Description: Summoned to another world, become a hero and live in an Isekai harem! The protagonist, who had such high expectations, was immediately banished because his gifted ability, "creating magic tools," was deemed unsuitable for the role of a savior, and he fell into a life of hand-to-mouth living. I want to make use of my cheat ability to create magic tools of my choice, and get back at them no matter what. The main character, who was so ambitious, succeeded in trapping the demonic mage Chloe, whom he met by chance, with the power of a magic tool he had created. The protagonists who took this opportunity to take action to fulfill his ambitions are princess knights, elves, dark elves, demons, and goddesses. He created a harem with the best females in the other world!


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Sep 22, 2023
  • miel
Publisher: miel