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  1. With solo modes consisting of time trials, endurance tests or battles against virtual players, and wickedly competitive multiplayer games, Meteos is the most compellingly perfect puzzler we've played in years. [NGC Pocket]
  2. Meteos is a good enough reason to purchase a DS if you're a true puzzle fan. This is without a doubt one of the best puzzle games and will certainly be my pick for best puzzle game of 2005.
  3. If you're a "Tetris" fan, you need no convincing. But for those who've never dwelled in that space, Meteos is especially heavenly.
  4. I love Meteos. I didn't think a puzzle game would ever burn itself into my retinas to the degree Tetris did, but I was wrong. I find myself waking up and dreaming of rockets blasting off or lining up three different colored tiles on floors while I walk. It's a disease, but it's one that I'm glad I paid for the privilege to catch.
  5. 100
    It uses the touch screen to great affect and is a terrific demonstration of what Nintendo’s new handheld is all about.
  6. 100
    Deep, fun, incredibly addictive, and perfect in short bursts, Meteos is about as good as handheld games get. Multiple difficulty settings, an engrossing multiplayer experience, and plenty of depth ensure this one won't be wearing out its welcome anytime soon.
  7. 95
    The originality is a key factor to what makes it so great. Meteos is the killer app for the DS.
  8. A must-buy for every DS owner, whether you're a puzzle fan or not.
  9. 95
    A resounding success for the puzzle genre; it's really the first time that story, graphics, sound and gameplay have meshed well.
  10. Put simply, Meteos is solid game and is worth every dime and second spend overing over the system's dual screens.
  11. I cannot stress strongly enough just how much fun and how addicting this game is.
  12. One of the best puzzle titles on any Nintendo platform in years.
  13. Meteos is without a doubt, THE puzzle game to own for the Nintendo DS. It's unique, can only be done this way using the touch screen, is a fantastic presentation for the graphics and audio, and a full, exciting game can be played with just a few minutes to spare.
  14. 90
    Outside of being a great showcase for the DS itself, Meteos is also a fantastic, dizzyingly fast puzzle game that leaves an addictive aftertaste not seen since the likes of "Tetris Attack."
  15. A born sleeper hit. It's one of the best puzzlers in a long time, with wireless multiplayer and plenty of unlockable features to keep gamers coming back. [JPN Import]
  16. games(TM)
    Unlockable extras such as field items (both beneficial and hindering) and alien lifeform icons that alter the way the game plays when chosen are nice additions, but the gameplay is more than compulsive enough to keep you hooked anyway. [May 2005, p.102]
  17. 90
    It’s not for everyone, but those that want to try a game that mixes a bit of twitch with some brain-strain must step up and give Meteos the chance it deserves. [JPN Import]
  18. 90
    With a good selection of single-player game styles, simple yet deep gameplay, and eye-watering speed, it's easily the best puzzler on the DS. It's addictive, well presented, and perfectly suited to portable play.
  19. 90
    "Lumines" is a fantastic PSP puzzler, just as Meteos is an excellent DS one. Both games have their own merits, but I'm giving the nod to Meteos due to its more unique design, its incredible focus on a cool presentation, and its intense multiplayer sessions.
  20. 90
    Definitely the best puzzle game on the DS. Every time I play it, I find something new to appreciate and it makes me want to play more. And for the record, I like it more than "Lumines."
  21. Find three friends to play with (you can play a limited four-player game with one cart), and you'll never want to put your DS down again.
  22. Nintendo Power
    Easily my favorite DS game yet. [Aug 2005, p.84]
  23. "Tetris Attack" evolved. Tenaciously tantalizing the-sky-is-falling gameplay. Meteos is puzzle perfection.
  24. The DS isn’t lacking when it comes to puzzle games but if you were disappointed with the puzzling of Mr. Driller Drill Spirits or Yoshi Touch & Go, Meteos firmly supplants both as the premier puzzle game available on the DS.
  25. It turns out that randomly scrubbing the screen with your stylus in moments of panic may inadvertently link things up and get you out of a tight spot. It's divided opinion of the game, with a lot of people holding off giving it top marks because they see scrubbing as a fundamental flaw.
  26. The DS has had a lot of puzzlers in a short space of time, but none quite as amazing and unique as this.
  27. Play Magazine
    I haven't played a puzzle game this addictive since "Tetris." [Aug 2005, p.57]
  28. Pelaaja (Finland)
    Whereas "Lumines" is like a concert played by superb musicians, who you listen to in deep concentration and standing in quiet admiration, Meteos is like a gig full of furious aggression and noise which want to make you boogie down. Meteos may not be as sophisticated and multifaceted as "Lumines," but it’s often much more fun. If these comments don’t make any sense, just go out, buy it and play it. You won’t be disappointed. [Sept 2005, p.76]
  29. 90
    Refreshingly different, packed full of options and technically polished in every area. Along with "Advance Wars," it’s a must own title for all DS owners.
  30. It’s the kind of game that will get inside your brain, and several hours of playing will see you splicing together tactics that you would never have thought possible on your first few goes.
  31. Pelit (Finland)
    Tetris re-visited for the 100th time, but this time it is worth it. Fast and furious rain of little cubes drown you before you notice and it drives you mad - and makes you play the game over and over and over again. [Nov 2005]
  32. AceGamez
    But who needs friends when you have Meteos, the greatest puzzle game on many a platform, and indeed the perfect excuse to splash out on the system for a slice of puzzle perfection?
  33. The addictive gameplay is good enough to play for a quick five-minute round or a gaming session that can last for hours. Once the player becomes adjusted to using the stylus, the addictive qualities will shine through, especially when there are so many things to unlock.
  34. A highly original action game that takes quite a while to master, and it has tons of modes, multiplayer features, and unlockables to keep you playing until you do reach a level of mastery.
  35. On its own terms, Meteos offers up a great, original experience that's plenty of fun whether you play it against the computer or against some friends.
  36. With a great incorporation of the stylus, good visuals, good sound and an awesome multiplayer experience, any fan of the puzzle genre can't go wrong with this game.
  37. Though it doesn’t quite match the intricate strategies of Lumines, it isn’t supposed to. Meteos manages to be interesting and engaging without feeling like just another Tetris clone. Not bad for a new drug.
  38. netjak
    Meteos stands head and shoulders above very nearly everything available for the DS right now. Only Internet play could have made this game better, and to be honest, I fully expect a Wifi-enabled sequel at some point.
  39. If you’re into puzzle games, Meteos is a fantastic piece of software destined to stay in your Nintendo DS for a long time to come.
  40. When it’s all said and done, Meteos is by far the best puzzle game for the Nintendo DS platform.
  41. Edge Magazine
    The surprise that Meteos brings is the satisfaction of its physics. There’s real weight in the way an underpowered meteor chunk sinks down to earth, and a sense of dynamic propulsion as you flick together a cluster of gravity-defying rockets. [May 2005, p.91]
  42. 80
    Not being able to select the correct Meteos in a pinch made me very frustrated, and frantically rubbing the touch screen to get myself out of jams cheapens the game's strategic element.
  43. It's not the most sophisticated puzzle game on the planet, but it's definitely one of the most addictive, in part because it has a solid gameplay foundation, but also because its numerous modes and extras are all worth checking out.
  44. Is it still one of the greatest games on the DS, and one of the best handheld puzzlers currently out? Absolutely. This game takes everything we love about puzzle games, tweaks it, and serves it to us on a silver platter.
  45. Game Informer
    It's fast, challenging, and surprisingly different - in short, it's great fun. [Aug 2005, p.107]
  46. 80
    The best aspect of the game might be the way that satisfying play experiences come in bite-sized pieces. [Sept 2005, p.80]
  47. Computer Games Magazine
    Mizuguchi is known for deftly combining action and music, from the classic "Rez" to other faves "SpaceChannel 5" and the recent "Lumines" for the PSP. And now he's done it again with Meteos. [Oct 2005, p.90]
  48. It's like Tetris' half-Italian younger brother, Tetrigo: he isn't as old or as wise, and you can't understand him all the time, but he wears a suit and drives a Ferrari... so hop in and enjoy the ride!
  49. Perfect for a hand-held, Meteos provides an engaging challenge even during brief sessions.

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  1. Jack
    Jan 26, 2009
    I cannot recommend this game enough. An amazingly clever puzzler that has a great range of skill. The card is crammed with levels and I cannot recommend this game enough. An amazingly clever puzzler that has a great range of skill. The card is crammed with levels and features that will take you years to get everything! Even if you have done everything, you still wont put it down. I have had this game forever, And I still haven't gotten bored. The graphics are nice and smooth, and the open sequence graphics are the best DS graphics I have seen. The music is awesome, as the mood of the music goes to whats happening in the game itself. 42 different planets all give a different feel. Some, everything goes slower, some, the gravity is super strong! Or non existent! Buy it. NOW. My 2nd favorite DS game. MUST. HAVE. Full Review »
  2. Joeking
    Apr 19, 2007
    Wildly entertaining for a few hours... until you realize that there really isn't much strategy in it at all. It gets to a point where Wildly entertaining for a few hours... until you realize that there really isn't much strategy in it at all. It gets to a point where all that matters is how quickly you can wave your stylus around to get lucky. Fun, but limited. Full Review »
  3. Feb 7, 2016
    How can one make a game based around falling blocks and not have it feel like Tetris? Simple: have the player manoeuvre blocks after they'veHow can one make a game based around falling blocks and not have it feel like Tetris? Simple: have the player manoeuvre blocks after they've fallen rather than steering them while they're airborne. In doing so, Meteos becomes one of the best puzzle games I've played, forging a much faster, more physics-based style of play that doesn't feel like it could work without the DS.

    (Also, as a sidenote: anyone complaining about using the "scribble" technique to cheat has obviously not played the game enough. At anything beyond an intermediate difficulty level, the game is far too fast and punishing for that method to consistently help a player.)
    Full Review »