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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 22
  2. Negative: 6 out of 22
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  1. As a pure, out and out challenge, Dynasty Warriors will give your button mashing fingers a real workout. If you're looking to experience and explore the depth of the Dynasty Warrior series you might as well pick up a Zelda game.
  2. I would have given it four stars, except that the objectives become a little monotonous after a time.
  3. Game Informer
    Unfortunately, the power of combo attacks isn't balanced enough, and combat's simplicity robs it of rhythm. [Sept 2005, p.114]
  4. Nintendo Power
    DWA does have gameplay (and replay) value that ranks among the best on the GBA. [Oct 2005, p.100]
  5. Play Magazine
    Console version fans should perhaps approach with caution, but I had quite an enjoyable time - except for a few cheap bosses with inescapable attacks that cause automatic death. [Sept 2005, p.64]
  6. Where the game does shine is in replay value. Like other games there are plenty of weapons to collect. The Game Boy Advance version has them hidden so well that you'll need to explore every space to find them all.
  7. 70
    An excellent 2D hack-n-slash title, but it really doesn't stand up to today's handheld gaming standards. If DW Advance was released 5 years earlier, it would have turned a lot of heads.
  8. In spurts Dynasty Warriors Advance is a decent time-killer. I enjoy the game for five minutes here and there, 30 at most. It is not enjoyable to play if I force myself to stick around for any time period longer than that.
  9. I had a bit of fun in the battles for the first few scenarios, but lost it as the game dragged on. The one problem that plagues everything in this game: repetitiveness.
  10. 60
    While it can't match the other versions of the game in terms of scope or graphics, and it is a bit repetitive, Dynasty Warriors Advance is a surprisingly comprehensive package that is simple, fun, and offers plenty of action.
  11. The mammoth battles are not really suited for such a small format. However, developer Koei has managed to deliver a fun and addictive action game that also requires some tactical nous.
  12. The best that can be said for Dynasty Warriors Advance is that it has a clean presentation and gameplay that isn't immediately bland. It does not however hold up to sustained play, and will lose it's appeal long before all of the modes are explored, and long before the unlockables are unlocked.
  13. Compared to the console Dynasty Warriors games, Dynasty Warriors Advance is a watered-down imitation. On its own, it's a fairly generic and very repetitive button masher.
  14. Dynasty Warriors Advance just isn't a good game. The combat style synonymous with the series simply didn't make the transition from console to handheld well in any way.
  15. A mediocre game in just about every department.
  16. Bland, uninspiring visuals that include big-headed characters, dull environments, and insipid art direction. The cutscenes are nicely done, though.
  17. In the end, the capabilities of the GBA are not enough to house an even tolerable rendition of Dynasty Warriors.
  18. 40
    Dreadfully dull action on the GBA that truncates and abridges the over-the-top, crowded weapon-based brawler action established in several PlayStation 2 titles.
  19. 40
    Perfect for those who want nothing but a straightforward, hack-and-slash game. It won't offer you substance, style, or even repeat gaming, but at least you won't need any illicit drugs to make your mind numb.
  20. It wasn't appropriate to make a GBA Dynasty Warriors, and the inevitable disappointment of an already extremely tired series has been fully realised.
  21. 30
    A sterling example of how to make a quick buck by capitalizing on the name recognition of a specific series without providing an experience that is memorable in any way, shape or form.
  22. 30
    Something that only a true fan could appreciate. If this isn't an indicator to KOEI to let this series move on to greener pastures, I don't know what is.

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  1. LukeB.
    Aug 31, 2006
    'Tis a good hack 'n slash game if you don't want to think too hard. I feel you'd have to be a die-hard fan of the 'Tis a good hack 'n slash game if you don't want to think too hard. I feel you'd have to be a die-hard fan of the PS2's dynasty warrior games to appreciate this game, though. Full Review »