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  1. Mar 19, 2013
    Gamenauts and Artlogic Games did a nice job marrying tower management with some light RPG and party battle elements, but nothing in Castle Champions really burrows its way into your psyche and sticks with you.
  2. Mar 14, 2013
    Be the King of your own castle with this tower building/RPG hybrid.
  3. Mar 19, 2013
    There's a spark of something brilliant in Castle Champions, but between a clumsy and frustrating interface and a lackluster tutorial, we suspect many will give up before coming close to unearthing its charms.
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  1. Mar 22, 2013
    You've got to kidding me, this game is completely lame. For several reasons which I will outline below:

    1) Building scenery does not match
    You've got to kidding me, this game is completely lame. For several reasons which I will outline below:

    1) Building scenery does not match the time period. If you look even somewhat closely you will see many of the rooms have LIGHTBULBS! This is just one example. 2) Warriors of the same type can come with differing skill levels, but you can't preview what the skill levels will be, nor can you remove the warrior if you get a crummy one. 3) The user interface for managing citizens is unbearable. It takes way to long to unassign and reassign citizens to different jobs. If I want to fire a citizen I have to look through all 20 floors I have and through each suite until I find him. Why can't I do this from the store menu?!

    4) Many of the Heroes are bugged. You cannot train a hero who is on a quest, but you can select that same hero to "repel invaders"! Of course the hero never shows up to actually repel the invader, but that doesn't matter because invaders don't affect anything anyway. The stores still earn cash regardless. 5) Once you enter the "Pro League" you unlock new units, the catch is that you have to build ungodly levels of floors to reach their maximum level. One unit, requires FOURTY (40) floors and even then, the new units are marginally better than the old ones. 6) Some of the new unlockable units are bugged and won't attack right away. They just STAND THERE. 7) Training costs are exorbitant. Aside from your core team that you battle with, it is pointless to upgrade anyone else. Sure the game suggests that higher level warriors earn bonuses on quest rewards, but the payoff is so minute that is a waste. I'm talking about spending 6,000+ to fully upgrade a Warrior (crusader,champion, etc.) to level 6 yet you only get a 30-75 coin bonus per quest. Costs to add floors are also incredibly high. I had to run through the "amateur league" about 4-5 times just to max out on the 10 floors and fully train the few warriors and hero I had. Now that I'm in the "pro league", I've run through that about 10 times so far just to train 1/4 of the warriors I have and a couple heroes to level 6. I've also used that money to get to floor 20, but how many more times do I have to beat the league to get to 40 floors??

    8. This is the biggest killer, the game slows down dramatically as you build floors past 15. I'm using an iPhone 5 with no other apps running in the background and it takes several seconds for any menu to load. The game even lags when I use the elevator. I struggled to level 20 but now the game is unplayable because of its speed.
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