Description: Around a hundred years BC, all of Gaul is far from Roman control. In the lands controlled by the Helvetii, a Roman legion was subjugated by young warchief Divico, blessed by an ancient boon brought to him from parts unknown. However, this victory came at a great cost, as soon the result of the war chief's pact would turn into a curse; an ever spreading rot crawling through his land, and slowly corrupting his mind and heart. Monsters and cultists start appearing throughout the land, and a shadowy figure makes his move, taking advantage of the chaos he helped create. With the help of the trusted yet reclusive druid Nammeios and the curious half-beast Renart, Divico sets his journey to undo the source of the rot and restore what was lost inside him.


  • PC
  • PlayStation 4
  • Nintendo Switch
Initial Release Date: Feb 3, 2023
  • Team KwaKwa
Publisher: Red Art Games


Kevin Peclet
Directed By
Jordan Goodman
Cast: Divico
Sena Bryer
Cast: Renart
Tiffany Witcher
Cast: Nammeios
Nate Roberts
Cast: Octavius
Gregory Bedford
Sound: sound designer
Julien Matthey
Sound: additional sound design
Rahel Meister
Sound: additional sound design
Julie Baechtold
Art Department: art
Kevin Peclet
Art Department: art
Kevin Peclet
Animation: animation
Arthur Bourquin
intro editor
Garrett Brown
additional programming
Melissa Corboz
Daniel Crane
Alessandro di Domenico
additional programming
Elias Farhan
Isabelle Roesch
lead programmer: localization
Emi Evans
Music Department: singer
Jason Napolitano
Music Department: coordinator