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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 46
  2. Negative: 1 out of 46
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  1. If you have friends, preferably four friends who everyone else can see, you should go buy this game.
  2. Entertainment Weekly
    If you must play alone, keep a bottle of aspirin handy, and say goodbye to your attention span. [16 Apr 2004, p.L2T 19]
  3. I'd highly recommend Wario ware, Inc. Mega Party Game$! as a buy for anyone who's into Tetris like fun or has children or a wife who may be looking for some idle fun.
  4. Wario Ware is a fun game, but above anything else it's a simple one.
  5. If you find yourself trying to poke criticism at the game then you're probably best sticking with a game of chess. The rest of us with be on our Gamecubes, having the best party this side of drunken Twister.
  6. Nintendo Power
    Its simple, old-school game mechanics give the game a nostalgic feel, while the humor adds hilarious twists. [June 2004, p.119]
  7. The cube version has had an interface overhaul and great new multiplayer modes, but it's basically the same game as the GBA version...This game is all about fun and pure gameplay.
    It's not going to take you long to open up all the modes, and you might tire of the microgames once you've played them a few times, but trust us when we say it's a worthy investment.
  9. The best part about the Gamecube version is it's multiplayer support. Instead of just mashing buttons by yourself you can do it with up to four players.
  10. The quirky title utilizes the mini-game concept flawlessly and draws on humor and variety to maintain a fresh stride, and on these points it succeeds.
  11. Wario Ware, Inc: Mega Party Game$ has offered some of the most fun 4-player gaming I have ever had.
  12. It is one of the few games that practically requires friends. Without friends to play with, the game is little more than a port of the GBA version, "Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Microgame$." [JPN Import]
  13. 85
    Wario Ware is still Wario Ware, and whether you call it "Mega Microgames" or "Mega Party Games," you're still getting a GBA game at a GBA price. But it's one of the best GBA games available, and it works extremely well in a party atmosphere.
  14. The microgames work best when you can move around and not be stuck to your TV. If you do get some friends who can live with some of the crazy found in the game, you'll have hours and hours of fun.
  15. 85
    It's one of the those games that's perfect for game parties or killing spare time with friends, but as a single-player game, I'd recommend you stick to the original handheld version instead.
  16. While no technical masterpiece and a rehash of sorts, Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Party Game$'s brilliant mix of unique and clever microgames makes this one a winner.
  17. The transition to Cube isn't entirely successful, and more new games would have been good. If you've got a GBA, buy it for that instead. [GamesMaster]
  18. A hilarious, inexpensive and highly competitive party favour.
  19. Edge Magazine
    The GBA original invented a new way to tickle your brain, conceived by gamers for gamers and loaded with unabashed enthusiasm. And now you can play it with your friends. What better excuse for throwing a party? [JPN Import; Christmas 2003, p.118]
  20. 80
    It is one of the most perfect social gaming experiences that anyone can and probably could play. There is no significance to how good you are, or how much the game has been played in the past - these are mere irrelevances. [JPN Import]
  21. Like the SAT of videogames, a rapid-fire test of standard videogame skills. From the ability to process onscreen information on the fly to punching the A button like mad, you're drilled on speed, timing, control, stamina, and even intelligence in a couple hundred 5-second games.
  22. AceGamez
    If you're sick of the slow and sometimes boring pace of Mario Party then you'll absolutely love this, as it makes a great multiplayer game for you and your buddies, just as long as you're quick enough for it.
  23. 77
    Unless you've never played the first Wario Ware or are going to take full advantage of the multiplayer aspects, there isn't really too much new for you here.
  24. 75
    The fact that the vast majority of mini-games in this GameCube title heralds from the GBA is a huge disappointment. But even if you haven't played the GBA game, know that the single-player setup that worked so beautifully on the Game Boy Advance doesn't translate well to the GameCube.
  25. netjak
    There is very little new to be found in the GameCube version unless you're planning on having three friends around often enough to enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the game.
  26. 75
    The fact remains that more micro-games could have been added – far more. Yet Nintendo opted out, choosing instead to concentrate on a multiplayer aspect. While this facet of the game is entertaining and helps make this a better purchase, it still feels like a shameless cash-in on what was a truly innovated and wonderful game.
  27. But if you never played the GBA game and don't have that system, you shouldn't pass on investing in Wario's weird company, especially considering its current stock price of a mere 30 bucks.
  28. Play Magazine
    It's rather disappointing how little this game has changed compared to its handheld cousin - all the minigames are identical to the GBA version, right down to the graphics and sound. [May 2004, p.55]

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 38 Ratings

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  1. Aug 19, 2019
    My personal rating for "Warioware Inc.: Mega Party Game$" (GC): 4,9/10 - Mediocre
    Gameplay: 5
    Video: 3
    Audio: 5
    Scope: 6
    Balance: 5,5
    Story: -
  2. EvilFurbyasWario
    Jun 14, 2004
    Very intresting. How fast can you raise the flag? I did it 191 times, and that's really fast! Winning a multi-player game? Prepare for Very intresting. How fast can you raise the flag? I did it 191 times, and that's really fast! Winning a multi-player game? Prepare for Level 3! Nice sequel to WarioWare Mega Microgame$! This ROCKS! Maybe Furby will sign up for employee of WarioWare Inc in the future... Full Review »
  3. VikramM.
    May 15, 2004
    I played this game at a friends house and it was awesome. When I first heard of it I thought it might do okay, but not great. Well, so it I played this game at a friends house and it was awesome. When I first heard of it I thought it might do okay, but not great. Well, so it seems that this game was the bomb! The mini-games were so much fun and it is perfect for like sleepover parties because this game is perfect for four player. It only took like six minutes to figure out most of the games and the GREAT thing about this is that what Nintendo does best is make the game ADDICTING! I could not stop playing at my friends house. Great game, not a waste of cash! Full Review »