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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 31
  2. Negative: 1 out of 31
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  1. 100
    Once again, it exemplifies the very definition of a boundary-pushing video game.
  2. One of the best damn games ever, period. This is definitely at the top of my list for Game of the Year, due to addicting gameplay, fantastic presentation, some of the coolest looking blood ever in a game, and a combat system that is relatively second-to-none.
  3. Game Informer
    Its change of pace and maturity feels just right, the platforming is divine, and the action is something to be very happy about. [Jan 2005, p.112]
  4. Nintendo Power
    As promised, the battle system has been much improved, and the game looks absolutely stunning. [Feb 2005, p.111]
  5. Play Magazine
    An amazingly involving adventure from spirit to atmosphere to richness of setting and exploration. [Dec 2004, p.65]
  6. Everything is nearly identical to what you played in Sands of Time, and in the case of combat, the bar has been raised. With a much more even balance of fighting and foot work, PoP fans should be pleased.
  7. The acrobatics alone make Warrior Within a must-buy. Rounded out with superb character design and vast Myst-like landscapes, this Prince is another winner.
  8. games(TM)
    You get the impression that "The Sands of Time" was just a warm-up for the main event, a game that's familiar at first but soon reveals a level of imagination beyond that of the original, and displays as little room for error as one of the Prince's most daring acrobatic leaps. [Christmas 2004, p.100]
  9. The immense satisfaction when you finally pull yourself towards that vertigo-inspiring exit or leave Dahaka behind is unmatched by any other game.
  10. 90
    A consequence of this darker approach is that that game loses part of what made The Sands of Time unique. Instead of a charming and almost silly character like we saw previously, the Prince here is more one-dimensional.
  11. 90
    Largely an upgrade on the original, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is still one of the most polished and imaginative escapades we've played. Like a blockbuster movie, the tale delivers on almost every count from dazzling pyrotechnics to deft storytelling.
  12. While Warrior Within's new combat and satisfyingly long campaign improve on last year's game, the now darker tone falls somewhat flat compared to the storybook atmosphere in "The Sands of Time."
  13. 86
    Ubisoft took a gamble by taking the Prince to a dark place. I don't think it paid off as the sense of magic, seen even in the old 2D PC days, is barely present here. It wasn't the wrong decision to make for a darker story, but Ubisoft took it too far.
  14. In general the game is harder then Sands of Time, and I wonder if they didn't spice it up too much, making it inaccessible for a big mass audience.
  15. Those feint of heart and stomach need not bother, there is enough blood and gore in this title to bring to Dracula his knees in nirvana.
  16. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    But fans of the last game will be glad to know that the levels, traps, and puzzles are once again masterpieces of design. [Jan 2005, p.126]
  17. The game has taken a few steps backwards in terms of style, but its combat is greatly improved and it's much longer than the original.
  18. Overall Warrior Within seems to be in something of a messy transition period, caught between the light-hearted fun of the original and some noirish violent action game that was probably more the result of mis-focused market testing than any kind of genuine developer decision.
  19. Builds on the weaknesses of its predecessor, but at the same time falls short of its strengths. All in all, this is a great title that offers something entirely new to a series that didn't really need it.
  20. AceGamez
    If you loved the original but found it too easy, then give The Prince of Persia: Warrior Within a go, as it's sure to please. If you loved "Ninja Gaiden" you'll definitely like this.
  21. As a game Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is largely without fault and has many aspects that set it out as a genre leader; we just sadly lament the desperate attempt to be mature and edgy.
  22. The demanding learning curve is absolutely perfect...An essential purchase for patient gamers everywhere.
  23. Exploring the labyrinthine citadel is rewarding, although backtracking and frequent deaths can be frustrating.
  24. Too bad that all of the "enhancements" made to the prince's fascinating virtual world are actually liabilities. We are glad Ubisoft toyed with the bits that needed improvement, but we wonder why they "fixed" the things that were never broken.
  25. As a member of a series that takes a treasured place in the pantheon of gaming greatness, it is a lackluster effort, more concerned with watering down the game's strengths to make it more palatable for the masses than in delivering more of what made its predecessor great.
  26. A downgrade in the look and sound combined with increasingly annoying platforming and camera issues get in the way of this warrior's ultimate victory.
  27. Edge Magazine
    Ubisoft has taken a flawed game of boundless promise, destroyed some (but not all) of its appeal, fixed some (but not enough) of its problems, and jeopardised the whole endeavour by making the same mistake twice and rushing it to market before it was steady on its feet. Prince of Persia is strong and supple enough to survive this with many of its immense virtues intact. But it deserved so much better. [Christmas 2004, p.80]
  28. 62
    There are hints of greatness here and there. But those hints only remind us of Warrior Within's predecessor, making this new Prince of Persia game's bad design decisions all the more obvious.
  29. 60
    A disappointment. It completely breaks with the first game in everything but gameplay, and even that is sabotaged by annoying, repetitive level design.
  30. Everything's bigger and more complicated, but that doesn't necessarily make it better.
  31. The tone of the game has gone from an Arabian Nights fantasy to something akin to a Marilyn Manson music video. In dark and grimy settings, the once gallant prince curses and jeers as he swings his sword at demons whose decapitations are lovingly shown in slow motion to a soundtrack of screeching guitars.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 25 Ratings

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  1. Apr 20, 2018
    I was disappointed with this game.

    Not only did it not live up to the Sands of Time, but the difficulty and the darkness of the game were
    I was disappointed with this game.

    Not only did it not live up to the Sands of Time, but the difficulty and the darkness of the game were greatly off-putting.

    Once again with cutscenes and design and all but...
    I gave up on the game, did not even complete it.
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  2. May 16, 2013
    There are improvements in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within but the one improvement that really stood out is combat system in the game becauseThere are improvements in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within but the one improvement that really stood out is combat system in the game because there are more moves in the game. Full Review »
  3. JokiL.
    Sep 9, 2007
    The first new prince of persia game was good, but this is just a copy from the first one with all the aspects worse than before! The jumping The first new prince of persia game was good, but this is just a copy from the first one with all the aspects worse than before! The jumping scenes are more tedious and boring than before. The atmosphere is just depressing, not scary, and it remains the same all the time. The rock music doesn't fit at all. I guess they tried to improve the fighting system, but the ugly truth is that it just feels complex with all the weapons and "combos" but in the end often the best strategy is to just tap the same button. And the map system is also crappy as it doesn't really show anything concrete. I hate this. Full Review »