• Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: Oct 23, 2007
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Summary: Mega Man ZX Advent follows two heroes, Grey and Ashe, on two separate but intertwining adventures as they search for answers amidst a chaotic war between humans and robots. They fight against a menacing, evil force in a battle unprecedented in the Mega Man series. The title takes full advantage of the Nintendo DS features to enhance the action-packed gameplay and story line of the popular series. A dynamic "Biometal" system is central to gameplay, allowing players the ability to change into several forms, including eight bosses, each with a variety of unique abilities and powers. With a touch of the Nintendo DS screen, players can easily switch back and forth between the Biometal and Map navigation screens. Bosses can be fought in several different ways, testing players' skills and rewarding them with nearly 24 different items depending on how they take on a boss. Co-op and head-to-head two player wireless play (two cartridges required). Two-player downloadable mini-game (one cartridge required). [Capcom]
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Rating: E10+
Official Site: http://www.capcom.co.jp/rockman_zxa/
Developer: Inti Creates
Genre(s): Action, Platformer, Platformer, 2D, 2D
Number of Players:1-2 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Cartoon Violence
Number of Online Players:2 Players Online
Cast Credit
Keiji Inafune Producer
Tom Clark Voice (US) - Rospark The Floroid
Hidekatsu Shibata Voice (JP) - Master Thomas
Ryan Drees Voice (US) - Prometheus
Rumiko Varnes Voice (US) - Pandora
Eric Kelso Voice (US) - Aeolus
Matt Lagan Voice (US) - Master Thomas
Peter von Gomm Voice (US) - Grey
Walter Roberts Voice (US) - Master Mikhail
Jeff Manning Voice (US) - Bifrost The Crocoroid
Hisayoshi Suganuma Voice (JP) - Thetis
Vicki Glass Voice (US) - Queenbee The Hymenopteroid
Yuko Yunokawa Voice (US) - Aile
Kenji Nomura Voice (JP) - Deerburn The Gazeroid
Terry Osada Voice (US) - Argoyle The Shisaroid
Terry Osada Voice (US) - Ugoyle The Shisaroid
Shizuka Itou Voice (JP) - Pandora
Ryota Ito Director
Charles Glover Voice (US) - BuckFire The Gazelleroid
Iain Gibb Voice (US) - Biometal Model X
Iain Gibb Voice (US) - Vulturon The Condoroid
Iain Gibb Voice (US) - Vulturon The Condoroid
Katie Adler Voice (US) - Biometal Model A
Yoshito Yashuhara Voice (JP) - Master Albert
Yuichi Nakajima Voice (JP) - Master Mikhail
Kunihiko Yasui Voice (JP) - Rospark The Floweroid
Erie Namayama Voice (JP) - Argoyle The Shisaroid
Maki Mizuma Voice (JP) - Urgoyle The Shisaroid
Wataru Hatona Voice (JP) - Siarnaq
Masakazu Kohara Voice (JP) - Chronoforce The Tridenroid
Mari Adachi Voice (JP) - Kaizemiine The Wasproid
Kishou Taniyama Voice (JP) - Condorrock The Vulturoid
Kokoro Kikuchi Voice (JP) - Tesrat The Hedgeroid
Yuu Kobayashi Voice (JP) - Live Metal Model A
Maya Voice (US) - Ashe
Dario Voice (US) - Vent
Jamie West Voice (US) - Biometal Model Z
Jamie West Voice (US) - Siarnaq
Claire O'Conner Voice (US) - Atlas
Dillon Font Voice (US) - Thetis
Jaxk Morlouzzi Voice (US) - Master Albert
James Wilson Voice (US) - Robin
Abasa Phillips Voice (US) - Lezarus
Lynne Harris Voice (US) - Hedgeshock The Erinaceroid
Sanae Kobayashi Voice (JP) - Aile
Kenji Nojima Voice (JP) - Vent
Daisuke Kishio Voice (JP) - Promete
Banjou Ginga Voice (JP) - Bifrost The Crocoroid
Takahiro Mizushima Voice (JP) - Live Metal Model X
Hitomi Nabatame Voice (JP) - Atlas
Hiromi Hirata Voice (JP) - Grey
Yuuki Tai Voice (JP) - Helios
Ami Koshimizu Voice (JP) - Ashe
Yuuto Kazama Voice (JP) - Live Metal Model Z
Ami Koshimizu Voice (JP) - Ashe
Hitomi Nabatame Voice (JP) - Atlas
Yu Kobayashi Voice (JP) - Live Metal Model A
Hiromi Hirata Voice (JP) - Grey
Kenji Nojima Voice (JP) - Vent
Daisuke Kishio Voice (JP) - Promete
Takahiro Mizushima Voice (JP) - Live Metal Model X
Sanae Kobayashi Voice (JP) - Aile
Yuuto Kazama Voice (JP) - Live Metal Model Z
Yuuki Tai Voice (JP) - Helios
Banjou Ginga Voice (JP) - Bifrost The Crocoroid
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