favourite pink-puffed character. Fear not, this addictive game will not only keep you busy until a true new Kirby arrives but will also make you regret not playing it twelve years ago.
  11. 83
    I’d suggest opting to playing with a friend, although if you have a friend to play the game with, you might as well stick to the main collection as they are significantly more enjoyable.
  12. Super Star's been widely held as the best Kirby game ever, so with everything it had plus seven more games, Ultra becomes the new top pick. This is indeed Kirby at his best, so even those who've yet to sample the Mega Man meets Mario gameplay should give it a try.
  13. If you haven’t played Kirby Super Star, this is a great remake that should definitely give you an experience—just don’t expect any of the features from the previous two Kirby games on the DS.
  14. Kirby Super Star isn't the pinnacle of gaming some remember it to be, but it's still a clever, approachable, and entertaining game.
  15. Everything that made the original Super Star has, for the most part, survived the journey, and luckily, most of the additions truly add to the game, rather than bloat it.
  16. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Great fun while it's just a shame that this isn't very long. If you don't mind easy games, go for it. [Dec 2008, p.68]
  17. Kirby Super Star Ultra is a good example of how to update a game. Great fun!
  18. Super Star Ultra is one of the best entries in the Kirby franchise. It has everything you can expect from it: cute graphics, instant fun and great playability.
  19. 79
    It's not as creative as "Kirby's Canvas Curse", but it's not as "by the numbers" formulaic as "Kirby's Squeak Squad."
  20. Kirby Super Star Ultra is a solid port of a 16-bit original.
  21. In spite of the minor issues, diehard Kirby fans shouldn’t stop themselves from inhaling Super Star Ultra.
  22. To sum this is a platform certainly valid and worthy of being played by both fans of the genre, both by novice players. You take away those who want the challenge at all costs and who does not love the game particularly colorful and sugary. It will not be original as Kirby: Power Paintbrush, but the fun is guaranteed.
  23. This Kirby remake is still a pretty fun game with classic solid gameplay of every Nintendo's platform, suggested to people that missed it during Super NES era and to all the genre lovers.
  24. The low challenge means the title has a relatively low lifespan, but you can get a solid week or so out of chasing down all the treasures and playing the minigames.
  25. 75
    Kirby Super Star Ultra is a fantastic revisit to one of the Super NES's best 2D platformers.
  26. More than just a classic with a new coat of paint. No, it's a classic with over ten new games, new CG movies, a bit of touch screen bonuses, and a splash of paint that will leave you smiling (and possibly a little hungry) afterwards.
  27. Kirby Super Star Ultra is a nice collection of adventures from the pink superstar. There is just not much to say about the platform action in the game. The difficulty setting is – certainly for a Kirby game – nicely picked and the gameplay is not the same trick in every adventure. Eventually is the core of the game the same as you aspect, you have to save Kirby by getting him through the levels. Kirby’s adventures are entertaining but not Super or Ultra as it says in the title.
  28. Kirby Super Star Ultra delivers an adequate platforming experience with Kirby at the peak of his platforming game -- lots of modes, solid presentation, lots of powers, variations on the main concept...But, like Kirby titles before it, a new coat of paint and some extra modes can't hide the fact that Kirby's outings generally lack the finesse and expert execution of other titles in the genre.
  29. What’s left is a game that is clearly a few ­generations behind the times.
  30. This is in many ways a very classic 2D adventure. Jumping, consuming objects and waving umbrellas is fun but the somewhat uneven level design keeps this from reaching the true heights of 2D adventures on the DS. The game is also way too easy, but the second part is so good that you're sure to enjoy the experience despite this.
  31. While it's not as imaginative, challenging or as well designed as New Super Mario Bros., still the best platformer on the console, it's a solid addition to the DS' impressive library of platform games.
  32. NZGamer
    Newcomers might be flummoxed by the dynamics while seasoned gamers will quickly crack this, but you could do a lot worse if you're after a platforming fix. [Dec 2008, p.70]
  33. Kirby Super Star Ultra is a solid title that could have been just a little fresher while still keeping Kirby rad. If only the little cream puff could run up onto some baddies that were a little more hardcore, his abilities might finally outshine his amazing super-cuteness.
  34. A solid 90's style platformer with some tacked on minigames and a reasonable multiplayer angle. Good fodder for a trip down memory lane, and beautifully animated.
  35. 65
    Despite a great presentation and being simply is fun to play, it's disappointing that even over 10 years, something hasn't been developed to rival its position as one of the best Kirby titles ever, especially when this could of been it instead.
  36. Copying enemy abilities and working alongside helper characters is cool, and we dig the imaginative environments, but there's not enough to keep us hooked.
  37. Certainly a career high for Kirby, but he still wilts next to serious platforming competition.
  38. Kirby Super Star Ultra definitely represents the series' nineties high point, but Kirby has never really scaled too lofty a peak.
  39. Ultra is a unbalanced collection of different games that look and feel enough like one big game, but they don’t offer the variety to make it feel refreshing. This is just a standard Kirby-game that isn’t any better than the previous game, Mouse Attack.
  40. While this portable Ultra-version of Kirby Super Star adds some new content as well as updates certain aspects of the game, it is still in its core the SNES-classic we got to know in 1996. Fun, unique, extremely graphically vibrant and way too easy for it's own good.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 134 Ratings

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  1. Oct 5, 2012
    Another exelent title from nintendo,all af the stories and upgrades makes this game so awesome!
  2. Jan 4, 2011
    An excellent upgrade to an already awesome classic Super Nintendo title. This time around, the compilation includes all the games andAn excellent upgrade to an already awesome classic Super Nintendo title. This time around, the compilation includes all the games and mini-games from the SNES release along with even more new games (Including one starring Meta Knight) and mini-games than before! The graphics and audio have been updated from the original release and new features have been added, there is also new music tracks, bonus video clips and even more bosses that where not in the original version. You can play this game multiplayer by using two game cards and a download play demo with minigames and Spring Breeze but both players have to share one DS screen. With all the high quality content crammed into one cartridge along with multiplayer support, any fan of Kirby should not pass up this amazing compilation. Full Review »
  3. May 20, 2018
    kirby super star nota 10...................................................