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  1. Positive: 3 out of 8
  2. Negative: 0 out of 8
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  1. 80
    I'm very impressed with 2009's Stardust Accelerator, as it's entirely a new creation -- still built on the solid foundation of the incredibly deep and strategic Duel Monsters card game design, but with a completely new and unique Story Mode adventure that rivals the feel of some first-party Nintendo console RPGs, like Pokemon Colosseum.
  2. An excellent port of the card game to electronic form. Previous versions have been successful, but the story line and the racing added to this latest edition, plus the inclusion of new virtual cards, plus the limited edition physical cards included in the case, makes this a must-have for any Yu-Gi-Oh fan.
  3. 80
    There's plenty here for series veterans to enjoy, but the merciless complexity of the AI will intimidate newcomers.
  4. Nintendo Gamer
    Good stuff for the hardcore. [June 2009, p.75]
  5. 70
    Fans of the series will be thrilled while the rest of the population is left out in the cold.
  6. Games Master UK
    It's really just for the fans. [June 2009, p.81]
  7. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Yu-Gi-Oh! fans will lap this up, but it's the least beginner-friendly game we've ever played. [May 2009, p.88]
  8. 60
    An update needed for some with the host of new cards introduced, but the basic single player Story Mode feels rushed and tacked on. Unfortunately, you can't help the feeling it's also the reason behind the rehashed World Championship elements, when development time could of went into giving us something fresher.

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