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Summary: Congrats for choosing Annoying Duck :) You will have many hours of fun and entertainment playing this tremendously addictive game. Quack!* Compete for the highest score on the various Annoying Duck leaderboards!!* Play to unlock all of the in-game items, and get all of the challenging OpenFeint achievements.* Have your dream of impersonating an annoying duck become a reality! Haha! XD---Tilt the device to move this annoying, although super adorable ducky, left or right as it runs through one of the two chosen environments, wearing a variety of ridiculous accessories and fun disguises, while expecting to not be recognized by the angry farmers.The goal is to collect as many fruits, including grapes, oranges, and watermelons; and veggies -well only carrots, to get the highest score before losing both hearts. Avoid the angry farmers and other obstacles to be able to last as long as possible each round.- Tap the screen at any moment to pause the game. The pause screen will also display the items which have been unlocked so far.- Collect grapes, oranges, slices of watermelon, and carrots to increase the annoying duck's score. If the duck collects them sequentially, he'll get substantially more points (also known as a "yummy combo").- Stars or flowers give the duck points, but won't give any extra points for being collected sequentially (combos). Rather, stars or flowers will worth more depending on how long the duck has lasted in the round.- Items are unlocked when the duck reaches specific score thresholds (10k, 20k, 50k, 70k). When the duck picks them up during a game, they will provide a score bonus, as well as an effect that will help him last longer in the round. Items unlocked in easy mode do not show up in medium or hard mode.- Make the duck cross a checkpoint to make him score extra 3,000 points every time, and even more starting on the fifth checkpoint in a single round. The annoying duck will run faster every time he crosses a checkpoint, making the game more challenging and difficult!!-The following enemies and obstacles (equivalent themed objects too) are to be avoided:* Angry Farmers* Dynamites* Dirty Mud Pits* Ugly Scarecrows---Play Annoying Duck, and have tons of fun causing trouble to these angry farmers, while eating all their fruits and veggies! Quack :)
Developer: Lourdes Chiong
Genre(s): Action, General
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